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Rez - on Playstation 2 - inspired by Kandinsky Rez - Playstation 2

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external linkhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1846000/1846561.stm

Virtual world designed to overwhelm the senses

By BBC News Online's Alfred Hermida

A new video game inspired by the abstract artist internal linkKandinsky aims to overload the senses with its internal linkpsychedelic visuals and internal linkpulsatinginternal linkdance beats.

Rez for the Playstation 2 seeks to create a sense of internal linksynaesthesia, literally a crossing of the senses, so that you can "see" sounds or "taste" colours.

"Rez is an experience, a internal linkfusion of internal linklight, vibration and sound completely immersed in synaesthesia," said its creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi of internal linkJapanese game developers United Game Artists.

The game takes place in a internal linkvirtualworld inside a computer. You play a internal linkhacker of sorts, internal linkflying through six levels of cyberspace in search of the internal linkartificial intelligence at the heart of this world.

But there is a twist to the traditional shoot-em approach that makes Rez stand out.

Virtual DJ

Every internal linktime you destroy one of the insect-like enemies, a sound is generated. This sound becomes a form in the scrolling, flashing 3D computer world internal linkrushing past.

Destroying enemies in patterns results in more elaborate sounds and effects, literally creating the music and the graphics on the fly.

"We worked closely with the artists within the game, breaking down the tracks to the most basic of notes then putting them all back together to fit in with the game structure," Mr Mizuguchi told BBC News Online.

"We tried to create a game that was true to the concept of synaesthesia, as nothing has ever been done like this before I guess you could say we tried to be different."

Artistic influence

Tetsuya Mizuguchi drew much of his inspiration for Rez from the concepts of Kandinsky, whose own paintings were influenced by music.

Kandinsky was fascinated with power of expression in music and the freedom of internal linkimagination it gave the listener.

Mr. Mizuguchi was thinking along similar lines when the idea for Rez came to him at a club, seeing the internal linklights,  feeling the vibrations and hearing the music all around him.

He sought to capture some of Kandinsky's ideas by using wireframe graphics that are reminiscent of the 1980s film, internal link_Tron_.

The look of the Rez brings to mind the neon-charged cyberspace envisaged in internal linkWilliam Gibson's bible of internal linkcyberpunk fiction, internal link_Neuromancer_     atomjacked inventory cache.

By flying through the virtual world of Rez, players are bombarded with colour, form, movement and sound.

"We have a vision that people will be chilling out with friends," said Mr Mizuguchi.

"While one person is playing Rez the others can watch the visuals and listen to the music."

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