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Parada traditionally has many different names, most of which are obscure synonyms in the Sandhya Bhasya (Skt.), or Twilight Language. The Twilight Language is an intentional internal linklanguage, intentionally designed to thwart the misuse of certain formulae. The use of these formulae were only internal linkintended for those who had experiential access to internal linktwilight states of internal linkconsciousness, and were familiar with the unique symbolism of such dimensions. In the Natha lineage  where the internal linkAlchemical teachings are preserved, these states where obtained through a thorough training in yoga or union, and its main method, samadhi, or mystical union.

Some of the common words used to symbolize parada are: rasa (essence), rasendra (because it is the most important of metals), suta (because of its ability to transmute gold), capala (on account of its volatility), rasa raja (ruler of metals)--and many others. Most of these words are synomynous with internal linkShiva, indeed one of the most common synonyms refers to parada as the "semen of Shiva". This is in and of itself, very revealing. Shiva, in the Tantric literature, symbolizes internal linkinfinite  internal linktime (internal linkSanskrit: Mahakala). This explains the esoteric symbolism embedded in Shiva's traditional iconography: a yogin crowned by the eclipsing internal linkmoon: the internal linksun and the moon conjoined. Karmic internal linkprana is withdrawn from the solar and lunar channels to become jnanic (transcendental) lifeforce. There, Shiva and internal linkShakti lie, beyond time, in the central channel (sushumna). In order for creation to come into being Shiva enters into "play" with his opposite, Shakti. Thus the concept of time, and limited experience becomes possible. In the process of making parada consumable, parada is mixed with this opposite; the only substance which can control Shiva's incredible potential, purified sulfur: the `menses' or blood of Parvati (Shakti).

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