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...people of similar nature, on the other hand, internal linkimmediately come to feel a kind of general agreement; and if they are cast very much in the same mold, complete  harmony or even unison will internal linkflow from their intercourse...This explains two circumstances. First of all, it shows why it is that common, ordinary people are so sociable and find good company wherever they go. Ah! those good, dear, brave  people. It is just the contrary with those who are not of the common run; and the less they are so, the more unsociable they become; so that if, in their isolation, they chance to come across someone in whose nature they can find even a single  sympathetic chord, be it never so minute, they show extraordinary pleasure in his society. For one man can be to another only so much as the other is to him. Great minds are like eagles, and build their nest in some lofty solitude.

-  Arthur Schopenhauer

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resonance (rčz´e-nens) noun
1. The quality or condition of being resonant: "It is home and family that give resonance . . . to life" (George Gilder). "Israel, gateway to Mecca, is of course a land of religious resonance and geopolitical significance" (James Wolcott).
2. Physics. The increase in amplitude of internal linkoscillation of an internal linkelectric or mechanical system exposed to a periodic internal linkforce whoseinternal linkfrequency is equal or very close to the natural undamped frequency of the system.
3. Acoustics. internal linkIntensification and prolongation of sound, especially of a musical tone, produced by sympathetic vibration.
4. Linguistics. Intensification of vocal tones during articulation, as by the air cavities of the mouth and nasal passages.
5. Medicine. The sound produced by diagnostic percussion of the normal chest.
6. Chemistry. The property of a compound having simultaneously the characteristics of two or more structural forms that differ only in the distribution of electrons. Such compounds are highly stable and cannot be properly represented by a single structural formula.

Resonance (chemistry)

Resonance (chemistry), form of bonding between atoms in a molecule in which the complex sharing of electrons gives greater stability to the molecule. The atoms are linked in a more than one-to-one relationship. Many inorganic radicals exhibit resonance, as do aromatic compounds.

Resonance (electronics)

Resonance (electronics), condition in an electric circuit in which the combined effects of capacity and induction cancel each other out or reinforce each other to produce a minimum or maximum effect. The condition resembles similar combined effects in other systems, discussed below. Resonance occurs at a particular frequency called the resonant frequency, depending upon the amounts of inductance and capacitance in each circuit (Capacitor).
If an alternating voltage of the resonant frequency is applied to a circuit in which capacity and inductance are connected in series, the circuit conducts a maximum amount of current. When the capacitance and inductance are connected in parallel, little current will pass. Resonant circuits are used in electric equipment to select or reject currents of specific frequencies.
Resonance can also occur in mechanical, structural, and acoustical systems when a system is excited by the continued application of forces at the natural frequency. The collapse of the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge at Puget Sound, Washington, in 1940, for example, was caused by wind-excited vibrations at the natural frequency of the structure.

Matter: Organic matter: Resonance
resonance (noun)

resonance, sonorousness
vibration, oscillation
reverberation, reflection
lingering note, echo, recurrence
twang, twanging
ringing, ringing in the ear, singing, tinnitus
bell ringing, tintinnabulation, campanology
peal, carillon
sonority, boom
clang, clangor, plangency
brass, loudness
peal, blare, bray, flourish, tucket
sounding brass, tinkling cymbal
tinkle, tintinnabulation, jingle
chink, clink
internal linkping, ring, ting-a-ling, chime
low note, deep note, grave note, bass note, pedal note, musical note
low voice, basso, basso profondo, bass, baritone, bass baritone, contralto

Other Forms
repetition: echo, repercussion, reverberation, resonance
reinternal linkcoil: repercussion, reverberation, echo, resonance
oscillation: vibrancy, resonance, periodicity
sound: sonority, sonorousness, resonance
sound: types of sound, bang, roll, resonance, nonresonance, sibilation, stridor, cry, ululation, discord
loudness: sonority, organ notes, clang, clangor, resonance
roll: booming, clang, ping, reverberation, resonance
musical note: low note, resonance

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Acoustic space is capable of simultaneity, superimposition, and nonlinearity, but above all, it resonates.

Information in formation

"Resonance" can be seen as a form of causality, of course, but its causality is very different than that associated with visual space, because resonance allows things to respond to each other in a nonlinear  fashion. Through resonance in a physical system, a small activity or event can gain a great deal of energy;  for example, if I belted out a pitch that resonated with the unique acoustic characteristics of this room, the  energy of my voice would be amplified by the environment. That's why some singers can shatter a glass  with their voice: they hit the resonant internal linkfrequency of the glass (which is a space and contains a space),  making it vibrate to the point of shattering. Resonance is a very powerful analogy for understanding how  various types of energies and spaces operate.

Resonance is just one quality of acoustic space; another one is simultaneity. Where visual space emphasizes linearity, acoustic space emphasizes simultaneity—the possibility that many events that occur  in the same zone of space-internal linktime. In such a scheme, a subject a person, maybe organizes space by synthesizing a variety of different events, points, images, and sources of internal linkinformation into a kind of  organic totality. This isn't true in the strictest sense, but, nonetheless, our thoughts and internal linkperceptions can tend towards this simultaneity: we sense many things at once, and combine them into a coherent if fragmentary whole.

  - Erik Davis - Acoustic Cyberspace lecture

This world of vibrations is the world of resonance, a world that both music and electronics usher us into. Resonance brings very different systems into sympathy, and amplifies their power, almost internal linkmagically. Growling bass drones resonate the cavities inside our chests, but music can also set whole groups resonating in like mind. Celebrations like Earthinternal linkDance, during which dozens of DJs across the planet played the same internal linktrance track simultaneously, incarnate the deeper intuition that the DJ's ability to get a crowd "in sync" might give way to even more powerful modes of collective resonance in an era of instantaneous global telecommunications. Future tribes will vibrate together across spacetime, their groupmind overtones sprayed like graffiti onto the shifting surfaces of the internal linknoosphere.

Future pundits are still called "visionaries" because the market for future consciousness is still dominated by the meat-media of vision. But the future is more intimately known through sonics than images on the eye. We do not foresee the future; we sound it out, like a toddler trying out a new word, or a mariner plumbing the depths of an unknown and internal linkinfinite sea.

 - Erik Davis - _The Future Mix_

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Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always True Hallucinations by Terence McKenna

It is possible, in a certain sense, that all states of liberation are nothing more than perfect knowledge of the contents of eternity.  If one knows what is contained in internal linktime from its beginning to its end you are somehow no longer in time.  Even though you still have a body and still eat and do what you do, you have discovered something that liberates you into a satisfying all-at-onceness.  There are other satisfactions that arise out of the theory that are not touched on in this formulation.  Times are related to each other -- things happen for a reason and the reason is not a causal one.  Resonance, that mysterious phenomenon in which a vibrating string seems internal linkmagically to invoke a similar vibration in another string or object that is physically unconnected, suggested itself as a model for the mysterious property that related one time to another even though they may be separated by days, years, or even millenia.  I became convinced that there is a internal linkwave, or a system of resonances, that conditions events on all levels.  This wave is internal linkfractal and self-referential, much like many of the most interesting new curves and objects being described at the frontiers of research mathematics.  This internal linktimewave is expressed throughout the universe on a number of discrete levels.  It causes atoms to be atoms, cells to be cells, minds to be minds, and stars to be stars.  What I am suggesting is  a new metaphysics, a internal linkmetaphysics with mathematical rigor; something that is not simply a new religious conviction.  Rather this insight takes the form of a formal proposition.

I would be the first to admit that it has not been possible to find a bridge between this theory and normal physics.  Such a bridge may be neither possible nor necessary.  We may find that normal science indicates what is possible, while the time theory I propose offers an explanation for what is.  It is a theory that seems to explain how, of the class of all things possible, some events and things undergo the formality of actually occurring.  It is clear to me that the theory cannot be disproven by being found inconsistent within itself.  Anyone is welcome to dismantle it if they are able; this is what I have attempted to do and failed.

internal linkTerence McKenna
_TRUE HALLUCINATIONS_atomjacked inventory cache  (page 171-172)

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"The only thing that matters about the whole fucking universe is the internal linkfrequency, the resonance -- down at the atomic level holding our flesh together. They (science) have found the frequency of the atom's vibration, everything is a constant vibration. Sometimes I walk down the street, and think,"fuck the only thing holding our bodies together is the valence of the different chemicals of the different atoms in our body". Ya'know valence, attraction. I'm like fuck man -- if somebody found a quick frequency disrupter, that's like the best weapon right there." - internal linkDJ Spooky

DJ Spooky

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Not so much a law of nature as a deep habit, resonance pops up across the board, emerging in internal linkelectrical systems, steam engines, and molecular dynamics, as well as internal linkTuvan overtone chanting and the tuning of TV sets.  Everything vibrates, and when theinternal linkoscillating vibrations of different systems coincide, or resonate, large quantities of energy can be exchanged from one system to the other.  That's why powerful singers can shatter wine glasses by energetically belting out a tone that matches the resonant frequency of the container, they are able to amplify the vibrations until the vesel explodes.
 - Erik davis - _Techgnosis: Myth, internal linkMagic & Mysticism In The Age Of internal linkInformation_atomjacked inventory cache 

Electrical generators Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism In The Age Of Information

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If PK cannot be thought of as the transmission of some kind of internal linkforce, what terminology might better sum up the interaction of mind and matter?  In thinking that is again similar to internal linkBohm's, Jahn and Dunne proposed that PK actually involves an exchange of information between consciousness and physical internal linkreality, an exchange that should be thought of less as a internal linkflow between the mental and the material, and more as a resonance between the two.  The importance of resonance was even sensed and commented on by the volunteers in the PK experiments, in that the most frequently mentioned factor associated with a successful performance was the attainment of a feeling of "resonance" with the machine.  One volunteer described the feeling as "a state of immersion in the internal linkprocess which leads to a loss of awareness of myself, I don't feel any direct control over the device, more like a marginal influence when I'm in resonance with the machine.  It's like being in a canoe; when it goes where I want, I flow with it.  When it doesn't I try to break the flow and give it a chance to get back in resonance with me."

- Michael Talbot - internal link_The Holographic Universe_atomjacked inventory cache

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Resonance Mood compilation on Matsuri Productions (1997)

Feel The Noyze Nick Taylor
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