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NIN - Closer - blinded by the cross

Reality Tunnels
This nOde last updated January 14th, 2005 and is permanently morphing...
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a myopic system of thoughts (mostly consistent) that one chooses or is foisted upon them by parents, culture, society, institutions, etc.  to guide the human biosystem through his/her environment.  most people seem to go through the tunnel without ever questioning what is outside it and who built it, and what other choices there are as far as models.

the ultimate debasement is racism, which even lacks internal consistency.  the majors hurdles are at least internal linkmemetically out in the open, and therefore becoming more and more ethereal issues.  just a few short decades ago racism was very common and accepted within media saturated society.  as the distribution channels widen and awareness levels increase, these simple mundane issues (the mythology of "race") starts to disappear.

when thinking in terms of what models people choose (or automate), it is simply that - a model.  it falls under the same aesthetic scrutiny as choosing any other memetic associations such as art, music, literature, film, etc.    the problem arises when the issue becomes a hierarchy.  "which one is better".  just as it is with all aforementioned genres of expression, the same applies for reality tunnels.  the ones you choose or utilize become a personal aesthetic marker.

does the existence of nazis marching for their beliefs harm me?  no, as they are a dying breed.  their very idealogy goes against the huge tide of the current information economy.  they lack even internal consistencies so they are not a factor or a threat.  more complex and contemporary issues, such as sexual orientation, the identity and rights of being "human" (the upcoming clone wars, and transhumanist issues based on internal linknanotech, uploading, internal linkartificial intelligence, etc.) will be the next hurdles.  this does not mean that i ignore these important and dangerous issues.  it means that i will not devote energy and internal linkattention by feeding their thirst for them.  it means that we should let them march, let them voice their opinion, and w/o a reactionary feedback system (usually demonstrated by angry protests for their mere existence), they will simply die of hunger.   these ideologies based on hatred feed on it.  so don't give them the benefit of your precious energy.  those that need the basic education of why their system doesn't work should be given the tools needed to combat it, but that should be enough and as far as it should go.

as life goes on, and as a militant internal linkagnostic, i will continue to redefine and refine my choices in reality tunnels to best fit the situation.  - @Om* 5/23/00

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Not-knowing is true knowledge.
Presuming to know is a disease.
First realize that you are sick.
Then you can move toward health

- Lao Tzu

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Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief  on Epitaph (2002) Saccharine Trust - Pagaicons 12inch on SST (1981)
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