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satori (s-tr, -tor, se-) noun
A state of spiritual enlightenment sought in Zen Buddhism.

[internal linkJapanese.]

internal linkZen enlightenment, characterized by sudden, all-encompassing vision or complete understanding, as a result of a breakthrough from meditation. It lies beyond discrimination and differentiation and may endure from a mere intuitive flash to the eternal Void itself. Called No-Thought or No-Mind, it is considered the beginning of Zen training, the end of which is complete Non-Duality.

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For A Congress Of Weird Religions

We've learned to distrust the verb TO BE, the world is - let's say rather: note the striking resemblance between the concept satori and the concept REVOLUTION OF EVERYDAY LIFE - in both cases: a internal linkperception of the "ordinary" with extraordinary consequences for internal linkconsciousness & action.  We can't use the phrase "is like" because both concepts (like all cross concepts, all words for that matter) come crusted with accretions - each burdened with all its psycho-cultural baggage, like guess who arrive suspiciously overly well-supplied for the weekend.

So allow me the old-fashioned Beat-internal linkZennish use of satori, while simultaneously emphasizing - in the case of the Situationist slogan - that one of the roots of its dialectic can be traced to internal linkdadainternal linksurrealism's notion of the "marvelous" erupting from (or into) a life which only SEEMS suffocated by the banal, by the miseries of abstraction & internal linkalienation.  I define my terms by making them more vague, precisely in order to avoid the orthodoxies of both Buddhism & Situationism, to evade their ideologico-semantic traps - those broken-down internal linklanguage machines!  Rather, I propose we ravage them for parts, an act of cultural bricolage.  "Revolution" means just another turn of the crank - while religious orthodoxy of any sort leads logically to a veritable government of cranks.  Let's not idolize satori by imagining it the monopoly of mystic monks, or as contingent on any moral code; & rather than fetishize the Leftism of '68 we prefer Stirner's term "insurrection" or "uprising," which escapes the built-inn implications of a mere change of authority.

 - internal linkHakim Bey - _TAZ_atomjacked inventory cache 

TAZ by Hakim Bey

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Member: Peter Martin (internal linkAvatar, Radiation, Slide, UX)

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Death Ambient - Synaesthesia CD on Tzadik (1999)
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