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Omega Point

Omega Point

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omega (-mge, -mge, -mA-) noun
1.The 24th letter of the Greek alphabet.
2.The end.

[Greek o mega : o, the letter o + mega, neuter of megas, large, great.]

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"If life internal linkevolves in all of the many universes in a internal linkquantum cosmology, and if life continue to exist in all of these universes, then all of these universe, which include all possible histories among them, will approach the Omega Point. At the instant the Omega Point is reached, life will have gained control of all matter and internal linkforces not only in a single universe, but in all universes whose existence is logically possible; life will have spread into all spatial regions in all universes which could locally exist, and will have stored an internal linkinfinite amount of internal linkinformation, including all bits of knowledge which it is logically possible to know. And this is the end."

- Barrow and internal linkTipler _The Anthropic Cosmological Principle_

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Information in formation Clock DVA - Man Amplified (1992)

"But all timelike and lightlike curves converge upon the Omega Point. In particular, all the light rays from all the people who died a thousand years ago, from all the people now living, and from all the people who will be living a thousand years from now, will intersect there. The internal linklight rays from those people who died a thousand years ago are not lost forever; rather, these rays will be intercepted by the Omega Point. To put it another way, these rays will be intercepted and intercepted again by the living beings who have engulfed the physical universe near the Omega Point. All the internal linkinformation which can be extracted from these rays will be extracted at the instant of the Omega Point, who will therefore experience the whole of time simultaneously just as we experience simultaneously the Andromeda Galaxy and a person in the room with us."

omega point computation...

"I should emphasize that this simulation of people that have lived in the past need not be limited to just repeating the past. Once a simulation of a person and his or her world has been formed in a computer of sufficient capacity, the simulated person can be allowed to develop further - to think and feel things that the long-dead original person being simulated never felt and thought. It is not even necessary for any of the past to be repeated. The Omega Point could simply begin the simulation with the brain internal linkmemory of the dead person as it was at the instant of death (or, say, ten years before or twenty minutes before) internal linkimplanted in the simulated body of the dead person, the body being as it was at age twenty (or any other age). This body and memory collection could be set in any simulated background environment the Omega Point wished: a simulated world indistinguishable from the long-extinct society and physical universe of the revived dead person; or even a world that never existed, but one as close as logical possible to the ideal fantasy world of the resurrected dead person. Furthermore, all possible combinations of resurrected dead can be placed in the same simulation and allowed to interact."

 - Frank Tipler, _The Omega Point as internal linkEschaton_, Zygon (vol. 24, June 1989)

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"By its structure Omega, in its ultimate principle, can only be a distinct Center radiating at  the core of a system of centers; a grouping in which the personalization of the All and  personalizations of the elements reach their maximum, simultaneously and without merging, under the influence of a supremely autonomous internal linkfocus of union."

    - internal linkPierre Teilhard de Chardin 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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internal linkTime according to Bergson and Teilhard. Bergson and Teilhard place the direction of internal linkevolution over that of entropy . According to Bergson, "all our analyses teach us that life is an effort to climb the slope that matter descends." Teilhard measures the duration of evolution by the series of transformations that lead matter, life, and society toward states of higher complexity. "We are already prepared to observe that life, taken in its entirety, manifests itself as a current opposed to entropy. ...Life, contrary to the leveling play of entropy, is the methodical construction of an organization that ceaselessly grows bigger in the most improbable way." For Teilhard space-time takes the shape of a cone: the point of the cone is the outcome of cosmogenesis; god is Omega, the end.

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Towards Omega

There we continue Teilhard's treatment of noogenesis: "We are faced with a harmonized collectivity of consciousnesses to a sort of superconciousness.  The earth not only becoming covered by myriads of grains of thought, but  becoming enclosed in a single thinking envelope, a single unanimous reflection."  Yet such a unanimity of consciousness implies a condition that humans generally reject, depersonalization. Indeed,the conclusion seems inevitable: "So that at the world's Omega, as at its  Alpha, lies the Impersonal."  At this point, "Omega," the last letter in the Greek alphabet, simply refers to the final stage of internal linkevolution. At the end the internal linknoosphere become an "all" that absorbs all.

In refining his description of "Omega" Teilhard seems to agree. "Because it contains and engenders consciousness, space-internal linktime is necessarily of a convergent nature [and] must somewhere in the future become involuted to a point which we might call Omega, which internal linkfuses and consumes them integrally in itself.  "Here "Omega" takes on its deeper meaning.  Noogenesis, as it evolves, inevitably reaches a single focus.

In midst of a particularly ghastly fulfillment of the dictum "War is hell,"internal linkPierre Teilhard de Chardin struggled to hold on to a hope for the human future. Ultimately, he found it in noogenesis and in the future of thenoosphere. However, to view his thought as no more than an exercise in  science or internal linkmetaphysics, is to fail to reach the core of Teilhard's vision.

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Paul Laffoley - The Omega Point 1970

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Angel internal linkPlasma: The extremely hot state of the collapsing universe in the Omega Point Theory, where superintelligences ("Angels") exist as computational systems somehow encoded in the particle interactions.

angelic plasma...

Immanent Omega: The developing Omega-being in the last moments of the Omega Point Theory, as it becomes more and more godlike but is still finite.

Omega: The Omega Point seen as a single being or god

Omega Manifold: A limit state of the universe where the amount ofinternal linkinformation stored and processed is internal linkinfinite (an Omega Point is a pointlike Omega Manifold) [Mitchell Porter]

- Terminology from The Omega Point Theory Mailing List

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"Hoyle attributes choice to a superintelligence in the future. This superintelligence could be what we mean by god. Or it could just be some new technology in the future that has perfected the means for sending messages back in internal linktime from their universe to ours."

 - Professor Sir Fred Allen Wolf, Nobel Prize winner, in _Parallel Universes_

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Resurrection is the hand maiden to immortality. It is guaranteed by the human love in our heart that all who have shared the human experience shall live again, sharing our common immortality. There are people on the planet today who will never die.

Sofar telomerase and stem cell research are gaining the upper edge on physical immortality. Needed will be a completely new science regarding the human energy body, that must participate if immortality is to be effected. Something must encode the morphogenetic human fields that mortal survival is no longer necessary, and re-program the fields for immortality instead.

Of course with vastly improved technologies, time travel will be an ordinary feature of our immortal life.

Resurrection missions will require time travel to gain both exact internal linkDNA information, but also engrams of the complete mental picture of the person in order to reconstruct the exact person at the internal linktime of death. Already research is underway to discover the internal linkprocesses involved for total mental imaging.

Now you might say, well if this is true, then these resurrection missions from our future must be plying their way throughout time, including our present. How is it that they've been undetected.

Answer: What makes you think they haven't gone undetected?

Who says that unidentified flying objects must be extra-terrestrials, from another place in space?

internal linkUFOs are extra-temporals from another place in time...our own future...on resurrection missions.
UFO's in China 1974

Just take internal linkevolutional aging measurements and you'll see that from where we've been evolutionally speaking up to now and project that image evolutionarily into the future and you'll see that proportionally we will be looking just as the ETs that have been spotted.

ETs are our future human selves as resurrection information gatherers.

Human experience already has barely begun to recognize the resurrection process.

It happens after entering the white internal linklight reported back to us by individuals going through the near death experiences.

We enter through that white light and are pulled out the other side, wholly intact, resurrected into the future...with all our friends and family waiting to help with the coping process of the shock.

All still theory and conjecture, with the actual evidence beginning to internal linkfilter in.

Accepting the scientific plausiblity of our own personal Resurrection by our remote descendants at Tipler's Omega Point, we all therefore have a personal self-interest in working for the long term survival of the human race. It makes altruism a profitable investment. It certainly makes the jaded idea of destroying each other in some nihilistic WWIII a very bad idea.

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"Previous to our own era, the only word which could be applied to this internal linkforce that is bringing people together, causing birth and death, tearing down and erecting civilizations, was god; and it was internal linkimagined as a self-conscious force that was leaning into the world like a cat into a fishbowl and making things happen.  Now we have a different notion -- a notion of a vector system where forces over a large area are oriented toward a very small space and this dense micro-sector of space/time is what history is.  It is an ininternal linkrushing toward what the Buddhists call "the realm of the densely-packed," a transformational realm where the opposites are unified."

-- from _The internal linkPsychedelic Society_ by internal linkTerence McKenna
-- included in internal link_Entheogens and the Future of Religion_.

Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

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