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Slime mold


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slime (slým) noun
1. A thick, sticky, slippery substance.
2. A mucous substance secreted by certain animals, such as fish or slugs.
3. Vile or disgusting matter.

verb, transitive
slimed, sliming, slimes
1. To smear with slime.
2. To remove slime from (fish to be canned, for example).
[Middle English, from Old English slým.]

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Thursday, September 28, 2000
Smart slime shows it has power to a-maze

Paris: Squidgy slime mould with just a single cell to its name has the intelligence to find the shortest way around a internal linkmazeinternal linkJapanese researchers say.

Scientists from the Bio-Mimetic Control Research Centre in Nagoya took a piece of Physarum polycephalum, an internal linkamoeba-like organism, and placed it in a 30-square-centimetre maze consisting of a path of smooth gel on which it could travel, and "walls" of dry plastic film which it shunned.

The slime then spread out its internal linknetwork of tube-like legs, called pseudopodia, to fill up all the available space in the maze.

Enticing pieces of food, ground oat flakes, were placed at separate exit points of the maze. There were four possible routes between those two points.

Sensing the food, the slime withdrew from the dead ends of the maze then stretched out its entire body along the shortest possible route between the two piles of nutrients, effectively "solving" the internal linkpuzzle.

"To maximise its foraging efficiency, and therefore its chances of survival, the [slime] changes its shape in the maze to form one thick tube covering the shortest distance between the food sources," they write.

"This remarkable internal linkprocess of cellular computation implies that cellular materials can show a primitive intelligence."

The study is published in _Nature_, the British science weekly.

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The Blob - Anita Corsaut & Steve McQueen The Blob - slime through air ducts

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Physicist Nick Herbert likes to point out that for life here in the mesosphere (i.e. between stars and internal linkquarks), here where we actually live, juice and slime play an indispensable biospheric morphic role. Juice and slime are the ultimate freeform connective and penetrative tissues of living systems. Life clearly has no interest in the antibiotic hermetism implied in such phrases as "boundary violations".

Life uses borders and life violates borders and life constructs media of its own to fill up the extra spaces. The internal linkamoeba and the fertilized egg are both sacs of juice and slime -- one grows by splitting itself, the other by being split. Viral-like internal linkDNA is "freely exchanged" in gushes of juice and slime -- liquid with paradoxical form -- the very liminality of form itself -- secret secretions -- the viscous slippery in-betweeness of the organic -- the placental wetness of becoming.


This is the region of boundary violations -- border raids -- penetrations -- some pleasurable, others catastrophic -- of cross-cultural
internal linksynergies, ritual brawls, everyday life raised ("sublimed") to a degree of internal linkintensity approaching full presence, full embodiment -- and yet still indistinct, romantic as a reverie, an erotic internal linkdream of a internal linkutopian landscape -- at once a wilderness and a "pleasaunce", a internal linkchaoshail Eris!and a ritual space -- the democracy of the mingling of bodily fluids, of divine invasions, of polymorphous sensuality -- sharing the internal linkbreak-down of boundaries -- -- the internal linkinfinitude of Passion -- the shaping power of desire.

internal linkHakim Bey - _Boundary Violations_

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Naked Raygun - Throb Throb 12" cover
Naked Raygun - Throb Throb 12" insert blueprint negative Naked Raygun - Throb Throb 12" (war blood vinyl)

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The earliest forms of life were probably slimes on certain kinds of clays, self-replicating molecular systems and then certain portions of this chemistry became internal linklight sensitive and then there was the sense of the division of light and darkness which generated the notion of here and there on some tremendously basic level within these early organisms. Once you have the concept of here and there, motility, the ability to move, the cilia that dot the surface of protozans and stuff like this are elaborated and a new internal linkdimension enters the picture, the dimension of internal linktime, because notice that a journey from here to there is a journey from now to then. And then, as more refined perceptual apparatus arose, and more refined systems of moving animal bodies arose, a steady conquest of dimensionality occurred. The movement of animals onto the land and so forth.

 - internal linkTerence McKenna lecture on internal linkAlchemy

Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always Alchemy
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