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Repo Man's always intense

Repo Man

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Directed by Alex Cox
Writing credits  Alex Cox
Genre: Comedy / internal linkSci-Fi

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 Repo Man (1984)

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Otto and Miller in vacant lot under bridge

Repo Man - dioretix

Otto holds up book he's about to throw in burning garbage can. Book says "Dioretix: The Science of Matter over Mind. By A. Rum Bi..." (reference to internal linkL. Ron Hubbard's _Dianetics_)

Miller: A lot of people don't realize what's really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidences and things. They don't realize that there's this like, internal linklattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything. I'll give you an example, show you what I mean. Suppose you're thinking about a plate of shrimp. Suddenly somebody will say like, plate or shrimp, or plate of shrimp out of the blue no explanation. No point in looking for one either. It's all part of a internal linkcosmic unconsciousnessRepo Man - the cosmic unconsciousness

UFOs over China in 1974

Otto: You eat a lot of internal linkacid Miller back in the hippie days?

Miller: I'll give you another instance. You know the way everybody's into weirdness right now? Books in all the supermarkets about internal linkBermuda trianglesinternal linkUFO's, how the internal linkMayans invented television. That kind of thing?

Acid the Mayans invent television...
Otto: I don't read them books.

Miller: Well the way I see it it's exactly the same. There ain't no difference between a flying saucer and a internal linktime machine. People get so hung up on specifics. They miss out on seeing the whole thing. Take South America for example. In South America thousands of people go missing every year. Nobody knows where they go. They just like disappear. But if you think about it for a minute, you realize something. There had to be a internal linktime when there was no people. Right?

Otto: Yeah. I guess.

Miller: Well where did all these people come from? hmmm? I'll tell you where. The future. Where did all these people disappear to? hmmm?

Otto: The past?

Miller: That's right! And how did they get there?

Otto: How the fuck do I know?

Miller: Flying saucers. Which are really? Yeah you got it. Time machines. I think a lot about this kind of stuff. I do my best thinking on the bus. That's how come I don't drive, see?

Otto: You don't even know how to drive.

Miller: I don't want to know how. I don't want to learn. See? The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

collective unsconscious

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Bud and Otto in a car

Bud: Credit is a sacred internal linktrust. It's what our free society is internal linkfounded on. You think they give a damn about their bills in Russia? [yelling] I said do you think they give a damn about their bills in Russia?!

Otto: They don't pay bills in Russia. It's all free.

Bud: All free? Free my ass, what are you a fucking commie? Huh?

Otto: No I ain't no commie.

Bud: Well you'd better not be... I don't want any commies in my car. No internal linkchristians either.

Repo Man - no commies and no christians

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Otto and Bud in car in alley

[Bud snorting a line: Jesus Christ.]

Bud: Never broke into a car. Never hot-wired a car. Kid. I never broke into a trunk. I shall not cause harm to any vehicle nor the personal contents thereof. Nor through inaction let that vehicle or the personal contents thereof come to harm. That's what I call the repo internal linkcode kid. Don't forget it, etch it in your internal linkbrain. Not many people got a code to live by anymore.

The Repo Man Code

Bud: Hey! Hey look at that. Look at those assholes over there. Ordinary fucking people I hate 'em.

Otto: Me too.

Bud: What do you know? See an ordinary person spends his life avoiding tense situations. Repoman spends his life getting into tense situations. Assholes! Lets go get a drink.

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Michael Nesmith presents.. an Edge City Production...
(Mike Nesmith was a member of The Monkees) 

Mike Nesmith

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Repo Man (1984)

Repo Man green poster

Directed by
Alex Cox

Writing credits
Alex Cox

Genre: Comedy / internal linkSci-Fi

Tagline: ...It's 4 A.M., do you know where your car is?

Plot Summary: Otto is working at the grocery when he loses his temper and quits. Befriended by a Repo Man, Otto sees vehicle repossession as a kind of modern buckaneering. He is attracted by the adventure and the 'who gives a damn' attitude of the other Repo men. At the same time a package is taken from a government lab that has strange effects on anyone who sees it.  It is hidden in a car which the government lists for reposession with a hefty reward.

Cast (in credits order) complete

Harry Dean Stanton  ....    Bud
Emilio Estevez  ....  Otto
Tracey Walter ....   Miller
Olivia Barash  ....  Leila
Sy Richardson ....    Lite
Susan Barnes ....   Agent Rogersz
Fox Harris  ....   J. Frank Parnell
Tom Finnegan ....   Oly
Del Zamora  ....   Lagarto
Eddie Velez ....   Napo
Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks) ....   Kevin
Jennifer Balgobin ....   Debbi
Dick Rude  ....   Duke
Miguel Sandoval  ....   Archie
Vonetta McGee  ....  Marlene
Richard Foronjy  ....   Plettschner
Bruce White ....   Reverend Larry
Biff Yeager ....  Agent B
Ed Pansullo ....   Agent E
Steve Mattson ....  Agent S
Thomas R. Boyd  ....  Agent T
Charles Hopkins  ....   Mr. Humphries
Helen Martin ....   Mrs. Parks
Jon St. Elwood  ....   Miner
Kelitta Kelly ....  Delilah
Varnum Honey ....  Motorcycle Cop
Sue Kiel  ....  Ms. Magruder
David Chung  ....  Sheriff
Cynthia Szigeti   .... internal linkU.F.O. Lady
Dorothy Bartlett  ....   English Dustbin Lady
Jonathon Hugger  ....   Otto Dad
Sharon Gregg  ....  Otto Mom
Dale Reynolds  ....   Peason
Jac McAnelly ....   Pakman
Shep Wickham  ....   Additional Blond Agent
Gregg Taylor   ....   Additional Blond Agent
Jon Fondy  ....   Additional Blond Agent
Keith Miley  ....   Additional Blond Agent
Michael Bennett   ....   Additional Blond Agent
Brad Jamieson ....   Additional Blond Agent
Jimmy Buffett  ....   Additional Blond Agent
Janet Chan  ....   Repo Wife #1
Angelique Pettyjohn  ....   Repo Wife #2
Logan Carter ....  Repo Wife #3
Laura Sorrenson  ....   Repo Wife #4
George Sawaya  ....   First Repo Victim
Connie Ponce  ....   Repo Victim's Wife
Bob Ellis  ....   Soda Jerk
Quentin Gutierrez  ....   Tow Truck Driver
Richard Surukawa   ....  Liquor Store Clerk #1
'Earthquake' Hesson  ....   Liquor Store Clerk #2
Keith Morris  ....   The Circle Jerks (Nightclub Band) Member
Greg Hetson (Bad Religion) ....   The Circle Jerks (Nightclub Band) Member
Chuck Biscuits   (DOA, Danzig) ....   The Circle Jerks (Nightclub Band) Member
Earl Liberty  ....   The Circle Jerks (Nightclub Band) Member
Clyde Grimes  ....    The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Chuck Askerneese  ....  The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Kevin Long  ....    The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Jerry Miller  ....    The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Rob Lampron   ....  The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Josh Harris  ....   The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Herman Askerneese  ....   The Untouchables (Scooter Guys) Member
Kim Williams   ....   Laundry Person
Michele Person  ....    Laundry Person
Wally Cronin  ....   Doctor
Monona Wali  ....    Nurse
Delores Delux  ....  Nurse
Cosmo Mata  ....  Bouncer
Rodney Bingenheimer  ....   Club Owner
Jorge Martínez ....   Tennis Player
Melanie Schloss  ....  Tennis Player
Nancy Richardson  ....   Tennis Player
Con Covert  ....  Harry Pace
Harry Hauss   ....   Helicopter Pilot

Directed by
Alex Cox

Writing credits
Alex Cox

Produced by
Peter McCarthy

Michael Nesmith (executive)
Gerald T. Olson (associate)
Jonathan Wacks

Original music by
Steven Hufsteter
Tito Larriva
Iggy Pop ("Repo Man theme")

Cinematography by
Robby Müller

Film Editing by
Dennis Dolan

Victoria Thomas

Art Direction
Lynda Burbank
J. Rae Fox

Set Decoration
Cheryl Cutler

Costume Design by
Theda DeRamus

Production Management
Allen Alsobrook ....  production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Betsy Magruder ....   first assistant director
Rip Murray ....   second assistant director (as William 'Rip' Murray)

Sound Department
Donald Flick  ....  sound editor
Warren Hamilton Jr.  ....  supervising sound editor
Michael Minkler  ....   sound re-recording mixer
Steve Nelson ....   sound
David E. Stone  ....  sound editor

Special Effects
Roger George ....  special effects
Robbie Knott ....  special effects

Rick Barker ....  stunts
Thomas R. Boyd  ....  stunts
Will Dawson  ....  stunts
Eddie Hice ....  stunt co-ordinator
Danny Kosta .... stunts
Fred Schweiller .... stunts
Rick Seaman  .... stunts
Harry Wowchuk  .... stunts

Other crew
Chuck Collett  .... technical advisor
Robert Dawson   ....  main title sequence designer
Greg Fulginiti  ....  music engineer (uncredited)
Daniel Hainey  .... second camera
Martin J. Layton  ....  first assistant camera
Michael E. Little  ....  first assistant camera: additional photography
Chris Lombardi  ....  second assistant camera: additional photography
Bruce McKrimmon  .... video technical director
Tom Musca  ....   video camera
Amy Ness   ....  production executive
Stephen L. Posey   ....  camera operator: second unit
Brant Reiter  ....  creative consultant
Sharron Reynolds  ....  script supervisor
Robert Richardson  ....  camera operator: additional photography
Tom Richmond  ....   second camera: additional photography
Dick Rude   ....  creative consultant
Thomas Vanghele  ....  second assistant camera
Brenda Weiman  .... script supervisor
Abbe Wool ....   video coordinator

Production Companies
Edge City

Runtime: USA:92
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color (DeLuxe)
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: USA:R / UK:18

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soundtrack 12" on San Andreas (1984)

Repo Man soundtrack 12" front cover
Repo Man soundtrack 12" back cover

Circle Jerks - _When The Shit Hits The Fan_ Circle Jerks - _When The Shit Hits The Fan (slow version off soundtrack)_ Circle Jerks - _When The Shit Hits The Fan_ live at Bullwinkle's London Ontario Canada Dec 17, 1985 Bullwinkles - 4380 Wellington Road South, London, ON, N6E 3A2 - 1985

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