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Pull Technologies
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remember the push-technology hype of 1997?  the reason why it failed miserably is because the concept was to try to blatantly convert an alternative to the already available push technologies (e.g. television, radio, newspaper, broadcasting, etc.).  why bother with another one?  the success of the internal linknetwork was the very definition of being an anti-push technology.  those that are lazy, and those who are too busy to care, prefer the dumb box.  we all know that once we pull away from the tube, the withdrawal effects is eerily comparable to nicotine and other highly addictive substances.  it's very bizarre to live life without it for some reason.  the network has the key difference of being able to guide your input mechanisms, therefore internal linkaltering reality that the masses have no idea how to swim through.

the levelling off of the playfield is now coming into affect.  the old guard: bibles chained to walls controlled by the church to internal linkfilter through a internal linkmemetic reality based on one book marketed through violence and hatred (bible).  the new guard: choose and play in any internal linkreality that gets your goat.

you can chart the internal linkprocess, through the gutenberg press, to college radio, to self publishing fanzines, through the snail mail networks and internal linkbbs's, to personal web pages, and now peer to peer.  mirrored in the sonic realm: recording studios, rock & roll, punk, dj culture, bedroom music production, the internal linkinternet finally linking individual expression to each other, avoiding the client/server model.

why didn't the big "push technology" hype work?  because the marketing team missed the point.  the reason why the www exploded was because now we have an option to route around commerce-driven push technologies.

if you are trying to sell me something, it's automatically nixed.  i won't even take it into consideration.

there is so much internal linkinformation floating around.  quality music, art, film, etc.  if people want it bad enough they will steal it.  most people who produce this stuff simply want it seen/heard.  most even pay for it by signing up with the mafia/RIAA/MPAA, signing contracts that basically sell off their expression to a corporate entity.  my guess is that 99% of the people have made tape recordings, burned cd's, downloaded mp3's, dubbed movie rentals, xeroxed pages out of a book, scanned photos - all illegal acts.  but you figured out a way.  you figured out how to route around those "laws" that threaten you to not do it.

why pay when you don't have to?

there are tons of reasons.  i still buy, records, dvd's, books, shareware, magazines..  why?  because i want to own it.  i want to hold that "thing" in my hand.  that's a piece of material that i can touch.  not ones and internal linkzeroes.  those i can get for free.

so if you want to sell me your ones and zeroes, i won't buy it.

ones and zeroes now become pull technologies.  i want to seek you out.  if i find it, that's the payoff.  there is so much out here.  the fun is in the finding and choosing, since no one can have it all anymore.

it used to be that you had a bigger dick when you had the biggest collection, the most expensive car.   now nobody cares.  because time used to be money.  now time is art as personal expression.

- @Om* 12/5/01

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Guided By Voices - Do That Collapse on TVT (1999)

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