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The Mayan Psychedelic Galaxy
Milky Way

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Milky Way

Milky Way (mlk wA) noun
The galaxy containing the solar system, visible as a broad band of faint internal linklight in the night sky.

[Middle English, translation of Latin via lactea : via, way + lactea, milky.]

Milky Way

Milky Way, the large, disk-shaped galaxy, that includes the internal linksun and its solar system. Its name is derived from its appearance as a luminous band that stretches across earth's sky at night.

The Milky Way is a large spiral galaxy, with several spiral arms coiling around a central bulge. The diameter of the disk is about 100,000 light-years. It is surrounded by a larger cloud of hydrogen gas, that, in turn, is surrounded by a halo containing clusters of stars. In addition, studies suggest that the Milky Way system contains far more matter than is accounted for by the known disk and attendant clusters. Astronomers have therefore speculated that the known Milky Way system is surrounded by a corona of undetected matter.

The Milky Way contains both type I stars (brilliant, blue stars) and type II stars (giant, red stars). The central Milky Way and the halo are composed of type II stars. Measurements of radiation from the central region indicate compact objects, possibly starburst remnants or a massive internal linkblack hole. Surrounding the central region is a disk containing type I and type II stars. The spiral arms contain a majority of type I stars together with much interstellar dust and gas.

The Milky Way rotates around an axis joining the galactic poles. Viewed from the north galactic pole the rotation of the Milky Way is clockwise. In the area of the solar system the period of rotation is more than 200 million years.

Milky Way (noun)

star: Milky Way, Galaxy
luminary: galaxy, Milky Way, northern lights, heavens

Food and Drink, 1923

The Milky Way candy bar developed in the Midway district between Minneapolis and St. Paul by confectioner Frank C. Mars, 39, is a mixture of milk chocolate, corn syrup, sugar, milk, hydrogenated vegetable oil, cocoa, butter, salt, malt, egg whites, etc. Inspired perhaps by his own astronomical name, Mars names his creation after the distant star galaxy and will see Milky Way sales leap in one year from $72,800 to $792,000.

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604 track internal link_Man To Ray_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkJuno Reactor off of _Transmissions_ on Nova Mute

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I have argued that our Galaxy is alive - literally alive, in the full biological meaning of the term. Like other galaxies it has been produced by a internal linkprocess of internal linkevolution and competition within the Universe, following the Big Bang. The end-product of this evolutionary process has been spiral galaxies that  are very efficient supernova-nurseries.

Instead of the collapse of a black hole representing a one-way journey to nowhere, many researchers now believe that it is a one-way journey to  somewhere - to a new expanding universe in its own set of internal linkdimensions. Instead of a black-hole singularity 'bouncing' to become an exploding  outpouring of energy blasting back into our Universe, it is shunted sideways in spacetime.  The dramatic implication is that many - perhaps all - of the black holes that form in our Universe may be the seeds of new universes. And, of course, our own Universe may have been born in this way out of a black hole in another universe. While the fact that the laws of physics in our Universe seem to be rather precisely 'fine tuned' to encourage  the formation of black holes means that they are actually fine tuned for the production of more universes.

- John Gibbon - _In The Beginning: The Birth Of The Living Universe_

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Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider (1999)
Donnie Darko soundtrack (2002)
Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra - Secrets Of The Sun 12"

Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra - Secrets Of The Sun 12" orange vinyl

Ladyhawke - Black, White & Blue 7" cover
Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett - group shot

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"churning of the milky ocean" - Ankgor Wat describing internal linkprecession

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"...what is here being proposed is that we explore at greater length the possibilities inherent in the analogy between the human brain and the spiral galaxy, thus transforming the galactic disc into the cosmic internal linklens by endowing it with the  generative capacity that the brain of man possesses. This, if valid, would mean that both galaxy and brain can serve as  time-spanning (intelligent) guidance systems for their respective sensoria."

                                     Excerpt from "Messages to and from the Galaxy"
                                           By the late Dr. Oliver L. Reiser
                                        Philosophy Dept., University of Pittsburgh

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from Zurich to Sao Paulo time lapse Milky Way

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Milky Way over Finland
Milky Way over internal linkFinland meteors

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the internal linkMayan Galactic Center

The Grand Portal

The problem of theodicy or the existence of entropy becomes explained as a severing of communication. The goal of Earth is not merely to join all human minds into one internal linkGaian planet-mind; it's ultimately to shatter the "Black Iron Prison" and rejoin this galactic  _internal linknetwork, reducing the entropic (internal linkKali Yuga-like) state in which it's currently in. internal linkPhilip K. Dick even hints that this might mean the triumph over death. Some biologists think organisms acquire genetic errors throughout their lifetime (whether through "wear and tear" or some preprogramming or both), and that death results when the errors so overwhelm the "signal" or code of the organism that it can no longer maintain itself in dynamic homeostasis. The inability of the body to function shuts off blood to the brain, and thus the "code" of the personality or identity of the person is extinguished as well. Death is the extinguishing of internal linkinformation (but sexual reproduction and culture preserve some of it, in the form of genes and internal linkmemes.)

Gaia the Network Philip K. Dick Information in formation

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"Our inner growth should now be able to expand beyond the superiority complex of our own civilization, now that we  know that the ancient Maya had attained a level of cosmic understanding that modern science has not grasped. That the   event occurs at all I think is part of the grand design of cosmic internal linkevolution. I imagine the Galactic Center as the Rootinternal linkchakra, muladhara. Earthlings, out here on a distant spiral arm, are perhaps at the fifth level, the level of mentation. I.E.,  the distinctive property of our particular plane of existence on the great evolutionary journey to full consciousness is to  master fifth level chakra energies.. Beyond us, in the direction of the Galactic AntiCenter, towards the internal linkPleiades and internal linkOrion, lies the great open-ended expanse of space beyond our own Galaxy. On these more distant streams of AntiCenter, towards the Pleiades and Orion, lies the great open-ended expanse of space beyond our own Galaxy. On these more distant streams of the Galactic River, perhaps exist beings more evolved than us, in theinternal linkprocess of mastering 6th level and 7th level chakra energies.

I believe that the Galactic alignment stimulates consciousness evolution on this planet, whether or not beings alive during  the alignment era are aware of it happening. I also feel that it occurs every 26,000 years, whether or not beings alive  during the alignment era are aware of it happening. I also feel that it occurs every 26,000 years, but that this time around is the first time that humans are consciously aware of it. We may, in fact, be emerging into a galactic level of awareness this time around."

- John Major Jenkins

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In the standard theory, acceleration occurs after the big bang because of an ad hoc inflaton field. In the pre-big bang scenario, it occurs before the bang as a natural outcome of the novel symmetries of internal linkstring theory.

According to the scenario, the pre-bang universe was almost a perfect mirror image of the post-bang one. If the universe is eternal into the future, its contents thinning to a meager gruel, it is also eternal into the past. internal linkInfinitely long ago it was nearly empty, filled only with a tenuous, widely dispersed, internal linkchaotic gas of radiation and matter. The internal linkforces of nature, controlled by the dilaton field, were so feeble that particles in this gas barely interacted.

As internal linktime went on, the forces gained in strength and pulled matter together. Randomly, some regions accumulated matter at the expense of their surroundings. Eventually the density in these regions became so high that black holes started to form. Matter inside those regions was then cut off from the outside, breaking up the universe into disconnected pieces.

Inside a black hole, space and time swap roles. The center of the black hole is not a point in space but an instant in time. As the infalling matter approached the center, it reached higher and higher densities. But when the density, temperature and curvature reached the maximum values allowed by string theory, these quantities bounced and started decreasing. The moment of that reversal is what we call a big bang. The interior of one of those black holes became our universe.

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Radio (0.4 GHz) Milky Way Radio

    Atomic Hydrogen Milky Way Atomic Hydrogen

NEW Radio (2.7 GHz) Milky Way New Radio

 Molecular Hydrogen Milky Way Molecular Hydrogen

           Infrared Milky Way Infrared

      Near Infrared Milky Way Near Infrared

            Optical Milky Way Optical

              X-Ray Milky Way X-Ray

          Gamma Ray Milky Way Gamma Ray

        Finder Milky Way Finder

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