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This nOde last updated December 30th, 2006 and is permanently morphing...
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smile (smìl) noun
1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.
2. A pleasant or favorable disposition or aspect.

smiled, smiling, smiles verb, intransitive
1. To have or form a smile.
2. a. To look with favor or approval: Fortune smiled on our efforts. b. To express cheerful acceptance or equanimity: We smiled at the bad weather and kept going.

verb, transitive
1. To express with a smile: Grandmother smiled her consent.
2. To effect or accomplish with or as if with a smile.
[From Middle English smilen, to smile, probably of Scandinavian origin.]
- smilŽer noun
- smilŽey or smilŽy adjective
- smilŽingly adverb
- smilŽingness noun

Synonyms: smile, grin, simper, smirk. These nouns denote facial expressions, as those indicating amusement, in which the mouth is curved upward slightly at the corners. Smile is the most general, since it can cover a wide range of feeling, from affection to malice: "She met his eye with her sweet hospitable smile" (Henry James). "Tom saw a smile of contempt pass over the young curate's features" (Henry Kingsley). A grin is a broad smile that exposes the teeth; often it is a spontaneous expression of mirth, good humor, approval, or triumph: "And he owned with a grin,/That his favorite sin/Is pride that apes humility" (Robert Southey). A simper is a silly, self-conscious, often coy smile: The model looked at her reflection in the mirror with an idiotic simper. 

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Nirvana and Charles Barkly hosting SNL
power forward Charles Barkly hosts SNL with internal linkNirvana

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S.M.IČ.L.E. - from internal linkTimothy Leary
"[S]pace [M]igration.  [I]ntelligence [I]ncrease.  [L]ife [E]xtension." 

Timothy Leary - fuck off with a smile

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This sign was first seen in the 1960s although it was not extensively used until the 1980s. It is called the smile or internal linkacid sign. Acid, apart from being a word for the drug internal linkLSD, denotes a music style, a strange, internal linkdance provoking blend of American soul and European disco music. Thus the music, the sign, and its name, acid, are somewhat associated with the pleasure drug internal linkecstasy and the psychedelic drug LSD. This sign, however, is also the logotype for the international ecology organization Asian Pals of the Planet.
  This sign is also drawn 20:16


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black mirror social media

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JS: of course it has. in a world that builds on illusion. advertising is illusion... [...] in america, they're gone... i tell you they're gone... you go to california.. i'm talking really simple basic things.. you touch a piece of wood.... wrong! this wood is not wood. this wood looks like wood. [...] people smile at you... wrong! they've been told by the management to smile at you. so really, you're not seeing anything that's internal linkreal... not the objects, the buildings, the signs, everything is fake. [...] and what they get we will get later... if the world is moving towards that then i'm not interested... i like to come back here cause here in london we have reality, we have people shoving you out the way... that gesture, it's clear. this guy's in a bad mood and he's shoving me out the way... that is real communication... in california, they'll sue you. they'll sue you or smile at you while he's thinking of shoving you out the way...

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Smile - Staring At The Sun - insert depiction - Aztec calendar Bus Vol. I compilation 7 on Jester (1992)

grunge band Smile from Orange County, Ca.
Mike Rosas (ex Head First) - v/g

Smile - Amanita / Staring At The Sun 7" (brown swirl vinyl)
Smile - Deeper Than Steve - insert in Bus Vol. I

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Beach Boys - Smile (1966) Kettel - Smiling Little Cow 12inch x2 on Neo Ouija (2002)
Snuff - Reach Telepopmusik - Genetic World (2002)
Nirvana - Nevermind Youngbloods - s/t on Edsel (1967
Bark Psychosis - Hex (1994) Black Dice - Cold Hands on Troubleman Unlimited (2001)
Leonard Nimoy - Mr. Spocks Music From Outer Space 12inch on Varese (1993) Chad & Jeremy - The Ark 12inch (1968)
Berzerk (Stern Electronics)(1980) - Evil Otto!
Derrick Carter - Squaredancing In A Round House CD on Classic (2002) Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine - Rampton on Southern Lord (2002)
Helmet - Meantime 12" cover

Helmet - Meantime 12" (red/blue 50/505) vinyl
The Pogues - Hell's Ditch Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver Quasi - Field Studies on Up (1999)


Cocteau Twins - Violaine Operation Ivy - Energy Mike Patton - Adult Themes For Voice on Tzadik (1996)


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