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This nOde last updated April 29th, 2003 and is permanently morphing...

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orb (ôrb) noun
1. A sphere or spherical object.
2. a. A celestial body, such as the internal linksun or internal linkmoon. b. Archaic. The planet Earth.

Sol Luna

3. One of a series of concentric transparent spheres thought by ancient and medieval astronomers to revolve about Earth and carry the celestial bodies.
4. A globe surmounted by a cross, used as a symbol of monarchial power and justice.
5. An eye or eyeball.
6. Archaic. Something of circular form; a circle or an orbit.
7. Archaic. A range of endeavor or activity; a province.

orbed, orbing, orbs verb, transitive
1. To shape into a circle or sphere.
2. Archaic. To encircle; enclose.

verb, intransitive
To move in an orbit.
[Middle English orbe, orbit, from Old French, from Latin orbis, circle, disk, orbit.]


ORB (orb, O`R-B') noun
Acronym for object request broker. In client/server applications, an internal linkinterface to which the client makes a request for an object. The ORB then directs the request to the server containing the object and then returns the resulting values to the client.


CORBA (kor'be, C`O-R`B-A') noun
Acronym for Common Object Request Broker Architecture. A specification developed by the Object Management Group in 1992 in which pieces of programs (objects) communicate with other objects in other programs, even if the two programs are written in different programming internal linklanguages and are running on different platforms. A program makes its request for objects through an object request broker or ORB and thus does not need to know the structure of the program from where the object comes. CORBA is designed to work in object-oriented environments.

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personal space/time internal linkrelevancy: 1990 through _Live 93_.  this was my introduction to electronic music.  i bought a used cassette of a _U.F.Orb_ promo for a buck just to experiment away from the band format stuff i was listening to... i was hooked.  ambient house at its most sublime.  dub, nature, space, and a narrative.  a very cohesive conceptual entity until he decided to get arty and experimental.  the most dense ethereal sounds you can come down to.  - @Om* 5/30/00

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Time Attendant - Treacherous Orb 12" (2014)

Stanley Kubrick 2001: Starchild transhuman
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