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New Edge

This nOde last updated July 16th, 2005 and is permanently morphing...
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This is my favorite term to combat the endless tirade of insults directed at ideas conveniently categorized as "new age".  fuck new age.  "new edge" internal linkfilters out the fluffy flowers and cheesy peacenik offerings and gets down to business.  well, the business of partying anyway... my personal route was getting into acid rock, metal, speed metal, internal linkpunk, emocore, industrial, rave, breaks, drum and bass and finally to internal linkpsy-internal linktrance, where the new age haze was injected with a healthy dose of ass shaking (as opposed to ass kicking) propulsion from the previous genres.  the goal is still the same.  right the wrongs and maximize one's potential through hedonism to proliferate world peace and internal linkgaia motherhood.  the internal link_Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe_atomjacked inventory cache (by Antero internal linkAlli).  the current state is much more straightforward, and hopefully in the future, much less ego-driven (it's getting there, but not perfect).  so what's next?  labels that failed for me in the recent past have been "internal linkcyberpunk", "zippie", and the most detestable "raver".

i first came across this term when Mondo 2000 was good.  namely in their book _Mondo 2000: A User's Guide To The New Edge_atomjacked inventory cache.   a nice attempt at linear internal linkhypertext to boot.

- @Om* 11/11/99

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boundary dissolution...

[...] the mirroring of psyche...that was always the glamour, if you will, which stood behind nature, is correctly internal linkperceived with greater and greater clarity as this internal linkprocess proceeds... and this correct perceiving of nature's relationship to self and internal linklanguage is the essence of all of these cultural vectors that are converging: internal linkfeminism, the exploration of space, the perfection fo the thinking machine or the human machine internal linkinterface, um... the mysterium tremendum at the core of the internal linkpsychedelic experience.

All of these things are,  I think, going to be seen as anticipations of this post historical state which lies beyond the working out of the themes that have been set in motion by materialistic science.  In other words, the internal linkforces that are being set in motion and sustained by so called new thought, new age thinking.  This is why because this seems to be happening... because it seems that we - and by we i mean all of us - did in fact identify early on, a trend in society which is now going to have enormous repercussions... that there is a responsibility to clear thinking about to what this thing is, and how it works... there seems to be a kind of a internal linkrush to get in line with the sloppiest metaphor as quickly as possible so that you know... there have been a number of, let's say syncretic faiths and new myths that have arisen and competed with each other with greater and lesser degrees of success... I suppose this is a healthy thing except that it gives such comfort to the people who think that we're all airheads... you know, they all observe all this and it confirms for them that it's a hopeless lot...
Terence McKenna...the force will be with you, always... mandalas...

So i guess what I want to say about that is that everybody has their own version of what is the mistake which is being made... so here is my version of what is the mistake that's being made... it's that there is a confusion between scientific materialism and reason... science has set itself up as a kind of new pontificate and brooks no challenge.  it expects to make judgment on any idea emerging from any realm of human endeavor.  It has set itself up as judge and jury...

internal linkTerence McKenna - _Nature Is The Center Of The internal linkMandala Part 1_ MP3 (32k)atomjacked inventory cache(44:09)

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"Well, these people have clearly never read Thomas Kuhn's _The Structure of Scientific Revolution_. The only people who ever advance science forward are the people who come from the edge, from the outside, usually internal link
amateurs, usually not institutional. The way scientific advance happens is though completely irrational bursts of brilliance. Then they create a scenario of careful research and cross-checked data and slow accumulation. It doesn't happen like that. People are free to dismiss me, I don't even necessarily say they're wrong. The ideas need to be judged on their own merit. If they're saying they can't be internal linktrue because I take drugs, that's like saying 'It can't be true because he's a Jew' or 'It can't be true because he's a homosexual.' These are not sufficient reasons to dismiss anybody's ideas."

- Terence McKenna interview in internal link_The Resonance Project_ Magazine issue #3 (1993)

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"Come to the edge," He said.

They said, "We are afraid."
"Come to the edge," He said.
They came.
He pushed them...
and they flew.

- Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) French novelist, critic

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Analog Reflections Vol. 2 on Agitato (2001) Psychick Warrios Ov Gaia - Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves Haujobb - Ninetynine on Metropolis (1999)
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