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Scooby Doo
This nOde last updated September 19th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
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Next time you see Scooby Doo watch the Van when it takes off, a big cloud off smoke is left behind. As a kid I thought it just was from the tailpipe, but I noticed that the smoke comes from the windows not the tailpipe. I always did wonder why Shaggy and Scooby had the munchies so bad, and always were so paranoid. What was in those Scooby snacks anyways? To think that as a kid I was watching a internal linkcartoon about a group of stoned kids, with a talking dog and didnít even have a clue.

Yeah, also notice scooby DOOBIE doo? Doobie being a joint and all...

Its true, if you watch only the kids have conversations with Scooby, noone else. Not the sherrif not the scientists no one else, just the gang.

Actually, in one episode where they're at Velma's old high school and an actor is there and the ghost is some red-haired athlete, Scooby talks and the star says to him: "Quiet you, dogs can't talk."

Here are a list of reasons that they could be stoned

1. They drove around at 3:00 am looking for haunted houses in a painted van.

2. They could never figure out who commited the crime until they pulled off the mask. Usually it was the only other person in the film!


4. They would just eat food lying around in the houses. They just went into kitchen and ate what was in there.

5. None of them were in college or had jobs. So what did they do all day?

6. They wore the same clothes every day of their lives.

7. Shaggy always had messed up hair & a goatee.

8. They were awake all night so this means that they didn't wake up before noon.

9. They never talked about living anywhere. Did they just live in the van?

10. His name is SHAGGY!!!!!!!!

Ten Reasons Why Scooby-Doo And Shaggy Had To Be On Drugs

1. Scooby and Shaggy were always being freaked out by ghosts and ghouls, but no one else saw them before Scoob and Shaggy.

2. Scooby and Shaggy always had the munchies.

3. Shaggy always thought Scooby was talking and was the only one who could hear him and understand him.

4. Scooby and Shaggy always fell into the trap that was intended for the monster because they were tripping over themselves and couldn't see where they were going.

5. They were always deluded and warped by thinking they were dressed up in some costumes and entertained the monster.

6. Shaggy always said "like" to the extreme, e.g., "like ZOIKS, Scoob, let's get outta here!!" (And what's a zoik?)

7. Scooby and Shaggy were always in the back of the van, and we never knew what they were doing.

8. They drove around in the Mystery Machine, which had that weird, trippy design on its side.

9. Shaggy and Scooby were always giddy and laughing.

10. Look at Shaggy; the way he dressed, his goatee, etc.'nuff said.

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What We Remember:

Four teenagers and their trusted dog gallop across the country in their purple and internal linkgreen van solving mysteries of all sort--and in the internal linkprocess meet all kinds of interesting people.

The Truth:

Four high-school dropouts and their sentient dog ride around the country in their internal linkpsychedelic love machine, earning their way by selling drugs. Oh, and they occasionally take some old guy's mask off to solve a mystery.... but even then, it starts to become apparent that those kids always seem to 'find' trouble.

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