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Geddy Lee Alex Lifeson Jr. High

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rush (rsh) verb
rushed, rushing, rushes verb, intransitive
1.To move or act swiftly; hurry.
2.To make a sudden or swift attack or charge.
3.To internal linkflow or surge rapidly, often with noise: Tons of internal linkwater rushed over the falls.
4.Football. To move the ball by running.

verb, transitive
1.To cause to move or act with unusual haste or violence.
2.To perform with great haste: rushed completion of the project.
3.To attack swiftly and suddenly: Infantry rushed the enemy after the artillery barrage.
4.To transport or carry hastily: An ambulance rushed her to the hospital.
5.To internal linkentertain or pay great internal linkattention to: They rushed him for their fraternity.
6.Football. To charge (a quarterback or passer) in order to block or prevent a play.

1.A sudden forward motion.
2.a. Surging emotion: a rush of shame. b. An anxious and eager movement to get to or from a place: a rush to the goldfields. c. A sudden, very insistent, generalized demand: a rush for gold coins.
3.General haste or busyness: The office always operates in a rush.
4.A sudden attack; an onslaught.
5.A rapid, often noisy flow or passage.
6.Football. a. An attempt to move the ball by running. b. An act of charging the offensive quarterback or passer in order to block or prevent a play.
7.Often rushes (rsh) . The first, unedited print of a movie scene.
8.a. A internal linktime of attention, usually one in which extensive social activity occurs. b. A drive by a Greek society on a college campus to recruit new members: a sorority rush.
9.a. The internal linkintensely pleasurable sensation experienced internal linkimmediately after use of a stimulant or a mind-altering drug. b. A sudden, brief exhilaration: A familiar rush overtook him each time the store announced a half-price special on expensive stereo equipment.

[Middle English rushen, from Anglo-Norman russher, variant of Old French ruser, to drive back, from Latin recsre, to reject : re-, re- + causr, to give as a reason (from causa, cause).]
- rusher noun


rush (rsh) noun
1.a. Any of various stiff marsh plants of the genus Juncus, having pliant hollow or pithy stems and small flowers with scalelike perianths. b. Any of various similar, usually aquatic plants.
2.The stem of one of these plants, used in making baskets, mats, and chair seats.

[Middle English, from Old English rysc.]


Rush, common name for a small family of flowering plants with inconspicuous flowers, and for its representative genus. None of the approximately 325 members of the family produce edible parts, but some are an important source of fibers. Rushes are worldwide in distribution but are most abundant in moist, cool habitats. Rushes are mostly herbaceous, but one, the palmiet, native to South Africa, is a woody shrub. The flowers are adapted to wind pollination and thus have their petals and sepals reduced to inconspicuous scalelike structures.

The rush genus is the largest in the family, with about 225 species, and its stems produce many useful fibers. One soft-fibered species, the internal linkJapanese mat rush is used in weaving Japanese floor mats called tatami, and it is widely cultivated in Japan for this purpose. This and similar species are also the source of split rushes for chair caning and basket weaving. Other plants commonly called rushes- the bulrush, flowering rush, and scouring rush- are not actually members of the rush family.

Scientific classification: Rushes make up the family Juncaceae. The representative genus is Juncus. The palmiet is classified as Prionium serratum and the Japanese mat rush as Juncus effusus. Bulrushes are classified in the genus Scirpus, of the family Cyperaceae; flowering rushes in the genus Butomus, of the family Butomaceae; and scouring rushes in the genus Equisetum, of the family Equisetaceae.

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prog rock band Rush 1974-present

Rush neck guitars


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On every Rush album, you can see somewhere on the cover: "Brought to you by the letter R".  R can be another letter depending of the album. You can see it on the cover, or at the end of the lyrics, or somewhere else.

Rush covers

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Jack Black on _Spirit Of Radio_ from _Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage_ (avi)atomjacked inventory cache documentary (2010)

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Rush - Power Windows (1985)


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Fly By Night

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  • _2112_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache   (1976)
  • Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town - look up! Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town - a big hand Twilight Zone - Stopover In A Quiet Town - gian girl, not boy


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    Caress Of Steel


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    Grace Under Pressure

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    Rush - Roll The Bones (1991)


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    Rush - Hold Your Fire (1987)


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    Rush - Counterparts (1993)


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    Rush - Test For Echo (1996)


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    Rush - Vapor Trails (2002)


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    Rush - Limelight

    Rush Kiss 1974 ticket stub

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    Rush is an award-winning Canadian rock band comprised of bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and internal linkdrummer Neil Peart (pronounced: 'Peert') that has been consistently touring and recording since 1973. John Rutsey played drums for Rush on the first album, but resigned for health concerns shortly thereafter. Since Peart joined in 1974, they have remained intact. Interestingly, while Lee does all the singing, almost all lyrics of the band's work have been written by Peart.

    All three individuals are Members of the Order of Canada.


    Rush's musical style has changed greatly over the lifetime of the group. Albums prior to internal link1980's Permanent Waves are a mix of heavy metal and progressive rock similar to Yes or Genesis, and visually sometimes demonstrating their birth within the short-lived era of glitter rock bands, such as Iggy Pop or Ziggy Stardust, wearing flashy costumes and stage shows. The lyrics of that time were heavily influenced by internal linkscience fiction and, unfortunately, the writings and philosophy of Ayn Rand, as exhibited most prominently by 1976's 2112 and 1977's Hemispheres.

    Permanent Waves changed things dramatically. Although the music was still based on heavy-metal style, more and more keyboards were introduced. The themes of the songs changed dramatically, and became far more in common with alternative rock than prog-rock. One song in particular, Spirit of Radio (named for the Toronto-local groundbreaking radio station, CFNY), went on to become a huge hit on the alternative circuit. Another favourite on American "Classic Rock" stations to this day is Tom Sawyer from 1981's Moving Pictures. From that point on their albums of the 1980s tended to follow this lead, although recordings in the later 80s and 90s have sometimes been derided as boring, or mainstream.

    Each of the three individual artists has produced and released work independent of the band's structure, to varying degrees of commercial and critical success.

    After 1996's Test For Echo, the band entered a six-year hiatus due mainly to tragedies in Peart's life. Peart's daughter Selena died in a car accident in August 1997, followed by his wife Jacqueline's death from cancer in June 1998. Peart embarked on a self-described "healing journey" by motorcycle in which he travelled thousands of miles across North America. He subsequently wrote about his travels in his book Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road.

    The band returned in 2002 with a surprisingly heavy Vapor Trails album, their first without keyboards in over twenty years. The album contains the song Ghost Rider, describing Peart's motorcycle journey. It debuted to moderate praise and was supported by the band's first tour in six years, including first-ever concerts in Mexico City and Brazil.

    Rush in Rio, was released in late October 2003. A companion DVD is available.


    Studio albums:

    * Rush (March 1974)
    * Fly by Night (February 1975)
    * Caress of Steel (September 1975)
    * 2112 (February 1976)
    * A Farewell to Kings (September 1977)
    * Hemispheres (October 1978)
    * Permanent Waves (January 1980)
    * Moving Pictures (January 1981)
    * Signals (September 1982)
    * Grace Under Pressure (April 1984)
    * Power Windows (October 1985)
    * Hold Your Fire (September 1987)
    * Presto (November 1989)
    * Roll The Bones (September 1991)
    * Counterparts (October 1993)
    * Test For Echo (September 1996)
    * Vapor Trails (May 2002)

    Official live albums:

    * All The World's a Stage (September 1976)
    * Exit...Stage Left (October 1981)
    * A Show Of Hands (December 1988)
    * Different Stages (November 1998)
    * Rush in Rio (October 2003)


    * Archives (April 1978) Repackage of the first three albums (Rush, Fly by Night and Caress of Steel)
    * Chronicles (September 1990) Essentially a "Greatest Hits" release
    * The Story of Kings - Interview (1992) Interview with Alex Lifeson
    * The Interviews - Vol 2 (October 1995) Interview with Geddy Lee
    * Retrospective I 1974-1980 (1997) Repackaging of best songs from their first decade.
    * Retrospective II 1981-1987 (1997) Repackaging of best songs from their second decade.
    * The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987 (February 2003 (Repackaging of Mercury/Polygram-held songs up to Hold Your Fire (1987), not endorsed by band)

    Solo efforts of band members:

    * Burning for Buddy, Volume 1 (Solo), Peart, et al (1994)
    * Burning for Buddy, Volume 2 (Solo), Peart, et al (1994/-5?)
    * Victor (Solo), Lifeson, et al (1996)
    * My Favorite Headache (Solo), Lee, et al (November 2000)


    * Drum Techniques of Rush Peart (1985) ISBN 0769250556
    * More Drum Techniques of Rush Peart, Wheeler (1989) ISBN 0769250513
    * Mystic Rhythms: The Philosophical Vision of Rush Price, et al. (1999) ISBN 1587151022
    * The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa Peart (1999) ISBN 1895900026
    * Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road Peart (2002) ISBN 1550225464 (hardcover), ISBN 1550225480 (paperback)
    * Rush: Merely Players Telleria (2002) ISBN 1550822713

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    Ladybug Transistor - Beverley Atonal on Merge (1997) Shellac - Terraform on Touch and Go (1998)
    Aphex Twin gear Jennifer Jason Leigh in Georgia

    DJ Rush - Shall We Dance 12inchx2 on Pro-Jex (200))
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