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Sirius A & B

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Sirius (sîr´ê-es) noun
A star in the constellation Canis Major, the brightest star in the sky, approximately internal link8.6 light-years distant from Earth. Also called Dog Star, Sothis.
[Latin Sìrius, from Greek Seirios, from seirios, burning.]

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The Dog Star

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Original internal linkNASA logo/internal linkMasonic musings from Hoagland's website: "The most striking aspect of this completely unexpected historical 'Sirius link' was the discovery that ...  33 minutes after Apollo 11's famous landing ... Buzz Aldrin (who is an acknowledged internal linkFreemason), celebrated a quiet ceremony to the goddess 'internal linkIsis' -- even as Isis (Sirius) stood at a precise, meticulously pre-planned, ceremonial 19.5 degrees above the eastern 'Tranquility Base' lunar horizon." 


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According to Temple, the Dogon knew that Sirius had an invisible companion (the white dwarf star Sirius B). "The Dogon name for Sirius B consists of the word for star, tolo, and po, the name of the smallest seed known to them. By this name they describe the star's smallness - it is, they say, 'the smallest thing there is.' They also claim that it is 'the heaviest star' (since in it the element earth is replaced by an immensely heavy metal called sagala), so heavy 'that all earthly beings combined cannot lift it.' And the color of the star is white. The Dogon thus attribute to Sirius B its three principal qualities as a white  dwarf: its smallness, heaviness, and whiteness. They go on to say that the start's orbit is elliptical, with Sirius A at one internal linkfocus of the ellipse, that the orbital period is 50 years (the actual figure is 50.04 plus or minus .09 years), and that the star rotates on its own axis. The Dogon also describe a third star in the Sirius system, called Emme Ya ('sorghum female'). In orbit around this star, they say, is a single satellite. To date Emme Ya has not been detected by Western astronomers."
     - _Reader's Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained_atomjacked inventory cache

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In the early 1920s internal linkAntonin Artaud wrote a one-act internal linksurrealist play called "There Is No More  Firmament". After everyday scenes, there is rising panic as the internal linkSun gets bigger and plague breaks out, accompanied by thundering noises; someone says, "It was a magnetic phenomenon", then a loudspeaker announces, "STUPENDOUS DISCOVERY. SKY PHYSICALLY ABOLISHED. EARTH ONLY A MINUTE AWAY FROM SIRIUS. NO MORE FIRMAMENT." One actor claims it is the end of the world. Another says it is 2 worlds ramming each other. There is a chant hailing the new ruler, King Mob. A revolutionary says, "We won't see the Antichrist yet", then a scientist explains: "The molecular grouping in Sirius is everything. These two internal linkforces, ours and theirs, had to be put in touch with each other".

from external linkDiagnosis 2012

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"The Dogon say that their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. The name comes form a Dogon word meaning 'to make one drink', and the Nommos are also called Masters of the internal linkWater, The Monitors, and The Instructors. They came to earth somewhere to the northeast of the Dogon's present homeland. When their vessel landed (after a 'spinning or whirling' descent and with a great noise and wind), it skidded to a stop, scoring the ground....At that time a new star (perhaps a mother ship) was seen in the sky."
     - _Mysteries of the Unexplained_atomjacked inventory cache (from Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery)

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Temple "says that the Dogon have a traditional belief in Sirius B, which claim that it's made of a material called sagala (translation: 'strong') " so heavy that all earthly beings combined cannot lift it. The  Dogon also accept the idea that the Earth revolves around the internal linkSun, and are aware of the 4 Galilean internal linkmoons of internal linkJupiter and Saturn's rings...This was all discovered in the 1930s, when the Dogon were  anthropologically investigated."


"Sirius B was discovered in 1862 (not 1962) by Alvan Clark as he was testing the new internal linklens he'd made for Dearborn Observatory's 18 1/2 inch refracting telescope. He at first thought he'd found a defect in the lens, but he finally realized he'd discovered the companion star that had been suspected since 1844. From 1834 to 1844 F.W.Bessel had noticed a wavy irregularity in the motion of Sirius against the background stars, and had concluded that it had an invisible companion. The orbit of the proposed companion had been calculated in 1851 by C.H.F.Peters. By 1910 astronomers began to realize that there were a class of stars, eventually called white dwarfs, which were very small and dim, yet very massive, which meant they had to be incredibly dense. In 1915 the first spectrum of Sirius B was obtained by W.Adams at Mt.Wilson, which is all that would have been needed to classify it as a white dwarf. However, I couldn't find any internal linkinformation on when it was indeed realized that Sirius B was a white dwarf."
Information in formation

"Saturn's rings and Jupiter's Galilean moons had been known since the invention of the telescope. By 1930 four more of Jupiter's moons had been discovered, however, the fifth was found as late as 1892 by E.E.Barnard, and the rest followed as photography came into use as an astronomical tool around the turn of the century.

"As for a third star, Phillip Fox reported in 1920 that the image of Sirius B had appeared to be double, using the same 18 1/2 inch refractor with which Clark discovered B. R.T.Innes in S.Africa and van den Bos, a renowned double-star observer, also reported the 3rd star. I should note here that these were visual studies, and the object in question is at the very limit of what can be observed with a telescope. In 1973 a study by I.W.Lindenblad at the U.S.Naval Observatory concluded that there is no astrometric (measurement of irregularities of motion against the background, probably on photographs) evidence for a 3rd star."

"My conclusions: Nothing extraordinary need be invoked to account for the Dogon's knowledge.  Someone probably gave the Dogons the information, probably after 1920. I admit there are inconsistencies: anyone astronomically knowledgeable enough to know about Sirius B would most likely have known about the additional moons of Jupiter, but then again, so would any hypothetical visitors from beyond. Also, why did the Dogons claim that this was part of their traditions? By the way, I could not confirm the Dogons knowledge of a 3rd star. This is unfortunate, as it would prove beyond doubt that they were given all this information by someone, as the modern study showed no such star exits."

- Tom R.(randolph@est.enet.dec.com)

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"The earliest internal linkEgyptians believed Sirius [Sothis] was the home of departed souls, which the Dogons also believe."

     - Robert Temple, _The Sirius Mystery_atomjacked inventory cache 

The Sirius Myster by Robert Temple

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According to Philip Vandenberg, The Curse of the Pharaohs, "an archeologist named Duncan MacNaughton discovered in 1932 that the long dark internal linktunnels in the internal linkGreat Pyramid of Cheops function as telescopes, making the stars visible even in the daytime. The Greater Pyramid is oriented, according to MacNaughton, to give a view, from the King's Chamber, of the area of the southern sky in which Sirius moves throughout the year."

     - internal linkRobert Anton Wilsoninternal link_Cosmic Trigger_

Great Pyramids Of Giza Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid

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"A north/south section of the internal linkPyramid of Cheops shows that the two so-called 'air-shafts' leading out from the internal linkKing's Chamber are, within one degree of accuracy, inclined so that the northern one is centered on the celestial Pole and the southern one on the three stars of internal linkOrion's Belt. Virginia Trimble pointed out that, in the internal linklight of the ancients' mystic sense, it is obvious that these openings were meant to be guide ways for the soul, aiming either towards the Circumpolars in the northern sky or to the constellation of Orion in the southern sky."

"In the north at the approximate time of the pyramid's construction in 2700 BC, the Pole was occupied by Alpha Draconis, the star around which turned the Circumpolars - called the 'Indestructibles' since they never disappear below the horizon. Thus they were the symbol of internal linkimmortality. The King then, triumphant over the trials of terrestrial life, will ascend imperishable in the northern sky. "From the southern sky, the ancients had chosen thirty-six stars or constellations, the decans, whose consecutive helical risings occurred approximately every ten days. The rising of each decan occurred after it had passed seventy days of invisibility, a period corresponding to that of mummification. Among these stars are internal linkOsiris (Orion) and Isis-Sothis (Sirius), symbols of yearly renewal, of the regeneration of the Nile, of cyclic death and rebirth."

 - Lucy Lamie, internal link_Egyptian Mysteries_ 


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R.U. Sirius aka Ken Goffman - Presidential candidate for The Revolution Party

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release _Sirius_ by internal linkKarlheinz Stockhausen (1977)
Stockhausen believes he was born as a musician from a planet orbiting the star

Karlheinz Stockhausen rehearsing Sirius 1977

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release _Sirius Sounds_ promo cdatomjacked inventory cache by Children Of The Bong on Ultimate/Planet Dog (1996)

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Dogon - Notdunjusta Dogon - Redunjusta
Dragonfly Ra - To Sirius
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