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Plasmalamp - Void Travelling on Worm Interface June Of 44 - Four Great Points on Quarterstick (1998)

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"...the abolition of poverty, the economy of abundance for all, the end of territorial competition for limited resources leading to the warfare cycle, the achievement of longevity and eventual internal linkimmortality - all these are appreciably increased by the appearance of a totally new phenomenon in human life; indeed, a phenomenon so new we hardly have a name for it. internal linkDr. Leary uses the symbol I2 (intelligence squared) to represent this new internal linkevolutionary factor;  it stands for intelligence studying intelligence, the internal linknervous system studying the nervous system.  Dr. John Lilly refers to it as the self-metaprogrammer, the human brain internal linkfeeding back self-change directions to the human brain scientifically.  In simple internal linklanguage, man is graduating from being the conditioned animal in the behaviorist cage to becoming whatever he wills to become. internal linkElectrical brain stimulation opens other doors to self-metaprogramming.  New drugs are predicted that will allow us to foster or terminate emotional states of many kinds.  Like the incremental advance from longevity to immortality, this opens a whole new ball game.  As Leary points out, "The more conscious and intelligent you become, the more you want to become even more conscious and intelligent."  Until now, we have never come close to understanding the self-teaching capabilities of the human brain.  It is possible, and not unlikely, that even such geniuses as internal linkDa Vinciinternal linkBeethoven, or internal linkEinstein are only partial foreshadowings of what the turned-on brain can do."

-internal linkRobert Anton Wilson - _The internal linkIllumanti Papers_atomjacked inventory cache


Leonardo Da Vinci Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson Illuminati

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One of the primary features of the psychedelic experience as it relates to the human computer hardware, believes Ron Lawrence, a Macintosh expert from internal linkLos Angeles who archives Tim Leary's writing, is that it "reformats the hard disk and clears out the ram.'' That is, one's experience of life is reevalutated in an egoless context and put into a new order. One sees previously unrecognizable connections between parallel ways of thinking, parallel cultures, ideologies, stories, systems of logic, and philosophies. Meanwhile, trivial cares of the moment are given the opportunity to melt away (even if in the gut-wrenching crucible of internal linkintense introspection), and the tripper may reenter everyday life without many of the cognitive traps that previously dominated his interpretation of internal linkreality. In other words, the tripper gains the ability to see things in an unprejudiced manner, like the computer does.

 - Douglas Rushkoff - _Cyberia: Life In The Trenches Of Hyperspace_atomjacked inventory cache

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Symbiosis - Meta

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