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Merlin - Parker Brothers


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Merlin (mūr“līn) noun
In Arthurian legend, a internal linkmagician and prophet who served as counselor to King Arthur.


merlin (mūr“līn) noun
A small falcon (Falco columbarius) of northern regions, having predominantly dark plumage and a black-striped tail. Also called pigeon hawk.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman merilun, from Old French esmerillon, diminutive of esmeril, of Germanic origin.]

Emotion, religion and morality: Religion: internal linkSorcery
sorcerer (noun)

sorcerer, wise man, seer, soothsayer, Chaldean, sortileger, diviner
astrologer, internal linkalchemist, occultist

internal linkDruid, Druidess
magus, mage, Magian, the Magi
thaumaturgist, wonder-worker, miracle-worker, miracle-working
internal linkshaman, witchdoctor, medicine man, fetishist, idolater
obi-man, internal linkvoodooist, hoodooist, spirit-raiser, occultist
conjuror, exorcist
charmer, snake-charmer
juggler, illusionist, conjuror
spellbinder, enchanter, internal linkwizard, warlock
magician, theurgist
necromancer, diabolist
familiar, imp, evil spirit, devil
sorcerer's apprentice
Merlin, Prospero, Gandalf
Faust, Pied Piper

Other Forms
alterer: magician, sorcerer
internal linksage: wizard, shaman, witch doctor, sorcerer
internal linkoracle: soothsayer, sorcerer
conjuror: magician, necromancer, sorcerer
doctor: witch doctor, medicine man, sorcerer
prodigy: miracle-worker, thaumaturge, wizard, witch, fairy godmother, sorcerer
mythical being: Merlin, sorcerer
occultist: alchemist, sorcerer

Transportation, 1919

The Bentley motorcar is introduced by former London taxi fleet manager W. O. (Walter Owen) Bentley, 31, who created the B.R. 2 "Merlin" rotary engine that powered the Sopwith Camel during the war. Bentley's three-liter racing car is the forerunner of machines that will win at Le Mans and that will lead to luxury sedans

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Merlin's Energy Source

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internal link604 internal linkTAZ _Merlin's internal linkDream_ - Mesocco, Cz - June 16, 17, 18, 2000
Merlin's Dream Czech castle walls Merlin's Dream - banner art Merlin's Dream - teepee

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Lee Scratch Perry - Technomajikal Lee Scratch Perry

Tommy Knocker - Merlin / Piano Rock 12"
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