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Reality is what you can get away with...


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"there is nothing real outside our internal linkperception of reality" Psychaos - Perception Of Reality mp3 sample stream - sample from internal link604 track _Perception Of Reality_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkPsy-internal linkchaos

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reality then becomes a "shared hallucination", meaning that there is a cemented, agreed upon perception of something.  if there was a race of people living on an island who thought that the color internal linkgreen was actually the color pink, are they wrong?  to the majority of the people on this planet, maybe, but to them the notion of "being wrong" about something like that is internal linkabsurd.  they are simply not sharing in the agreed upon perception, or hallucination.  wars are fought over this kind of difference.  in order for us to stop fighting, and even arguing (a waste of valuable internal linktime), we must simply accept that "green" is "pink" to some people. internal linkenglish prime. - @Om* 2/3/2000

"'reality' is for people who can't handle drugs..."

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The internal linkfractal-enhanced  map-point  leaflet announced a giant, illegal party -- a  rave, where thousands of celebrants would take internal linkpsychedelicsinternal linkdance to the blips of computer-generated music, and discuss the ways in which reality itself would soon conform to their own hallucinatory projections. No big deal. Bohemians have talked this way for years,  even centuries. Problem is, after a few months in their midst, I started believing them.

dissolution of boundaries...

Quantum physicists at the best institutions agree that the tiniest particles making up matter itself have ceased to behave with the predictability of linear equations. Instead, they jump around in a discontinuous fashion, disappearing, reappearing, suddenly gaining and losing energy.

Mathematicians, likewise, have decided that the smooth, geometric model of reality they have used since Euclid first drew a internal linktriangle on papyrus is obsolete. Instead, using computers, they churn out psychedelic paisley patterns which they claim more accurately reflect the nature of existence. And who appears to be taking all this in first? The kids dancing to electronic music at underground gatherings. And the conclusion they have all seemed to reach is that reality itself is up for grabs. It can be internal linkdreamt up.
internal linkDouglas Rushkoffinternal link_Cyberia: Life In The Trenches Of internal linkHyperspace_ (1994)atomjacked inventory cache

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reality (r-l-t) noun
plural realities
1.The quality or state of being actual or true.
2.One, such as a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual: "the weight of history and political realities" (Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.).
3.The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.
4.That which exists objectively and in fact: Your observations do not seem to be about reality.
5.Philosophy. That which has necessary existence and not contingent existence.

- idiom.
in reality
In fact; actually.

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In internal linkHuichol, the term "nierika" refers to a portway between so-called ordinary and non-ordinary realities.  It is a passage way and at the same internal linktime a barrier between two worlds.  Nierika, a decorated ceremonial disk, is also said to mean mirror as well as the face of the deity.

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In Part Two of internal link_The Holographic Universe_, "Mind and Body," Michael Talbot discusses the psychological aspects of the holographic model. According to internal linkBohm, "In a universe in which all things are internal linkinfinitely interconnected, all consciousnesses are also interconnected. Despite appearances, we are beings internal linkwithout borders. Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one." (p. 60) The holographic theory, according to the author, can explain many psychological phenomena. Some of these include psychic phenomena, the ability to see "auras", psychosis, the power of the mind to heal using visualization techniques, effects of placebos on healing, lucid internal linkdreaming and internal linkaltered states of consciousness. The power of the mind is awesome and remains untapped. The author believes that by understanding the holographic model we can learn to access these powers. "In the implicate order, as in the brain itself, internal linkimagination and reality are ultimately indistinguishable, and it should therefore come as no surprise to us that images in the mind can ultimately manifest as realities in the physical body."  (p. 84)  

imagination manifests realities The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

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"All life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no difference betwixt those born of real things and those born of inward internal linkdreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other."

internal linkH.P. Lovecraft

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There are . . . intangible realities which float near us, formless and without words; realities which no one has thought out, and which are excluded for lack of interpreters.
Natalie Clifford Barney (1876-1972), U.S.-born French author. Quoted in: "On Writing and Writers," in Adam, no. 299 (London, 1962; tr. by Ezra Pound).

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"Reality" is a word in the English internal linklanguage which happens to be (a) a noun and (b) singular. Thinking in the English language (and in cognate Indo-European languages) therefore subliminally programs us to conceptualize "reality" as one block-like entity, sort of like a huge New York skyscraper, in which every part is just another "room" within the same building. This linguistic program is so pervasive that most people cannot "think" outside it at all, and when one tries to offer a different perspective they internal linkimagine one is talking gibberish.

Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid

The notion that "reality" is a noun, a solid thing like a brick or a baseball bat, derives from theinternal linkevolutionary fact that our internal linknervous systems normally organize the internal linkdance of energy into such block-like "things," probably as instant bio-survival cues.

Such "things," however, internal linkdissolve back into energy dances -- internal linkprocesses or verbs -- when the nervous system is synergized with certain drugs or transmuted by yogic or internal linkshamanic exercises or aided by scientific instruments. In both mysticism and physics, there is general agreement that "things" are constructed by our nervous systems and that "realities" (plural) are better described as systems or bundles of energy functions.

So much for "reality" as a noun. The notion that "reality" is singular, like a internal linkhermetically sealed jar, does not jibe with current scientific findings which, in this century, suggest that "reality" may better be considered as internal linkflowing and meandering, like a river, or interacting, like a dance or internal linkevolving, like life itself.

internal linkRobert Anton Wilsoninternal link_Cosmic Trigger_

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"Chance favors the prepared mind..."

The planetary entity and its human inhabitants are, for the most part, not on speaking terms any more. This is partially due to the accumulation of an excessive, static "grey noise" generated by the unavoidable side-effects of a mechanistic Industrial Age. Its pervasive electro-chemical pollution has all but buffered humans from the direct internal linkresonant relationship normally affording their sense of placement as planetary midwives. This story conveys certain attempts at establishing communications between the planetary entity and its human inhabitants during the Great Collapse of 1987-92, a highly critical stage of their mutual future history.

The communication style of the planetary entity is broad-band, multiple internal linkfrequency transmission. Its modus operandi is not unlike a high-powered, broadcast radio-satellite simultaneously transmitting multiple messages. Now, as a rule, most human minds can usually permit one thought or concept at a time. The occasional irregularity emerges with those minds willing and able to permit enough internal linkuncertainty to beget an awareness of multiplicity. This presupposes a recognition of and participation in a multidimensional reality wherein all internal linkdimensions are equally valid aspects of a greater changing whole. Preference for one level over another, at any given internal linktime and/or space, is a matter of personal style. If there was a name for this multi-purpose brain function it might be:

Information lives! Central Neural System

Reality Selection...a prerequisite for hearing the multi-vocal planetary entity.

As humans endure the multi-faceted awareness of simultaneously converging internal linkinformation sources, they learn to dial and fine tune those frequencies appropriate to the concerns of the time and place they are in. With persistence, the development of a reality selection circuit (in the internal linkCentral Neural System) encourages High-Velocity Interaction with other humans by virtue of tolerance. (As humans distinguish and qualify various levels within their own being, they tend to tolerate internal contraries thus, vicariously allow for differences in others).

Tolerance minimizes inertia by maximizing internal linkflow.

By allowing for the unpredictability of simultaneous truths, certain humans start growing more receptive to signals beyond the realm of their own minds. It is here in the Concept-Free Zones where humans can unwrap their high-frequency internal linkantennae from self-preoccupation and direct it towards each other.. and down to the planetary entitiy.. on up to the stars and.. beyond.

- Antero Alli -internal link_Akashic Record Player_

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Neurosis - Word As Law Techno Animal vs. Reality on City Slang (1998)
Material - The Third Power Timothy Leary's finger
Let It Rip
Luke Vibert - Big Soup Black Lung - The Depopulation Bomb on Nova Zembla (1995) VALIS

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"You're caught in a labyrinth of choice and possibility in the world today so you have more opportunity to express your desire, fulfill your desire, sin if you like.  The thin line between paradise and The Devil's Circus (ref 604 release _Devil's Circus_ on internal linkDragonfly).  The agony and the internal linkecstasy.  I try to internal linkresonate this."

internal linkYouth 


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