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The Right Stuff

This nOde last updated July 13th 2003 and is permanently morphing...
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right stuff

right stuff (rt stf) noun
Essential or requisite qualities, such as self-confidence, courage, stability, dependability, organizational skills, and technical knowledge, appropriate for application in a given field or situation: "Passengers as well as pilots need the right stuff" (Jonathan Dahl). "We have the right stuff- a liberal arts, undergraduate, teaching-centered institution of higher education" (Robert A. Spivey).

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Early on, there are a few bar scenes that take place at the Happy Bottom Riding Club. The bar used to be located just on the edge of Edwards AFB located on the western edge of the internal linkMojave Desert, about 90 miles north of internal linkLos Angeles.. At one point, Yeager (Sam Shepard), and the old man behind the bar exchange a look.The old man is the real Chuck Yeager. In other scenes he has some lines as well.  Chuck Yeager was the first man to internal linkfly faster than the speed of sound on October 14, internal link1947 in a Bell X-1.
The Right Stuff - Chuck Yeager not liking the looks of Harry Shearer

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The first man to orbit the earth gets a little push from the internal linkAustralian Aborigenes

The Right Stuff - Australians lighting it up for John Glenn The Right Stuff - conjuring the flames

The Right Stuff - percussive waves The Right Stuff - the didge

The Right Stuff... so below... The Right Stuff - as above...

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Veronica Cartwright and Fred Ward as Mr. and Mrs. Grissom The Right Stuff - Jeff Goldblum and Harry Shearer as recruiting officers in the Mojave The Right Stuff - Jeff Goldblum
Juno Reactor - Transmissions Biosphere - Microgravity on Apollog (1992)
The Right Stuff - our german scientists are better than the russian german scientists The Right Stuff - 3..2..1...
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