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Second Attention
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from _Surfing the Himalayas_ by Frederick Lenz:

"The most successful people in the world are those who think relationally," Master Fwap continued. "Of course they can use hierarchical logical analysis too, when it is beneficial for them to do so. But most highly effective and successfull people don't rely on hierarchical logical analysis for most of their problem-solving; instead they solve problems relationally with the assistance of their second attention."

"To sum it all up in overly simplistic terms," Master Fwap said tersely, "success in life primarily depends on two things: timing, and a person's ability to create rapid and accurate relations within one's mind."....

"As I said before," he continued, "the mind is like an onion; it is made up of countless layers. The layers closest to the surface of your conscious awareness are the storehouse of your internal linkmemories and experiences from your current lifetime. But beneath those layers are deeper layers that contain your past-life experiences, and deeper still there are layers that access the pure intelligence of the universe itself, which I refer to as the second attention."
memories...you're talking about memories... information in formation


"When you think relationally, when you have the full awareness of your mind -all of those layers are your disposal. You can internal linkimmediately draw internal linkinformation from your past lives or, if the information you want can't even be found there, you can draw information directly from your second attention."....

"From the center of the circle, you can instantly find whatever it is you need to know," Master Fwap explained, "in order to react properly to any situation. Trust me, this is true."....

"There are two ways of doing things in life," Master Fwap replied. "One way is to do things in and through structures; the other way is to do things by going outside structures. "Doing things in and through structures," he continued, "is what most people do. If you want to build a house for example, you decide what type of house you want to build, choose a site for it, create a blueprint, and then build your house following the blueprint."

"But there is another way to build a house -the Tantric Buddhist way. You first let the site select you. Then you go there and allow the site's power to show you what type of house should be built there, and then you build it."....

"The second attention," he continued, "is beyond structures. By structures I mean the internal linkdimensions of internal linktime, space and mind. The second attention is a field of endless internal linklight that exists just beyond our grasp. It is the home of what human beings call internal linkmagic and miracles."....

"The second attention is the power of life," he declared. "It exists within every atom of the universe; it is the power behind internal linkperception and all things which you perceive."..."There are many unseen miracles in life. The very existence of the universe is a miracle. The fact that we live and are aware is a miracle. The fact that we die and are reborn is a miracle."

"These things cannot be understood by the thinking and calculating portions of our mind. We can examine aspects of these miracles with those parts of our mind, but we can never truly understand them."

"The second attention is an essence," he continued. "It exists whether we are aware of it or not. Through the practice of short-path Tantric Buddhist Yoga, we learn to become a bridge between the power of the second attention -the world of magic- and the dimensionality of the first attention, which is, of course, the day-to-day world we normally live in."

"Through meditation and other Tantric practices we learn to tap into the magical side of creation. This is the invisible side of life that underlies and supports all of the universes."

"The second attention is ancient and powerful," he said abruptly. "It doesn't care for our puny reason. It can do things that are unimaginable -as a matter of fact, it does them all the time. And when you allow its power to internal linkpulse through you, then you and your life become the vehicle of some of its magic."

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