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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
This nOde last updated August 15th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(9 Oc (Dog) / 13 Yaxk'in (New Sun) - 230/260 -

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internal link604 Catalyst
member of internal linkSnake Thinginternal linkPrana (with internal linkTsuyoshi Suzuki), Tayio, Reflecta (with Jeh), Blissed (92-93 techno), internal linkBig Green Pleasure Machine (with AB internal linkDidjeridoo Oblivion, Rhythmystec (with internal linkRay Castle), Adam internal linkCeiba, and Amanda Wright from Pitch Black, internal linkNew Zealand)

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party - internal linkInfinite internal linkFrequency - _Demented Circuitry_atomjacked inventory cache with Nick Taylor andinternal linkAndrew Till 3/6/99
location - internal linkClose Encounters Paint Ball facility in Los Angeles
he dropped _Cowgirl_ by internal linkUnderworld in the middle of his internal linkping pong set with Andrew Till

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sampled: internal linkDead Can Dance in a track

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at Freakwency '99, internal linkLos Angeles, September 13th, Nick Taylor dropped a Cubanate track to start off his set.

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June 1993
 Blissed - Rite of Passage L.P. - PODGermanyCommunic.
 Blissed - Starseed E.P. 12" - POD GermanyCommunic.

 June 1994
 Prana - Genesis E.P.12" - Inter 1 Records, UK

 Dec. 1994
internal linkAkasha - Beings E.P. 12" - internal linkPhantasm UK
 Prana - Indigo E.P. 12" - Inter 1 Records, UK

 February 1995
 Prana - Scarab E.P. 12" - internal linkMatsuri Prod. UK

 April 1995
 Prana - Kiba E.P. 12" - Matsuri Prod. UK

 May 1995
 Reflecta - Electro Beings CD - PSY Harmonics

 October 1995
 Rhythmystec - _Plasmatic E.P._ 12" - PSY Harmonics

 January 1996
 Prana - Cyclone L.P. - Matsuri Prod. UK

 March 1996
 Parasonix - Buzzbug E.P. 12" - PSY Harmonics
 Prana - Lifeforce E.P. 12" - Inter 1 Records, UK

 June 1996
 Rhythmystec - Cathexis E.P. 12" - Matsuri Prod. UK

 July 1996
 Reflecta - Itchy Witches of Andrognetico E.P. 12" - PSY Harmonics

 Sept. 1996
 Reflecta - Creatures CD - PSY Harmonics

 Snake Thing - Scorch E.P. 12"atomjacked inventory cacheinternal linkTIP Records U.K.
 Nick Taylor - Feel The Noyze D.J.Mix C.D.atomjacked inventory cache - Matsuri Prod. U.K.

 March 1998
 Snake Thing - Blizzard of Ooze E.P. 12"atomjacked inventory cache - T.I.P. Records U.K.

 July 1998
 Reflecta & Big Green Pleasure Machine - Free As C.D.atomjacked inventory cache - Edgecore Releases

 July 1999
 Big Green Pleasure Machine - Edges R Funatomjacked inventory cache - Edgecore Releases

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