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This nOde last updated August 15th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(9 Oc (Dog) / 13 Yaxk'in (New Sun) - 230/260 -

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Neuroscientists, psychonauts and tribal cultures alike know that we've already got some animals inside us. internal linkEvolution has built up layers of brain tissue, so that the human brain can be seen as being composed of an old reptilian brain, an overlaying mammalian brain, and the most recent and explosive development, the uniquely human neocortex. It seems that this neocortex developed so rapidly that it failed to fully integrate with the older animal brain sections, leaving a neural discrepancy that has been held responsible for humanity's notorious inhumanity.  And yet techniques for forcing integration of these layers have existed for many thousands of years.

Frequently, researchers have come to the conclusion that the copious animal mythologies of tribal cultures around the globe, and the many pagan human/animal hybrid deities, represent an ancient awareness of our animal inheritance. And perhaps the most direct method of internal linkcontacting and integrating this inheritance lies in the internal linkshamanic practice of shape-shifting.

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Besides providing ideal fantastic maps, SF and fantasy work in internal linkMUDspace because the internal linkmagic and future science of these genres bend the same rules of internal linkreality that MUD code does. In MUDs, you can communicate telepathically, shape-shift, internal linkteleport, create little machine selves, and conjure birds and pleasure domes out of thin air. As Vernor Vinge recognized in the novella internal link_True Names_, which placed his (pre-internal link_Neuromancer_ atomjacked inventory cache) vision of cyberspace in a world of internal linkD&D medievalism, magical imagery functions as paradoxically pragmatic metaphors for the odd laws that rule the internal linkdigital   internal linkastral planes of internal linkVR.

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internal link_The Fly_,  the genetic splicing idea, and its subsequent developments represent a internal linkscience-fiction model of this ancient internal linkconsciousness-expansion technique, which finds its modern equivalent in Austin Spare's 'atavistic resurgence' (Spare's art contains numerous shape-shifting motifs). Using various techniques, a state of consciousness is induced which allows total identification with a certain animal. This may be used for achieving certain effects in the world, but often it functions as a method of psychic integration - balancing. It seems clear that Brundle's experiences propel him through an unexpected and violent internal linkprocess analogous to many aspects of the traditional internal linkshaman's vocation.

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As befits a internal linkpsychedelic god, internal linkDionysus was given to a bewildering series of mutations and transformations. Again echoing shamanism, with its traditions of shape-shifting, Dionysus variously appeared as a girl, a man, a woman, a lion, a bull, and a panther. He was also an occasional cross-dresser, and was the god of the theatre, masks and illusion. Use of psychedelics inevitably reveals the role-playing nature of identity, and the story of Dionysus shows that we may take advantage of this shifting quality of the masks we wear to the world. The metamorphic god persistently used his transformations to conquer foes and work his way out of difficult situations.

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Archon is quickly described as a fantasy internal linkchess game where the pieces fight over who takes the square. There is thankfully more to it than that simple explanation: The shifting tide of the game that distributes power from internal linklight to dark adds challenges (attack, or run?), and each piece has specific strengths and weaknesses (don't use the shapeshifter if you aren't a better player than your opponent). In other words, you can define your own strategy when playing.


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Rush - Moving Pictures 12" cover

Rush - Moving Pictures 12" back cover

A tired mind become a shape-shifter
Everybody need a mood lifter
Everybody need reverse polarity

Everybody got mixed feelings
About the function and the form
Everybody got to deviate
From the norm

- _Vital Signs_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkRush off of _Moving Pictures_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache (1981)

Rush - Moving Pictures

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Magnog - s/t on Kranky (1996) Crooklyn Dub Syndicate Vol. 3 Escape From New York compilation CD on WordSound (1999)

Ominus 12x2 Infinite Excursions 2
Bill Laswell - Emerald Aether: Shape Shifting Reconstructions Of Irish Music compilation CD on Shanachie (2000)

Eptic - Overlord

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604 entity Shapeshifters
Members: Hugh Sharpe, Kent Friedman

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604 release _Shapeshifter_ CD by Space Tribe on Spirit Zone

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hip hop entity Shape Shifters

Shape Shifters - Planet Rock 2012 12inch

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Harvard shapeshifting internal linkpuzzle

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