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The ball is back


This nOde last updated February 26th, 2002 and is permanently morphing...
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phantasm (fānītāzīem) noun
1. Something apparently seen but having no physical internal linkreality; a phantom or an apparition. Also called phantasma.
2. An illusory mental image. Also called phantasma.
3. In Platonic philosophy, objective reality as internal linkperceived and distorted by the five senses.
[Middle English fantasme, from Old French, from Latin phantasma, from Greek, from phantazein, to make visible, from phantos, visible, from phainein, to show.]
- phantasīmal (fān-tāzīmel) or phantasīmic (-tāzīmîk) adjective

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film _Phantasm_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache.  a murky, well made horror film from the seventies. unusually quiet and disturbing. it features a metal ball with spikes.  giant internal linkresonating tuning forks as gateways to other internal linkdimensions.   most gimmicks and novelties leave a disquieting sense of inexplicability.  spawned several bad sequels.

Tuning Rods

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from the journal archives: 3-21-90

2001 monolith transcendence

just another horror movie?   conceptually, yes.  you can't do  much with a genre that's only internal linkintention is to try and scare...   but the key here is style..  presentation..  random elements that  make  this special..  the acting isn't that  great,  but it  hardly matters.   what exactly is it?  i wish i had a recording of this so i can analyze it, but here's an attempt:

disturbingly calm throughout most of the movie...  some parts are your usual campy stupid 'loud' elements of horror movies, but the quiet parts are the best...  the mausoleum scenes for example is excellent... reminds me sometimes of the last scenes in internal link_2001_... a sense of peace,  but always on the edge..  the horror 'punches' are  predictable,  but  those  aren't the stuff  i  was internal linkimpressed with...  the  sound  is eerie and internal linkresonant.   definitely internal linksurreal direction..  this  is  a thousand times better than  it's  insipid sequel,  where the famous 'ball' was marketed to death  (i.e. was made to make money, not a movie).      the  imagery is so innovative.   it's like internal linkMagritte  directed some   parts  (contrasts,   paradoxes,   Dali-like  landscapes & lighting).

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We begin with a internal linkdigital dream. As computers, media and telecommunications technology continue to collect, manipulate,  store, represent and transmit an ever-increasing internal linkflux of data, they are installing nothing less than a new internal linkdimension: the space of internal linkinformation. This proliferating multi-dimensional space is internal linkvirtual, densely webbed, and internal linkinfinitely complex, a vast and sublime realm accessed only through the mediation of our internal linkimaginative and technical representations. How  powerfully we engage this information space depends on how powerfully we both manipulate and inhabit these representations, these phantasms ghosting the internal linkinterface.

 - Erik Davis - _Techgnosis: internal linkMagicinternal linkMemory, and the Angels of Information_

digital trance formation Information in formation

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Director and writer Don Coscarelli is a big fan of Frank Herbert. There is a bar named "internal linkDune" in one scene. There are also other, non-hidden references scattered throughout.

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Directed by
Don Coscarelli

Writing credits
Don Coscarelli

Genre: internal linkSci-Fi / Horror

Tagline: If this one doesn't scare you, you're already dead!

Plot Outline: A young boy and his friends face off against a mysterious grave-robber known only as the "Tall Man."

Cast overview, first billed only:
A. Michael Baldwin ....   Mike
Bill Thornbury ....  Jody
Reggie Bannister  ....   Reggie
Kathy Lester ....  Lady in Lavender
Terrie Kalbus ....   Fortuneteller's Granddaughter
Kenneth V. Jones (II)  ....  Caretaker
Susan Harper ....  Girlfriend
Lynn Eastman ....   Sally
David Arntzen ....  Toby
Ralph Richmond ....   Bartender
Bill Cone ....  Tommy
Laura Mann ....  Double Lavender
Mary Ellen Shaw ....  Fortuneteller
Myrtle Scotton ....   Maid
Angus Scrimm ....   The Tall Man

Also Known As:
Never Dead, The (1979)
Runtime: USA:88
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: USA:R / internal linkFinland:K-18 / France:-16 / Germany:16 /Germany:(Banned) (uncut)

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internal link604 label Phantasm


Brooke Adams - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
  • _Volume 1 / Fill Your Head with Phantasm_ compilation

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    Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain 12" (1992)
    Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain 12"x2 green vinyl the holy mountain om Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain 12"x2 orange green split vinyl

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