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At any given moment in any population of human beings, there will be individuals who have
   reached different stages in the developmental sequence. Each will possess a certain store of
  data and will consequently emit behaviors, which stimulate others who have reached a stage
   appropriate to respond to them. The product of interaction between such individuals will be
                         certain typical relationships or attachments.

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network, in computing, two or more computers connected for the purposed of exchanging messages and sharing data and system resources. A LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN) connects personal computers and workstations (each called a node) over dedicated, private communications links. A wide area network (WAN) connects large numbers of nodes over long-distance communications links, such as common carrier internal linktelephone lines. An internet is a connection between networks. internal linkThe Internet is a WAN that connects thousands of disparate networks in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, providing global communication between nodes on government, educational, and industrial networks.


network (nèt´wûrk´) noun
1. An openwork fabric or structure in which cords, threads, or wires cross at regular intervals.
2. Something resembling an openwork fabric or structure in form or concept, especially: a. A system of lines or channels that cross or interconnect: a network of railroads. b. A complex, interconnected group or system: an espionage network. c. An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support.
3. a. A chain of radio or television broadcasting stations linked by internal linkwire or microwave relay. b. A company that produces the programs for these stations.
4. a. A group or system of internal linkelectric components and connecting circuitry designed to function in a specific manner. b. Computer Science. A system of computers interconnected by telephone wires or other means in order to share internal linkinformation. Also called net.

networked, networking, networks verb, transitive
1. To cover with or as if with an openwork fabric or structure.
2. To broadcast over a radio or television network.
3. Computer Science. To connect (computers) into a network.

verb, intransitive
To interact or engage in informal communication with others for mutual assistance or support.
- net´work´er noun

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network, the /n./

1. The union of all the major noncommercial, academic, and internal linkhacker-oriented networks, such as Internet, the pre-1990 internal linkARPANET, NSFnet, BITNET, and the virtual UUCP and internal linkUsenet "networks", plus the corporate in-house networks and commercial time-sharing services (such as CompuServe, GEnie and AOL) that gateway to them. A site is generally considered "on the network" if it can be reached through some combination of Internet-style (internal link@-sign) and UUCP (bang-path) addresses. See Internet, bang path, Internet address, network address. Following the mass-culture discovery of the Internet in 1994 and subsequent proliferation of cheap TCP/IP connections, "the network" is increasingly synonymous with the Internet itself (as it was before the second internal linkwave of wide-area computer internal linknetworking began around internal link1980). 2. A fictional internal linkconspiracy of libertarian hacker-subversives and anti-authoritarian monkeywrenchers described in internal linkRobert Anton Wilson's novel internal link_Schrödinger's Cat_, to which many hackers have subsequently decided they belong (this is an example of ha ha only serious).

In sense 1, `network' is often abbreviated to `net'. "Are you on the net?" is a frequent question when hackers first meet face to face, and "See you on the net!" is a frequent goodbye.

 - from _The New Hacker's Dictionary_ by internal linkEric S. Raymond 

The New Hacker's Dictionary by Eric S. Raymon

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"Because networks of communication may generate internal linkfeedback loops,  they may acquire the ability to regulate themselves. For example,  a community that maintains an active network of communication will  learn from its mistakes, because the consequences of a mistake will spread through the network and internal linkreturn to the source along feedback internal linkloops. Thus the community can correct its mistakes, regulate itself,and organize itself. Indeed, self-organization has emerged as perhaps 'the' central concept in the systems view of life, and like the concepts  of feedback and self-regulation, it is linked closely to  networks. The pattern of life, we might say, is a network pattern capable of self-organization. This is a simple definition, yet it is based on recent discoveries at the very forefront of science."

 - internal linkFritjof Capra - _The Web of Life_atomjacked inventory cache

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"...what is happening is a tendency toward what I call turning the body inside out.  Through our media and cybernetics, we are actually approaching the point where consciousness can be experienced in a state of disconnection from the body.  We have changed.  We are no longer bipedal monkeys.  We are instead a kind of internal linkcybernetic coral reef of organic components and inorganic technological components.  We have become a internal linkforce that takes unorganized raw material and excretes technical objects; we have transcended the normal definitions of humans.  We are like an enormous collective organism with our data banks, our forecasting agencies, and our computer networks, and the many levels at which we are connected into the universe.  Our self-image is changing; the monkey has been all but left behind and, shortly, will be left behind."
  -internal linkTerence Mckennainternal link_Archaic Revival_atomjacked inventory cache 

Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always Archaic Revival cover

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The path is a plateau.

"For the ngHolos, the notion of a spiritual "path" is a misnomer, for spiritual reality is an endlessly proliferating manifold. The path is a network of paths, a plateau. One can not "follow" a network, but must constantly probe it. Each footprint is a node, which constantly re-produces a number of possible directions. Arrival and departure are fused. As such, internal linkimmediate and fragmentary spiritual tactics (including these slogans) are prized more than grand strategic methods which attempt to lay out a well-organized hierarchy of stages towards gnosis. Many Virtual Masters achieved fame not for their diligence in pursuing one of the ngHolo's countless philosophical cults, but for the specific topology of the plateaus they created as they moved through different and frequently antagonistic fields of thought and experience. "  - selections from the notebooks of Lance Daybreak, curated by Erik Davis in _Shards Of The Diamond internal linkMatrix_

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"In the old days, evil things spead rapidly, but now good things spread rapidly. If you understand...everything begins to appear wonderful and beautiful, and it naturally makes people stop wasting or stop desiring unnecessary things. This awakening is contagious and it will be transmitted
to everybody soon." - Tamo-san

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"Like the Irish King Cuchulain who fought the tide with his sword, they lose who would battle internal linkwaves on the shores of internal linklight. The book is slow, the network is quick; the book is many of one, the network is many ones multiplied; the book is dialogic, the network polylogic."

- Michael Joyce

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The view of living systems as networks provides a novel  perspective on the so-called hierarchies of nature. Since  living systems at all levels are networks, we must visualize  the web of life as living systems (networks) interacting in  network fashion with other systems (networks). For example,  we can picture an ecosystem schematically as a network with a few nodes. Each node represents an organism, which means that each node, when magnified, appears itself as a network. Each internal linknode in the new network may represent an organ, which in turnwill appear as a network when magnified, and so on.

In other words, the web of life consists of networks within  networks. At each scale, under closer scrutiny, the nodes of  the network reveal themselves as smaller networks. We tend to arrange these systems, all nesting within larger systems, in a  hierarchical scheme by placing the larger systems above the  smaller ones in internal linkpyramid fashion. But this is a human projection.
In nature there is no "above" or "below," and there are no  hierarchies. There are only networks nesting within other  networks."

  - internal linkFritjof Capra, _The Web of Life_atomjacked inventory cache

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"In the province of connected minds, what the network believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the network's mind there are no limits."

internal linkJohn C. Lilly

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Symbiosis Information in formation

Alchemy I Ching

There may exist a vast communication network in the topological nature of things. A network that becomes a fact only for those species or individuals who will but have the intelligence enough to seek this vision. It will by them be found to be persistent in the nature of things. internal linkAlchemy thrives in a climate of such ideas. To validate the idea of the worth of the visions of worlds at a distance one must emerge with some idea spawned by the visionary Other but with a utility in the here and now. The internal linkwave quantification of the internal linkI Ching is the only idea of this sort that I personally have glimpsed in completeness. It took years to elaborate and its relation to the here and now is still elusive. Fragmentary themes abound: internal linksymbiosisinternal linksaucer-internal linklens vehicles whose possessors navigate the higher topological oceans in our heads. All this could be transference and fantasy. In the classical sense of the word the experimenter with internal linkhallucinogens pursues gnosis: privileged knowledge concerning nature and vouchsafed by her in internal linkecstacy.The history of consciousness is the halting exploration of the once irrational images and internal linkprocesses met in internal linkdreams and internal linktrance. Such images become concepts and discoveries asinternal linkinformation flows through the multiple-continuum of being seeking equilibrium, yet paradoxically carrying everywhere images of ways the internal linkflow towards entropy was locally reversed by this being or that society or  phenomenon. We are immersed in a internal linkholographic ocean of places and ideas. We can understand this to whatever depth we are able. The ocean of images and the intricacy of their connections is internal linkinfinite.
internal linkTerence McKenna - _Open Ending_atomjacked inventory cache

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A dynamic network is one of the few structures that incorporates the internal linkdimension of internal linktime. It honors internal change. We should expect to see networks wherever we see constant irregular change, and we do.

Out Of Control by Kevin Kelly

A distributed, decentralized network is more a internal linkprocessthan a thing. In the logic of the internal linkNet there is a shift from nouns to verbs. Economists now reckon that commercial products are best treated as though they were services. It's not what you sell a customer, its what you do for them. It's not what something is, it's what it is connected to, what it does. Flows become more important than resources. Behavior counts.
Kevin Kelly - internal link_Out Of Control_ (1994)atomjacked inventory cache

Any network has two ingredients: internal linknodes and connections. In the grand network we are now assembling, the size of the nodes is collapsing while the quantity and quality of the connections are exploding. These two physical realms, the collapsing microcosm of internal linksilicon and the exploding telecosm of connections, form the internal linkmatrix through which the new economy of ideas flows.


A network is like a country in that it is a web of relationships regulated by standards. In a country citizens pay taxes and adhere to laws for the benefit of all. In a network, netizens feed the web first for the benefit of all. The network economy is a meta-country. Its web of relationships differ from those of a country in three ways:

The Great Unknown


In both country and network, the surest route to raising oneís own prosperity is raising the systemís prosperity. The one clear effect of the industrial age is that the prosperity individuals achieve is more closely related to their nationís prosperity than to their own efforts. Lester Thurow, an internal linkMIT economist, has pointed out that enabling the lowest paid to earn more is the best way to raise wages for the highest paidóthe theory being that a rising tide lifts all boats. The network economy will only amplify this.

internal linkKevin Kelly - _New Rules For The New Economy_

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Brian Eno Brian Eno - Nerve Net
Mirostoria - _snd on Mille Plateaux (1996) Deep Space Network meets Higher Intelligence Agency on Source (1997)

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"The networked internal linkimagination penetrates the mind differently: it works on the connections between minds, and not on the contents of the imagination of private minds. A certain order of synaptic connections, established both by how we use a medium like a computer or an access on-line, and by what we are invited to do with these activities, establishes itself as a norm for our behaviour and our judgement. Connectivity becomes a way of life. We develop network minds."

- Derrick DeKerckhove

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So are we condemned to the frozen pessimism of too-late capitalist critique? I don't believe so. Far from dampening the powers of emergence, the supposed reign of the simulacrum has simply introduced new internal linkdimensions into the fabric of space-internal linktime. The internal linkblack hole is not A chaos; it has structure and pattern. Today is also a time of intertwining, where elements of the internal linkreal link and draw together, while patterns of resemblance echo across scale and milieu. Implosion shifts the center, evacuates substance, but does not destroy the productive possibilities of organization and design. Implosion is not just collapse; alongside it, or perhaps identified with it, there is recombination. So everywhere you turn you find networks of linkages, proliferating between domains previously estranged: philosophy, internal linkphotons, market indexes, internal linkprana, microfibers, neurotransmitters, quanta, beats. These linkages suggest invisible exchanges, points of internal linkresonance, shared unfoldings that draw the mind into the heart of the matter, bringing it all back home.

- Erik Davis - _Anchors Aweigh!_

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"There is no such thing as a 'self-made' man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts." - George Matthew Adams

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Local Area Network - Two In One

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Perhaps it is a matter of loving the network through ritual at the junction ofinternal linkperceptual and world, spaces and affective or cognitive fields. John Scannell has remarked in M/C that ‘graffiti writers love the city more than you ever will’. Perhaps likewise, there are those – internal linkhackers, war-chalkers, technopagans, internal linkutopians, perceptual experimentalists, the new techno-neurotics or even just everyday networkers - that love the network with all the difficulties and complexity that love implies. For them, the network is not just an internal linkinformation or communications conduit, but a partner in ritual becoming.

- Andrew Murphie - _When Fibre Meets Fibre – Networking As Ritual Meeting Of Body, Brain & Technics

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The term Network has a number of different meanings, including

* A system to deliver programs to multiple broadcast stations is called a television network or a radio network depending (obviously) on whether the programs are for Television or Radio, respectively.
* When people meet with each other either for socializing or for assistance, the practice is sometimes referred to as Networking. Informal meetings of people are sometimes referred to as the Old Boy Network.
* _Network_ (vhs/nstc)atomjacked inventory cache(1976) is also an Academy Award-winning film.

A wide variety of systems of interconnected components are called networks. Specific examples include:

* transport networks,
o roads,
o railroads,
o shipping routes and
o airlines,
o pipelines (gas, petroleum, water, sewage),
* electric circuits - a network of electrical components.
* internal linkelectricity networks (electric power - generation, internal linktransmission and distribution.)
* social and/or business networks. (studied in, say, sociology)
o criminal networks
* telecommunications networks
o computer networks, which transfer internal linkinformation between computers. (Specific configurations include star networks and grid networks.) The internal linkInternet is a large-scale computer network. Also, a website and the whole World Wide Web are networks of webpages, a link web.
o public switched internal linktelephone networks, which route audio signals from one telephone to another
o radio networks, which create and distribute radio programming
o television networks, which create and distribute television programming
o financial networks.
* network externality in economics

General-purpose mathematical models of network structures and associated algorithms have been developed in graph theory.

Networks can be characterized in a number of different ways. For example, many networks are Scale-free networks, in which a few network internal linknodes act as "very connected" hubs.

Further Reading

* By network scientists:

1. Linked: The New Science of Networks, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Perseus Publishing, 2002. Hardcover Textbook. ISBN 0738206679.
2. internal linkNexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks, Mark Buchanan, W. W. Norton, 2002, hardcover, 256 pages, ISBN 0393041530
3. Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age, Duncan J. Watts, W. W. Norton, February, 2003, Hardcover: 448 pages. ISBN 0393041425

* Consumer studies using network theory:

1. Tipping Point: How Little things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell, Little, Brown, 2002, trade paperback, 304 pages, ISBN 0316346624
2. Influentials: One American in Ten Tells the Other Nine How to Vote, Where to Eat, and What to Buy, Edward B. Keller, Jonathan L. Berry, Douglas B. Reeves, Free Press, 2003, paperback, ISBN 0743227301
3. Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers, Alissa Quart, Perseus, 2002, hardcover, 256 pages, ISBN 0738206644

(bibliography derived from New York Times article, January 25, 2003 "Connect, They Say, Only Connect")

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