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slack (slāk) adjective
slacker, slackest
1.Moving slowly; sluggish: a slack pace.
2.Lacking in activity; not busy: a slack season for the travel business.
3.Not tense or taut; loose: a slack rope; slack muscles.
4.Lacking firmness; flaccid: a slack grip.
5.Lacking in diligence or due care or concern; negligent: a slack worker.
6.internal linkFlowing or blowing with little speed: a slack current; slack winds.

slacked, slacking, slacks verb, transitive
1.To make slower or looser; slacken.
2.To be careless or remiss in doing: slack one's duty.
3.To slake (lime).

verb, intransitive
1.To be or become slack.
2.To evade work; shirk.

1.A loose part, as of a rope or sail.
2.A lack of tension; looseness.
3.A period of little activity; a lull.
4.a. A cessation of movement in a current of air or internal linkwater. b. An area of still water.
5.Unused capacity: still some slack in the economy.
6. slacks. Casual trousers that are not part of a suit.

In a slack manner: a banner hanging slack.

- phrasal verb.
slack off
To decrease in activity or internal linkintensity.

[Middle English slak, from Old English slæc.]
- slack´ly adverb
- slack´ness noun


slacker (slāk´er) noun
One that shirks work or responsibility, especially one that tries to evade military service in wartime.

Volition: The exercise of the will: Volition in general: Unwillingness
slacker (noun)

slacker, shirker, slouch, goldbrick, idler
forced labor, slave labor, unwilling servant, slowpoke

Other Forms
slowpoke: slouch, sloucher, slacker
negligence: trifler, slacker, malingerer, waster, idler
avoider: shirker, slacker, slouch, goldbrick, idler
idler: slacker, goof-off, goldbrick, clock-watcher
indifference: Laodicean, slacker
undutifulness: slacker, idler

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_Slacker_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (avi)atomjacked inventory cache(688.6megs)(1991)

UFOs over China in 1974

Directed by
Richard Linklater

Writing credits
Richard Linklater

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Presents a day in the life in Austin, Texas among its social outcasts and misfits, predominantly the twenty-something set, using a series of linear vignettes. These characters, who in some manner just don't fit into the establishment norms, move seamlessly from one scene to the next, randomly coming and going into one another's lives. Highlights include a internal linkUFO  buff who adamantly insists that the U.S. has been on the internal linkmoon since the 1950s, a woman who produces a glass slide purportedly of Madonna's pap smear, and an old anarchist who sympathetically shares his philosophy of life with a robber.

The key to this movie is Linklater's taxi monologue.

About internal linkquantum theory and Schroedinger's cat. Each internal linktime one potential outcome becomes the case, the other potentials collapse. But all other outcomes are thought to exist in alternate internal linkrealities. Each time we become invested in one branch of the narrative, the camera takes us somewhere else. But the character we leave continues to exist and his or her story is assumed to continue -- only not before our eyes.

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Full Cast and Crew (in credits order)

Richard Linklater  ....   Should Have Stayed at the Bus Station

every thought creates its own reality should have stayed at the bus station...

"I just had the weirdest internal linkdream, back on the bus there... Do you ever have those dreams where they are just completely real?  I mean they're so vivid, it's just like, completely real... And there's always something bizarre going on in those... I have one every two years or something.. I always remember 'em really good... Like there's always someone getting run over, or something really weird...  One internal linktime I had lunch with Tolstoy.  Another time I was a roadie for Frank Zappa... Anyway, so this dream I just had it was just like that except instead of anything bizarre going on, there was nothing going on at all... man.. it was like the omega man, there was just nobody around... I was just travelling around, staring out the windows and buses and trains and cars you know... when I was at home i was flipping through the TV stations endlessly... reading.  I mean how many dreams do you have where you read in a dream? You know...  wait. damn, there was this book i just read on the bus... you know, it was my dream so I guess I wrote it or something... but uh.. anyway it was bizarre... the premise for this whole book was that every thought you have create its own reality. its like every choice and decision you make the thing you choose not to do fractions off and becomes its own reality and it goes on from there...forever.  in the internal linkWizard of Oz, when Dorothy meets the Scarecrow and they do that little internal linkdance at that crossroads and they think about going in all those directions and end up going that one direction?  all those other directions just because they thought about it became separate realities.. they just went on from there and lived the rest of their lives, entire different movies but we'll never see it because we're trapped in this one reality restriction type of thing..."

Rudy Basquez ....  Taxi Driver
Jean internal linkCaffeine  ....  Roadkill
Jan Hockey  ....    Jogger
Stephan Hockey ....   Running Late
Mark James ....   Hit-and-run Son
Samuel Dietert  ....  Grocery Grabber of Death's Bounty
Bob Boyd   ....   Officer Bozzio
Terrence Kirk  ....   Officer Love
Keith McCormack  ....   Street Musician
Jennifer Schaudies  ....   Walking to Coffee Shop
Dan Kratochvil  ....   Espresso Czar/internal linkMasonic Malcontent

Maris Strautmanis ....  Giant Cappuccino
Brecht Andersch  ....   Dostoyevsky Wannabe
Tom Pallotta  ....    Looking for Missing Friend
Jerry Delony ....   Been on the internal linkMoon Since the 50's

Luna since the 50's George Bush - executive drug dealer

Heather West  ....  Tura Santana Look-Alike
John Spath  ....  Co-op Guy
Ron Marks  ....  Bush Basher
Daniel Dugan  ....   Comb Game Player
Brian Crockett  ....   Sadistic Comb Game Player
Scott Marcus  ....   Ultimate Loser
Stella Weir  ....   Stephanie from Dallas
Teresa Taylor ....   Papsmear Pusher

Teresa Nervosa pap smear pusher
Teresa Taylor of the Butthole Surfers
Butthole Surfers

Mark Harris   ....   T-Shirt Terrorist
Greg Wilson ....  Anti-Traveller

Deborah Pastor  ....  Wants to Leave Country
Gina Lalli  ....   Sidewalk Psychic
Sharon Roos  ....   Devoted Follower
Frank Orrall  ....   Happy-Go-Lucky Guy
Skip Fulton Jr.  ....   Two for One Special
Abra Moore ....  Has Change
Lori Capp  ....  Traumatized Yacht Owner
Gus Vayas  ....  Cranky Cook
Louis Black  ....   Paranoid Paper Reader
Don Stroud   ....   Recluse in Bathrobe
Janelle Coolich  ....   Shut-in Girlfriend
Aleister Barron  ....   Peeping Kid
Albans Benchoff  .... internal linkCoke Machine Robber
Nigel Benchoff   ....   Budding Capitalist internal linkYouth
Zara Barron   ....  Coke Heist Accomplice

Slacker - Zara Barron - Coke Heist Accomplice

Kevin Whitley  ....  Jilted Boyfriend
Steven Anderson   ....  Guy Who Tosses Typewriter

Robert Pierson ....  Based on Authoritative Sources
Sarah Harmon  ....  Has Faith in Groups 
Has Faith In Groups and Based On Authoritative Sources

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Has Faith in Groups You know, that's what I hate: when you start talking like this, like you just pull in these things from the shit you read, and you haven't thought it out for yourself, no bearing on the world around us, and totally unoriginal.

Based on Authoritative Sources Okay, great. Personal attacks now, is that it? I thought we were beyond that.

Has Faith in Groups It's like you just pasted together these bits and pieces from your "authoritative sources." I don't know. I'm beginning to suspect there's nothing really in there.

Based on Authoritative Sources Suspect? You're beginning to suspect? Oh, that's rich, that's really rich. So what?   At least what is there, is based on good sources.

Scott Van Horn   ....  Nova
Lee Daniel  ....  GTO
Charles Gunning  ....  Hitchhiker Awaiting "True Call"
Tamsy Ringler  ....   Video Interviewer
Luke Savisky  ....   Video Cameraman
Meg Brennan  ....  Sitting at Cafe
Phillip Hostak  ....  Hit Up for Cigarettes
D. Angus MacDonald  ....  Video Playing Store Security
Shelly Kristaponis  ....  Shoplifter

Louis Mackey  ....  Old Anarchist
Kathy McCarty  ....  Anarchist's Daughter
Michael Laird  ....  Burglar

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Old Anarchist  And remember: the passion for destruction is also a creative passion.

the burgler and the old anarchist

Jack Meredith   ....  Get-away Accomplice
Clark Walker ....  Cadillac Crook (as Clark Lee Walker)

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Kalman Spelletich  ....  Video Backpacker

Video Backpacker: "To me, my thing is, a video image is much more powerful and useful than an actual event. Like back when I used to go out, when I was last out, I was walking down the street and this guy, that came barreling out of a bar, fell right in front of me, and he had a knife right in his back, landed right on the ground and... Well, I have no reference to it now. I can't put it on pause. I can't put it on slow mo and see all the little details. And the blood, it was all wrong. It didn't look like blood. The hue was off. I couldn't adjust the hue. I was seeing it for internal linkreal, but it just wasn't right. And I didn't even see the knife impact on the body. I missed that part."

TV is...we are... imagine yourself... challenger disaster
video footage of internal linkNASA Challenger shuttle disaster

Siqgouri Wilkovich  ....  Slapping Boyfriend
John Hawkins  ....  Choking Girlfriend
Scott Rhodes   ....  Disgruntled Grad Student

D. Montgomery .... Having a Breakthrough Day
Mimi Vitetta  .... internal linkTeacup Sculpter
Susannah Simone  ....  Working on Same Painting

Having a Breakthrough Day  Hey man you want a card?  They're um... internal linkOblique Strategies... no two cards are alike, you can think about whatever you want, and you take a card...

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[Oblique Strategies was invented by internal linkBrian Eno]
Brian Eno's tape recorder
imagination manifests realities... as a child i could walk on the ceiling...


Cadillac Crook  Sure..

Having a Breakthrough Day  what did you get?

Cadillac Crook  it says uh... "withdrawing in disgust is not the same thing as apathy..."
Teacup Sculptor, Having A Breakthrough Day, Cadillac Crook


Having a Breakthrough Day  I've had a total recalibration of my mind, you know. I mean, it's like, I've been banging my head against this 19th century type, um, what? Thought mode? Construct? Human construct? Well, the wall doesn't exist. It's not there, you know. I mean, they tell you, look for the internal linklight at the end of the internal linktunnel. Well, there is no tunnel. There's just no structure. The underlying order is internal linkchaosHail Eris!, man, I mean everything is in one big ball of fluctuating matter.  Constant state of change.  You know?  I mean, across that great internal linkquantum divide is this new consciousness and, you know, I don't know what it's gonna be like but I know that we're all part of it.. I mean it's new physics, you can't look at something without changing it... You know, anything... I mean, like that's almost beyond my internal linkimagination... It's just like that internal linkbutterfly flapping its wings in Galvaston, and somewhere down the road apace, it's gonna create a monsoon in China...

Working on Same Painting  Sorry I'm late.

Having a Breakthrough Day That's all right. internal linkTime doesn't exist.

Bruce Hughes .... Card Playing Waiter
Keith Fletcher .... Cafe Card Player #1
Eric Buehlman  .... Cafe Card Player #2
R. Malice  .... internal linkScooby Doo Philosopher
Mark internal linkQuirk ....  Papa Smurf
Kim Krizan  ....  Questions Happiness
Annick Souhami  ....  Has Conquered Fear of Rejection
Regina Garza  ....  Smoking Writer
Stephen Jacobson  ....  S-T-E-V-E with a Van
Eric Lord ....  Doorman at Club
Kelly Linn  ....  internal linkBike Rider with Nice Shoes
Rachael Reinhardt  ....  Cousin from Greece
Stewart Bennet  ....  Sitting on Ledge
Kevin Thomson  ....  Handstamping Arm Licker
Nick Maffel  .... internal linkPixi-Visionary
Nolan Morrison  .... To Be Buried By History
Kyle Rosenblad  ....  Going to Catch a Show
Ed Hall  ....  Band Playing at Club
Lucinda Scott ....  Dairy Queen Photographer
Wammo ....  Anti-Artist
Marianne Hyatt  ....  Late Night Pick-up
Gary Price   .... Watching Early Morning TV
Joseph Jones   ....  Old Man Recording Thoughts
Kendall Smith  ....  Post-Modern Paul Revere
Sean Coffey  ....   Super 8 Cameraman
Jennifer Carrol  ....   All-Night Partier
Charlotte Norris   ....  Convertible Driver
Patrice Sullivan  ....   Day Tripper
Greg Ward   ....  Tosses Camera Off Cliff

rest of cast listed alphabetically
Mike Enright  ....  internal linkBicyclist (uncredited)

Produced by
Richard Linklater

Cinematography by
Lee Daniel

Film Editing by
Scott Rhodes

Production Design by
Deborah Pastor

Production Management
Anne Walker-McBay ....  production manager

Sound Department
D. Montgomery   ....   sound

Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse 12" cover

Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse 12" (grape vinyl)

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"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

- Mahatma Gandhi

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  • 1 Credits-Explanation 02:07
  • 2 HoS 286 A 15:40
  • Bleepo "Abnormal" Quoate
  • Robocop "HoSII" Intro
  • internal linkTime Machine -- "Time Changes Space"
  • HoS HORROR Intro
  • Clebe McClary on Stang
  • MTV-SubG spot
  • Rant on Freedom of Speech
  • Jello Biafra on his Bust
  • 3 HoS 286 Aa 07:23
  • internal linkMemory Sickness from Killing Fields
  • Hunter S. Thompson on Bush I
  • George Bush in "The Time Machine"
  • KPFA "America Slack"
  • 4 HoS 286 Ab 05:16
  • Robocop: "Cut Us Some Slack"
  • "Bob" and BibleMoney
  • (from Townsend) Pledge Barrage
  • Robocop- Dugs
  • The Monitors
  • 5 HoS 286 B 11:59
  • Danny Sugarman on Jim Morrison
  • internal linkTim Leary on "Choosing Your Majors"
  • 6 HoS 286 Bb "YahwehOne" song by Rev. 3.0 03:46
  • 7 HoS 286 Bc 12:32
  • MTV News
  • Order of Dagon rant... Mezlim title of order
  • Fr. Guido Sarducci
  • Rant on LIES IN AMERICAN LIFE from news, Neal Wilgus' National Cathedral rumor, end
  • 8 EndID-PO-WWW 00:59

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    Slacker - Psychout 12"
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