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Point Loma - may pole

Point Loma, San Diego
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Eventually encompassing 500 acres and boasting a magnificent view of San Diego Bay, the site chosen for the internal linkTheosophical community was made even more imposing by the erection of two exotically designed buildings - the three-story Homestead (later know as the Raja Yoga Academy) and the circular Temple of Peace. Both were crowned with huge domes of aquamarine and purple glass. The domes were topped by ornamental glass spheres crested with flaming heart of glass. During the day, the domes sparkled under the California internal linksun; at night, illuminated from within, they could be seen for miles at sea.

Daily life at Point Loma was busy and full of ritual. Mornings began with a sunrise ceremony and readings from ancient religious and philosophical texts. Katherine Tingley (founder) usually offered a few inspirational words of her own as well. After a communal breakfast, which included fresh foods from Point Loma's vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and dairy farm, the residents went about their tasks. For some, this meant tending to the gardens or to other agricultural ventures such as the internal linkbee and silkworm farms.  Many women worked in the Woman's Exchange and Mart, where they learned a variety of crafts, including the ancient East Indian art of batik.  The men labored in the industrial center, which housed carpentry and machine shops and workrooms for printing, photography, and engraving. Men and women worked together in the book bindery. (Point Loma was known for its printing, winning an international award for printing and graphic arts in 1914.)

The skyline of Point Loma was dominated by the glass-dome Homestead and Temple of Peace (to the left o the Homestead). The settlement also included office buildings, private and communal homes, and circular white cottages for schoolchildren.  Residents heading for the Greek theater passed through the big post-and-lintel gate.  At its peak, the community attracted 100 tourists a day, most drawn by the plays, concerts, and seasonal celebrations, such as the May Day festivities.

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Representing characters from a Scandinavian peace legend, Point Loma residents march through the streets of San Diego in 1914 as part of a peace celebration organized by Katherine Tingley.
Hippies in 1914

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