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Matsuri matsuri

This nOde last updated August 15th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(9 Oc (Dog) / 13 Yaxk'in (New Sun) - 230/260 -

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internal linkJapanese word for "festival".

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personal space/time internal linkrelevancy: 1997 release of _Resonance Mood_ 12"x3 atomjacked inventory cachethrough _Let It Rip_ 12"x3 atomjacked inventory cacheand _Forever Psychedelic_ 12"x3 atomjacked inventory cacheup through 1998's Digitalis 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache and Joujouka 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache releases.  no plans for any releases after Psyburbia, including a second Digitalis full length they are currently sitting on.

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Well I believe that if we had to rely on the press then the scene would not develop because they are so ingrained in the way of the system. I am well aware of the potential dangers of being internal linktwisted by the press, sure, but I am confident that the music is more than strong enough to cope with anything they might do; even if every paper said tomorrow that the Goa-trance type sound is finished and has had it's day, I do not think that the people who actually listen to it are going be swayed by that sort of mainstream posturing.

Ours is essentially an underground thing and therefore does not have to play by someone else's rules. As soon as people become too exposed they all end up the same way and the music loses its edge and becomes naff - we don't want that to happen to our music and much prefer to take things in our own time and do them in our own way.

 - John Perloff

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internal link604 label


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internal link_Infinity Hz_ compilation CDx2 (1996)

CD 1

CD 2
the music of yourself...


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_Excerpts From The internal linkDatabass_ compilation (1997)

Excerpts From The Databass

Full Moon cycle

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_Excerpts From The Databass 2_ compilation

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_Feel The Noyze_ MixCDatomjacked inventory cache mixed by internal linkNick Taylor (1997)

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_Abstract Phaze_ 12"x3atomjacked inventory cache compilation

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_The internal linkTruth Of Communication_ compilation CDbatomjacked inventory cacheThe Truth Of Communication

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internal link_Resonance Mood_ compilation 12"x3 atomjacked inventory cacheResonance Mood

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_Let It Rip_ compilation 12"x3atomjacked inventory cacheLet It RipAltered States

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_Forever internal linkPsychedelic compilation 12"x3atomjacked inventory cache (1998)

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_Matsurhythm 1_ compilation  (1998)

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_Sympathy Ininternal linkChaos_Hail Eris! MixCDbatomjacked inventory cacheSympathy In Chaos

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_Sympathy In Chaos 2_ CD

UFOs over China in 1974

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_Sympathy In Chaos 3_ compilation CDbatomjacked inventory cache (1999)

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MP01 - internal linkPrana - _Scarab EP_

 Side A: _Scarab_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
 Side B: Pneumatic

 MP02 - Prana - _Kiba Ep_
 Side A: Kiba
 Side B: _Starchild_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache

 MP03 - internal linkDoof -Born Again Ep
 Side A: Born Again
 Side B1: I Think We Can Go To Theinternal linkMoon
 Side B2: I Think We Can Go To The Moon (internal linkFull Moon Mix)

 MP04 - Perfect Rainbow - Yugi Ep
 Side A: Exotic Eye Side
 B: Dream On Dreamer

 MP05 - internal link100th Monkey & Tristan - Desert Music Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Spiritus
 Aa: internal linkGobi Desert

 MP06 - Rhythmystec - _Plasmatik Ep_
 Side A: _Plasmatik_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
 Side Aa1: Stellium
 Side Aa2: Eskimo

 MP07 - Dj internal linkCosmix & Etnica - _Kumba Mela Ep_
 Side A: _Kumba Mela_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
 Side Aa: _The Moon Valley_

 MP08 - Transwave - The Outer Space Ep
 Side A1: A Journey In The Outerspace (Original Mix)
 Side A2: A Journey In The Outerspace (Remix)
 Side Aa: Hypnorhythm

 MP09 - Joking internal linkSphinx - Courty Plane Ep

 Side A: Courty Plane
 Side Aa: Mouli Karaki

 MP10 - Transwave - _The internal linkRezwalker Ep_
 Side A: The Rezwalker (Black Thunder Mix)
 Side Aa1: _The Rezwalker_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
 Side Aa2:internal link_Zero Density_

 MP11 - Prana & Athena - Future Space Travellers Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: _Future Space Travellers_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
 Side B: Moretsu

 MP12 - Prana -Primal Orbit Ep
 Side A: Primal Orbit (Original Mix)
 Side B: _Primal Orbit (Tribal internal linkTrance Mix)_

 MP13 - Witchcraft - internal link_Magicinternal linkFrequencies_ Ep
 Side A: Magic Frequencies
 Side B:internal link_Whale_

 MP14 - Athena - Human Vox Ep
 Side A1: Human Vox
 Side A2: _Human Vox (Slave Labour Trance Mix)_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
 Side B1: _Crinternal linkoctopus_
 Side B2: Xshattriy

 MP15 - _Bass internal linkChakra_ - 230,000 Miles Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: 230,000 Miles (Initiation Mix)
 Side B1: 230,000 Miles (Inspire Mix)
 Side B2: 230,000 Miles (Inner Mix)

 MP16 - Power Source - Goaway Ep
 Side A: _Goaway_
 Side B: _Gargamel_

 MP17 - Endora -Joy Ep
 Side A: _Joy_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
 Side B1: Macrosoopix
 Side B2:internal link_Fusionium_

 MP18 - Rhythmystec - Cathexis Ep
 Side A: Cathexis
 Side B: Plutonica

 MP19 - Manmademan - Hex Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Hex
 Side B1: internal link_Elevator_
 Side B2: Trancesiva

 MP20 - Kailash -Higher Ep
 Side A: Higher (Original)
 Side B: Higher (internal linkBamboo Mix)

 MP21 - internal linkAstral Projectioninternal linkTime Began With The  Universe Ep
 Side A: Time Began With The Universe (Another Time Mix)
 Side Aa1: Time Began With The Universe (The End Of Time Mix)
 Side Aa2: Time Began With The Universe (Original Mix)

 MP22 - internal linkSatori - Back To Earth Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Back To Earth
 Side Aa: Normal Existence ?

 MP23 - Rotatum - Phaze Din Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Phaze Din
 Side B: Phaze internal linkDub

 MP24 - Prana - Boundless Ep
 Side A: Boundless
 Side B: Boundless (internal linkBlack Cat Mix)

 MP25 - Prana - Taiyo Remix Ep
 Side A1: Process (Constructor Mix)
 Side A2: Process (Writhing Mix)
 Side Aa1:internal linkChakra

 MP26 - Tim Schuldt - Animatronic Ep
 Side A: Animatronic
 Side Aa: Inner Child

 MP27 - Nervasystem - Stardust Ep
 Side A: Animatronic
 Side Aa: Inner Child

 MP28 - internal linkShaolin Wooden Meninternal linkTrickster Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A1: Trickster
 Side A2: Retinal Circus
 Side Aa1: Locale - Spider
 Side Aa2: Remember The internal linkSlime

 MP29 - Various Artists - Sympathy In Chaos Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A1: Prana - Geomantik(Fire internal linkDragonMix)
 Side A2: internal linkJu Ju Space Jazz - Pizza
 Side Aa1: internal linkTripitaka - Monkey On A Cloud
 Side Aa2: The Liquid internal linkDub Connection - Floating Through
 The Air On Gossamer Wings

 MP30 - internal linkSyrinx -Tremolo Heaven Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Tremolo Heaven
 Side Aa: Slippin' And Slidin'

 MP31 - The Visitors -internal linkReality Check & Good Vibes Ep
 Side A: Reality Check
 Side Aa: Capt'n Good Vibes

 MP32 -internal linkJoujouka - Re-Psycle internal linkFrequency Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Re-Psycle Frequency
 Side Aa: Ama No Kawa

 MP33 - internal linkJu Ju Space Jazz - Mermadium Palladium Ep
 Side A: Mermadium Palladium (Vocal Version)
 Side Aa: Mermadium Palladium (Instrumental Version)

 MP34 - internal linkQuirkinternal linkDance With The Devil Ep
 Side A: internal link_Ping_
 Side Aa: Dance With The Devil

 MP35 - internal linkSandman - Nostradamus Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A: Nostradamus (Original)
 Side Aa: Nostradamus (Remix)

 MP36 -internal linkDigitalisinternal linkSoma Junkies Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A1: Telepresence
 Side A2: The Improbable internal linkVoyage
 Side B1: Soma Junkie
 Side B2: Dr Sembei

 MP37 - Quirk - _Shark Matter Ep_
 Side A: internal link_Dark Matter_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
 Side Aa: _Shark Matter_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache

 MP38 - Ree.K - Agaru To Sagaru Ep
 Side A : Agaru To Sagaru
 Side B : Subconscious Mind

 MP39 - Ubar Tmar - Rhythmism Ep
 Side A : Rhythmism 6
 Side B : Rhythmism 2 (Masa remix)

 MP40 - internal linkJoujouka - Aoki Uru Ep atomjacked inventory cache
 Side A : Aoki Uru (System 7 remix)
 Side B1 : Aoki Uru (Original)
 Side B 2: _Aoki Uru (internal linkEat Static El Pistolero Remix)_ MP3 (56k)atomjacked inventory cache

 MPCDS40 - Joujouka CD single
 Aoki Uru

 MP41 - Various - Matsurhythm 1 Epatomjacked inventory cache
 Side A1 : Manmademan - Feeler
 Side A2 : internal linkQuirk - _Paradise Pills_
 Side B 1: internal linkGroovyinternal linkIntentinternal link_Om Rock_

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external linkMatsuri Productions

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