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moon (mín) noun
1. The natural satellite of Earth, visible by reflection of internal linksunlight and having a slightly elliptical orbit, approximately 356,000 kilometers (221,600 miles) distant at perigee and 406,997 kilometers (252,950 miles) at apogee. Its mean diameter is 3,475 kilometers (2,160 miles), its mass approximately one eightieth that of Earth, and its average period of revolution around Earth 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes calculated with respect to the sun.
2. A natural satellite revolving around a planet.
3. The moon as it appears at a particular time in its cycle of phases: the full moon; a half moon.
4. A month, especially a lunar month.
5. A disk, globe, or crescent resembling the natural satellite of Earth.
6. Mooninternal linklight.
7. Slang. The bared buttocks.

mooned, mooning, moons verb, intransitive
1. To wander about or pass time languidly and aimlessly.
2. To yearn or pine as if infatuated.
3. Slang. To expose one's buttocks in public as a prank or disrespectful gesture.

verb, transitive
Slang. To expose one's buttocks to (others) as a prank or disrespectful gesture: "threatened to moon a passing . . . camera crew" (Vanity Fair).
[Middle English moone, from Old English mona.]

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The moon made it possible for man to internal linkevolve and so exist.
The moon made it possible for him to develop mathematics and science.
The moon made it possible for him to transcend Earth and conquer space.

internal link Isaac Asimov - _Triumph Of The Moon_

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Apollo Lunar Landings 1 & 2
First landing on the Moon was in the Sea of Tranquility, internal link23.63 degrees
East. Second landing was in the Ocean of Storms, 23.42 degrees West.
Notice the names of the picked sights and how they contrast. Note: First two landings were Apollo 11 & 12 (11+12= 23). Just exactly what does internal linkNASA know?

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"...the internal linkEgyptians and the internal linkSumerian people of Mesopotamia worshipped virtually identical lunar deities who were amongst the very oldest in their respective pantheons. Exactly like internal linkThoth, the Sumerian moon-god Sin was charged with measuring the passage of internal linktime."

     - internal linkGraham Hancock, _The Sign and the Seal_ 

Pyramid Man

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"...The Egyptian internal linkThoth or Tuti...was the moon-god, and is represented in ancient paintings as ibis-headed with the disc and crescent of the moon. The Egyptians regarded him as the god of wisdom, letters, and the recording of time."      - James Campbell Brown, History of Chemistry

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Huntington Library - moon rock encased in quartz pyramid - atomjacked February 1, 2001

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"Everything living on the Earth...people, animals, plants...is food for the moon. All manifestations of organic life on Earth are controlled by the moon. The mechanical part of our life depends upon the moon, is subject to the moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape from the power of the moon." - internal linkGeorges I. Gurdjieffinternal linkDance Master and internal linkSufi

G.I. Gurdjieff

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"That's when I said to Neil, 'Look, hey, we missed the whole thing.' Because the importance was here, and it was the people watching, participating that was the significance and the momentous nature of Apollo. Not the rocks that were brought back, but the involvement of masses of people."

 - Buzz Aldrin

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Soul Coughin - Ruby Vroom Terrifying Experience - Supreme Radial on AAJ (1998)
The VSS - Nervous Circuits on Honey Bear (1997) Starseeds - Earth, Moon and Stars on Parallel Life (1999)
Tobin Sprout - Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam) on Matador (1997)
Cosmosis - Synergy
Deep Trance and Ritual Beats Brian Eno - Another Green World
Dance, Trance, and Magic Plants Juno Reactor - Transmissions
Ikue Mori - Garden on Tzadik (1996) Melt Banana - Teeny Shiny on A-Zap (2000)

Sugar - Copper Blue 12" (1992)

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