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(7 Ik' (Wind)/7 Iq' (Wind) - 202/260 -
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Abstract relations: internal linkTime: Neverness
neverness (noun)

neverness, Greek calends
month of Sundays, blue internal linkmoon, when pigs internal linkfly
dies non
no time, datelessness, eternity, perpetuity

Other Forms
nonexistence: nonexistence, inexistence, nonbeing, nonentity, nothingness, nullity, neverness
different time: neverness

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Paperback - 700 pages (1990)
Acacia Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0586205365

Book Description
The universe of Neverness is intriguingly complex. filled with extraordinary beings. There are the Alaloi, who have chosen to return to the Neanderthal state ... the Order of Pilots which reworks the laws of time and physics to catapult its members through dense regions of 'thickspace' ... the Solid State Entity, a vast brain made up of internal linkmoon-sized biocomputers... and the leldra, a legendary race of internal linkaliens that seeded the galaxy aeons ago with its internal linkDNA and so began the internal linkevolutionary cycle.

Luna DNA

Against this rich backdrop unfolds the story of young, headstrong Mallory Ringess, a novitiate of the Order of Pilots. Against all odds he has penetrated the Solid State Entity - and made a stunning discovery. A discovery that could unlock the secret of internal linkimmortality hidden among the Alaloi....

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There is an ecology of internal linkinformation.  Stars will die; people and gods will die, but information is conserved. Macroscopic information decays to microscopic information. But microscopic information is eventually concentrated. Nothing is lost.

Gods exist to devour information. The lower intelligences sort, internal linkfilter, concentrate and organize information. And the gods feed.

 - _Neverness_ by David Zindell

information in formation Neverness by David Zindell
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