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Shakta - one who worships Shakti

Shakti (shùk´tê, shäk´-) noun
1. The active, manifest power that creates the universe.
2. The consort of the male expression of the divine, especially of the god internal linkShiva.
[internal linkSanskrit saktih, from saknoti, he is strong.]

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One of the four major religious systems of what is called Hinduism, Shakta designates the worship of a Goddess, Shakti, as the principal deity and primal energy of universe and creation.

The creative internal linkforce, recognized as being sexual in nature, is therefore often represented in images of sexual union; a practice very similar to Tantra. Different sub-schools may use teachings which mirror this on the physical plane by using sexuality in their rituals, others see it as mere symbology and reject all actual

One of the features that clearly delineates the difference between Tantra and Shakta is the fact that the latter teachings always regard the feminine principle, Shakti or Devi, as supreme, whereas in Tantra the devotee is more or less free to choose whether she or he takes a male or female deity as personal yidam.

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internal link604 entity Shakta

internal linkSebastian Taylor
aka internal linkSomaton, internal linkDigitalis

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The Warp Experience Atari
Mindfield - Odyssey Of The Mind Order Odonata 6 compilation CUBE - big brother is not watching you...

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Collaboration with internal linkPing Pong on the track, _Between The Nothing_ which samples from the film,internal link_Altered States_atomjacked inventory cache:
Altered States
  • sample: "First you will see a spot.  The spot will become a crack.  This is the crack between the nothing...   and out of this nothing will come  your unborn soul." Shakta and Ping Pong - Between The Nothing  mp3 sample stream
  • off of _Deck Wizards: Goa Gil - internal linkKosmokrator_ on Psychic Deli 1996

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