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scan (skàn) verb
scanned, scanning, scans verb, transitive
1. To examine closely.
2. To look over quickly and systematically: scanning the horizon for signs of land.
3. To look over or leaf through hastily: scanned the morning papers while eating breakfast.
4. To analyze (verse) into metrical patterns.
5. Electronics. a. To move a finely internal linkfocused beam of internal linklight or electrons in a systematic pattern over (a surface) in order to reproduce or sense and subsequently transmit an image. b. To move a radar beam in a systematic pattern over (a sector of sky) in search of a target.
6. Computer Science. To search (stored data) automatically for specific data.
7. Medicine. To examine (a body or a body part) with a CAT scanner or similar scanning apparatus.

verb, intransitive
1. To analyze verse into metrical patterns.
2. To conform to a metrical pattern.
3. Electronics. To undergo electronic scanning.

1. The act or an instance of scanning.
2. Scope or field of vision.
3. a. Examination of a body or bodily part by a CAT scanner or similar scanning apparatus. b. A picture or an image produced by this means.
4. A single sweep of the beam of electrons across a television screen.
[Middle English scanden, scannen, to scan a verse, from Latin scandere, to climb, scan a verse.]
- scan´nable adjective
- scan´ner noun
Word History: In the 1969 edition of The American Heritage Dictionary a dead issue was buried by our Usage Panel, 85 percent of whom thought it was acceptable to use scan in the sense "to look over quickly," though the note stated that this was less formal usage. The usage issue was raised because scan in an earlier sense meant "to examine closely." From a historical perspective it is easy to see how these two opposite senses of scan developed. The source of our word, Latin scandere, which meant "to climb," came to mean "to scan a verse of poetry," because one could beat the rhythm by lifting and putting down one's foot. The Middle English verb scannen, derived from scandere, came into Middle English in this sense (first recorded in a text composed before 1398). In the 16th century this highly specialized sense having to do with the close analysis of verse developed other senses, such as "to criticize, examine minutely, interpret, perceive." From these senses having to do with examination and internal linkperception, it was an easy step to the sense "to look at searchingly" (first recorded in 1798), perhaps harking back still to the careful, detailed work involved in analyzing prosody. But a thorough search can change into a quick one, as it seems to have done in the case of the verb scan.

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Scanners (internal link1980)
film re: internal linkPsi warfare

Directed by
internal linkDavid Cronenberg
David Cronenberg directing Crash

Writing credits
David Cronenberg

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Tagline: Their thoughts can kill!

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jennifer O'Neill  ....   Kim Obrist
Stephen Lack   ....  Cameron Vale
Patrick McGoohan (internal linkThe Prisoner)  ....   Doctor Paul Ruth
The Prisoner - Patrick McGoohan

Lawrence Dane    ....  Braedon Keller
Michael Ironside   ....   Darryl Revok
Robert A. Silverman  ....  Benjamin Pierce
Lee Broker   ....  Security One
Mavor Moore  ....  Trevellyan
Adam Ludwig   ....  Arno Crostic
Murray Cruchley  ....  Programmer 1
Fred Doederlein   ....  Dieter Tautz
Géza Kovács  .... Killer in Record store
Sony Forbes  .... Killer in Attic
Jérôme Tiberghien  ....  Killer in Attic
Denis Lacroix   ....  Killer in Barn

Also Known As:
Telepathy 2000 (1980)
Runtime: Canada:103 / Sweden:102
Country: Canada
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: USA:R / UK:18 / internal linkFinland:K-16 (uncut) / France:-12 / Sweden:15

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film _Starship Troopers_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache

Michael Ironside's line "They sucked his brains out!" is the same as a line he spoke in _Scanners_.

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Bill Laswell - Cymatic Scan Darshan - Awakening
Mad Professor - Black Liberation Dub (1994)

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Rampart district

LAPD Police Scanner - Live

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