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process (pròs´ès´, pro´sès´) noun
plural processes (pròs´ès´îz, pro´sès´-, pròs´î-sêz´, pro´sî-)
Abbr. proc.
1.A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result: the process of digestion; the process of obtaining a driver's license.
2.A series of operations performed in the making or treatment of a product: a manufacturing process; leather dyed during the tanning process.
3.Progress; passage: the process of internal linktime; events now in process.
4.Law. The entire course of a judicial proceeding.
5.Law. a. A summons or writ ordering a defendant to appear in court. b. The total quantity of summonses or writs issued in a particular proceeding.
6.Biology. An outgrowth of tissue; a projecting part: a bony process.
7.Any of various photomechanical or photoengraving methods.
8. conk3.

verb, transitive
processed, processing, processes
1.To put through the steps of a prescribed procedure: processing newly arrived immigrants; received the order, processed it, and dispatched the goods.
2.To prepare, treat, or convert by subjecting to a special process: process ore to obtain minerals.
3.Law. a. To serve with a summons or writ. b. To institute legal proceedings against; prosecute.
4.Computer Science. To perform operations on (data).
5.To straighten (hair) by a chemical process; conk.

1.Prepared or converted by a special process: process cheese.
2.Made by or used in any of several photomechanical or photoengraving processes: a process print.

[Middle English proces, from Old French, development, from Latin processus, from past participle of procêdere, to advance. See proceed.]

Usage Note: In recent years there has been a tendency to pronounce the plural ending -es of processes as (-êz), perhaps by analogy with words of Greek origin such as analysis and neurosis. But process is not of Greek origin, and there is no etymological justification for this pronunciation of its plural. The pronunciation may someday become so widespread as to be a standard variant, but it still strikes some listeners as a bungled affectation.

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Process Philosophy

Alfred North Whitehead

Process Philosophy, speculative world view that asserts that basic internal linkreality is constantly in a process of internal linkflux and change. Concepts such as creativity, freedom, novelty, emergence, and growth are fundamental explanatory categories for process philosophy. Although process philosophy is as old as the 6th-century BC Greek philosopher Heraclitus, renewed interest was stimulated in the 19th century by the theory of internal linkevolution.

Key figures in modern process philosophy were British philosophers Herbert Spencer and internal linkAlfred North Whitehead, American philosopher William James, and French philosopher Henri Bergson. Whitehead's _Process and Reality: An Essay in Cosmology_ (1929) is generally considered the most important systematic expression of process philosophy.

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internal link604 entity Process aka Sean Williams
The Manipulators is Sean Williams and James Munro

3D Singularity
Excerpts From The Databass Process - One Drop Or Two?

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Church Of The Process
Famed church, espoused by Skinny Puppy and internal linkPsychic TV, which  regardsinternal link23 as a special number of great significance.

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internal linkTime Processing a Speculation.

Time manifests through Bodies, through Human Bodies, through Planets, Stars, and other Cosmic Structures. We process Time, by living. We live in the world in a human body.  The world is a concentrated internal linkInformation field, the human body is concentrated information field. We operate in an Information rich Time-Field.
Information in formation

So what is happening here? What happens to the time we process? Is Time processing us in some way? Is the body a internal linkTime machine, that projects us through the Information-Field we call the world?  The world is filled with other Time machines, and our inter-actions with these other Time machines are what we call experience. If we had no Time we would have no experiences and would not be living. Time is what we eat to stay alive, it is what we digest our experience with.

Death is Time Processing us by eating us. By eating our experiences. Time then is the inter-action of information fields, a mutual processing of intelligent life energies between cosmic structures that feed on one another. This happens on multi-dimentional levels and the more conscious the inter-action the more we as human beings are aware of the internal linkflows of information, the denser the time field becomes and remains in theinternal linkmemory as an intelligent resource. This intelligence is created as an ally that has the freedom of the whole Time-spectrum to exist simultaneously in the past, present and future.This is then something which we and other beings can use to time travel, to surf the 'Temporal internal linkInternet' and explore our futures and pasts and enhance the time densities of present internal linkmoments enough to alter internal linkrealities and information flows within the 'universal essence'. We then become Time messages in human bodies beaming information via planets, stars, and galaxies back to the Primal internal linkMatrix.

This is Time Processing.

Peter Solomon

the Internet

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Well, Plato said internal linktime is the moving image of eternity.  Let's change one word and say history is the moving image of biology.  We are in history.  It's all about process, it's all about where we've been, where we're going, where we are.  It's this micro thin sector that's moving through space/time.  Meanwhile, we access internal linkhyperspace through internal linkpsychedelics and assume that nature abides outside of history.

-internal linkTerence McKenna - _The internal linkEvolutionary Mind_ 

Terence McKenna...may the force be with you, always... boundary dissolution...

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"the major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur." - internal linkAlfred North Whitehead

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"...in perfecting internal linkfeedback and the means of rapid data manipulation, the science of internal linkcybernetics was gaining a deeper understanding of life itself as being, at its core, the processing of internal linkinformation."

   - Theodore Roszak, _The Cult of Information_

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I remember once in a internal linkpsilocybin internal linktrance I expressed concern about the state of the world and the internal linknoos spoke, the internal linklogos spoke, and it said "no big deal, this is what it's like when a species prepares to depart for the stars." This is the, we are in the birth canal of a planetary birthing. And as you know, if you come upon a birth in progress, you would never internal linkdream that this is the culmination of a natural process. It looks like a catastrophe of some sort. There is moaning and groaning and screaming and thrashing and blood is being shed and there is a feeling that the walls are closing in and yet it is inscripted into each of us as a microcosmic reflection of the completion of human history. And not only human history, because we are simply the hands and eyes of all life, all process on this planet.

 - Terence McKenna lecture on internal linkAlchemy

psilocybin... Alchemy

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"Hallucination is thus a normal process of the brain-mind, whose emergence is a function of natural changes in brain-mind state."

- _The internal linkDream Drugstore : Chemically internal linkAltered States of Consciousness_ by J.Allan Hobson.

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A process cannot be understood by stopping it.   Understanding must move with the internal linkflow of the process, must join it and flow with it.
 - Duke Leto Atreides - internal link_Dune_atomjacked inventory cacheby Frank Herbert

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A distributed, decentralized internal linknetwork is more a process than a thing. In the logic of the internal linkNet there is a shift from nouns to verbs. Economists now reckon that commercial products are best treated as though they were services. It's not what you sell a customer, its what you do for them. It's not what something is, it's what it is connected to, what it does.internal linkFlows become more important than resources. Behavior counts.
internal linkKevin Kellyinternal link_Out Of Control_ (1994)atomjacked inventory cache

the Network Out Of Control by Kevin Kelly

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The internal linktruth of the matter is, when I started out, I didn't have the foggiest idea that I would wind up talking about these kinds of things.  Nor did I internal linkdream that my future book would include dialogues, let alone dialogues based on musical forms.  The complex and ambitious nature of my project internal linkevolved only gradually.  In broad strokes, it came about this way.


Although I had always known of myself that, in many aspects of life, I was concerned as much with form as with content, I had never suspected how deeply I would get caught up , in the writing of my first book, in matters of visual appearance on all levels.  Thus, thanks to the ease of using TV-Edit, whatever I wrote underwent polishing to make it look better on the screen, and thought such control would at one internal linktime have been considered a luxury for an author, I was very attached to it and loath to give it up.  By the time I had a solid version of the manuscript ready to send out to publishers, visual design and conceptual structure were intimately bound up with each other.

- preface to the book _Gödel, internal linkEscher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid_ by Douglas Hofstatder

this could very well describe the continuing process known as fUSION internal linkAnomaly.  i had no idea what i was going to come up with, but i need a sense of place, to put all of my "stuff".  why do we keep scrapbooks filled with photographs of internal linkmoments?  why do we collect music?  why do we appreciate art?  i got increasingly frustrated at the divisions and walls that stopped me from saying "we are all talking about the same thing".  i still do not know how to describe this site, except as a process and a verb... the only thing i would put in a internal linkFAQ would be: "what is the purpose?"  the answer: "i don't know." - @Om* 1/16/02

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Tone Language - Patience Is The Key on Korm Plastics (2000)

musical genre: process generated music - refers to music that is a direct result of any process not traditionally used in music composition. The chosen notes do not result from a thought-of melody, or even a systematic deviation off an existing melody, but instead are the result of value-assigning in programs or simulations, or are composed according to structures other than musical forms. For example, process-generated can refer to computer-generated sound patterns, whether the computer is programmed to generate tones randomly, or to structure sound according to biological processes, scientific principles, and so on.

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In computer science, theoretical models of parallel computers. They enable the investigation of parallel computers without the need to actually build them. The cellular automaton is composed of a network of multiple cells, each representing a processor in the parallel computer. The cells must be identical, and they must have a finite amount of available memory. Each cell outputs a value calculated from the input values it receives from its neighboring cells, and all cells output their values simultaneously.

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Terre Thaemlitz - Love For Sale: Taking Stock In Our Pride on Mille Plateaux (1996) Black Flag - The Process Of Weeding Out

Jake Mandell - Parallel Processes CD on Worm Interface (1999) Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief  on Epitaph (2002)


Funkadelic - America Eats Its Children 12inch x2 on Westbound (1972) Candiria - The Process Of Self Development on Mia (1999)
Mr. Velcro Fastener - Lucky Bastards Living Up North 12inch x2 on i220 (1999)
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