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nexus (nèk´ses) noun
plural nexus or nexuses
1. A means of connection; a link or tie: "this nexus between New York's . . . real-estate investors and its . . . politicians" (Wall Street Journal).
2. A connected series or group.
3. The core or center: "The real nexus of the money culture [was] Wall Street" (Bill Barol).
[Latin, past participle of nectere, to bind.]

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the model number for the rogue replicants in the film internal link_Blade Runner_ was Nexus 6

Pris - Nexus 6 Standard Pleasure Model

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Alfred North Whitehead the transcendental object at the end of time...

It seems more likely to me that all this complexity is better directed toward the end of the cycle when, after billions of years of internal linkevolution, everything finally comes together. internal linkAlfred North Whitehead proposed this same idea. He said that history grows toward what he called a "nexus of completion." And these nexuses of completion themselves grow together into what he called the "internal linkconcrescence." A concrescence exerts a kind of attraction, which can be thought of as the temporal equivalent of internal linkgravity, except all objects in the universe are drawn toward it through internal linktime, not space. As we approach the lip of this cascade into concrescence, novelty, and completion, time seems to speed up and internal linkboundaries begin to dissolve. The more boundaries that dissolve, the closer to the concrescence we are. When we finally reach it, there will be no boundaries, only eternity as we become all space and time, alive and dead, here and there, before and after. Because this internal linksingularity can simultaneously co-exist in states that are contradictory, it is something which transcends rational apprehension. But it gives the universe meaning, because all internal linkprocesses can be seen to be seeking and moving in an effort to approximate, connect with, and append to this transcendental object at the end of time.

internal linkTerence McKennainternal link_Timewave Zero and internal linkLanguage_

Singularity Terence McKenna

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Darshan - Spectra

the big rhino in the sky

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