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R. Buckminster Fuller

R. Buckminster Fuller

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Here is god's purpose-
for god, to me, it seems,
is a verb
not a noun,
proper or improper.
R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), U.S. architect, engineer. Untitled poem (published in No More Secondhand God, 1963).

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"There are no SOLIDS! There are no THINGS!"

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Hallucinogen In Dub on Twisted (2002)

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Geodesic dome

From man's first self made shelter to the Taj Mahal, the Dome is represented   frequently throughout the history of civilization. Observatories, bathhouses,  theaters, and temples are traditionally crowned with the internal linkmagical shape of a  Dome. In modern times Domes have been largely popularized by R. Buckminster Fuller. Using sacred geometry Bucky created geodesic designs that have been used  in major architectural works worldwide.

Both visually appealing and structurally superior, the geodesic Dome has been known to be the only thing standing after hurricane winds, and even a direct blast of the Atomic bomb at Hiroshima. Throughout internal linktime the Dome has been an important architectural form, and many great minds have envisioned Domes playing an important role in our future. But no matter which period of time we consider, the Dome is usually associated with shelter, simplicity, stability, and an  overall sense of well being.

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In the 1970s several students of inventor
Buckminster Fuller performed a series of experiments that were later repeated by other researchers and taken to new levels.The experiments involved submerging a balloon in a liquid medium filled with blue dye, and subjecting the balloon and liquid to a certain internal linkfrequency of vibration. Theresult was the dye collected at specific points on the surface of the balloon, and thin lines formed joining the points in geometric arrangements. When the frequency was turned higher the originaldye points first quickly dissolved and thena greater number of dye points began to slowly form, joined by lines in a morecomplex configuration.

It is now believed that the Earth also has its own energy centers, much like the human body has internal linkchakras and acupuncture points. Like the growing fawn or the balloon subjected to a higher frequency,when the Earth periodically moves into a higher energy state, so the overall planetary energy patterns shift into newcrystallike forms. This is a global phenomenon which appears to have been going on for a very long period of time.

Bucky Fuller says in his book _Critical Path_ that he would not promote, or ask anybody else to promote, his ideas. He theorized that no amount of marketing or policy changing would cause people to adopt an idea or a product even when experimental results showed that the idea or product was"good" in terms of making humanity's relationship with the planetary environment more healthy.

Bucky said that an idea or product could only gain acceptance through a "natural occurrence" of people recognizing the value of it and wanting to buy it or use it on that basis. This is why most political revolutions fail. People will accept an idea if it is an idea which nature (read: consciousness) wants us to accept. By working for the health and wholeness of humanity's existence on the planet, and therefore by extension for the health of the planet as a while, and if this idea fits with the "bigpicture" of consciousness, does an idea start to gain acceptance, as with the internal link100th Monkey principle.

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"Never before in all history have the inequities and the momentums of unthinking money-power been more glaringly evident to so vastly large a number of now literate, competent, and constructively thinkingall-around-the-world humans.

There's a soon-to-occur internal linkcritical-mass moment when the intuition of the responsibly inspired majority of humanity, in contradistinction to the angered Luddites and avenging Robin Hoods, faced with comprehensive functional discontinuity of nationally contained tecno-economicsystems, will call for and accomplish a world-around reorientation of ourplanetary affairs."

-- R. Buckminster Fuller, _Grunch of Giants_, p. 89

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Interstellar Telepathy, internal linkSirius, and the internal linkIlluminati. Many people have claimed
to have received messages via interstellar telepathy. Saul-Paul Sirag, a physicist, has said that over a hundred scientists in the United States have had this experience, but are reluctant to admit it publicly, for obvious reasons. Buckminster Fuller, renowned scientific philosopher, has stated that he sometimes thinks that he has received messages from interstellar telepaths. internal linkDr. John Lilly, psychoanalyst, neuro-anatomist, internal linkcyberneticist, mathematician, and pioneering internal linkdolphin researcher, has made allusions tointernal linkcontact during the early seventies from interstellar entities he terms the"Cosmic Coincidence Control Center".

Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson

The outstanding example of the negative self-fulfilling prophecy in our century is Joseph Stalin, who alway sbelieved himself surrounded by enemies.  His own party, he suspected, was permeated by deviationists who hated him.  He steadily increased the size and powers of the secret police, and each chief of the secret police, in turn, was executed as one of the plotters against him.  They all signed confessions bfore they died;  Stalin insisted on that.  He wanted it in black and white, proof that his suspicions were justified.  Eventually, it appears, his closes associates conspired to poison him.  In contrast, there is the case of R. Buckminster Fuller, who stood one day in 1928 on the shore of Lake Michigan contemplating suicide.  He was despairing because of his daughter's death by polio and his own lack of financial success as a construction engineer.  But, in a internal linkmoment of internal linkSufi insight, Fuller decided to gamble that the universe had some use for him.  Today, he is not only one of the most influential scientists in the world, the inventor of a new system of mathematics and a universally respected philosopher and poet, he is also a multimillionaire.  He is one of the most radiantly optimistic men on this planet, as everybody who has ever heard him lecture will appreciate.  Now, let's not confuse self-fulfilling prophecy with the puerilities of positive thinking or other Pollyanna philosophies that ignore reality totally in favor of a cocoon of self-delusion.  Bucky Fuller, for instance, has had his share of hard times since his act of faith in 1928.  His dymaxion automobile cracked up on a trial run and was never mass-manufactured.  His most important scientific ideas were ignored for nearly two decades during which he was dismissed as a brilliant crank.  He has experienced the usual human bereavements.  Nevertheless, he transcended all such setbacks by believing that he could do something good in this universe.
internal linkRobert Anton Wilson - _The internal linkIlluminati Papers_atomjacked inventory cache

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" ......Whereas internal linkreality is eternally now, human apprehending demonstrates a large assortment of lags in rates of cognitions whose myriadly multivaried internal linkfrequencies of myriadly multivaried, positive-negative, omnidirectional aberrations, in multivaried degrees, produce such elusively off-center effects as possibly to result in an illusionary awareness of an approximately unlimited number of individually different awareness patterns, all of whose relative imperfections induce the illusion of a reality in which "life" is terminal, because physically imperfect; as contrasted to mind's discovery of an omni- interaccommodative complex of a variety of different a priori, cosmic, and eternal principles, which can only be intellectually discovered, have no weight, and apparently manifest a perfect, abstract, eternal design, the internal linkmetaphysical utterly transcendent of the physical."

- R. Buckminster Fuller

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Notes on _Diary_

internal linkJohn Cage: "I began the Diary optimistically in 1965 to celebrate the work of R. Buckmister Fuller, his concern for human needs and world resources, his comprehensive scientific designs for making life on earth an unequivocal success, his insistence that problem solving be continuously regenerative."

John Cage

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"You never change things by fighting the existing internal linkreality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller

Burning Man 98 - Blue Room Bucky Dome and Fire Truck

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first mention of Buckminster Fuller in internal linkUsenet:

From: yale-com!carey (yale-com!carey)
Subject: Re: Louie Louie
Newsgroups: net.music
Date: 1982-11-15 05:01:45 PST

I don't know the original (dirty) lyrics to Louie Louie, but I remember one verse as performed by Richard Meltzer's group Vom a couple years back:

               My girl licks those postage stamps
               Rides her internal linkbike up and down the ramps
               She's fond of knitting when she gets home
               Buckminster Fuller's gonna buy her a dome

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