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Soylent Green

Soylent Green

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Soylent Green Day
tuesday is soylent green day

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Soylent Green (1973)

Directed by Richard Fleischer

Writing credits
Harry Harrison (novel Make Room! Make Room!)
Stanley R. Greenberg

Genre: internal linkSci-Fi / Thriller

Cast (in credits order)
Charlton Heston  ....  Police Detective Thorn
Leigh Taylor-Young ....  Shirl
Chuck Connors ....  Tab Fielding
Joseph Cotten  ....  William Simonson
Brock Peters  ....  Hatcher
Paula Kelly ....  Martha
Edward G. Robinson  ....  Sol Roth
Stephen Young  ....  Gilbert
Mike Henry  ....  Kulozik
Lincoln Kilpatrick  ....  The Priest
Roy Jenson  ....   Donovan
Leonard Stone  ....  Charles
Whit Bissell  ....  Santini
Celia Lovsky  ....  Exchange Leader
Dick Van Patten  ....  Usher #1
Morgan Farley  ....   Book #1
John Barclay  ....  Book #2
Belle Mitchell  ....  Book #3
Cyril Delevanti   ....  Book #4
Forrest Wood   ....  Attendant
Faith Quabius  ....  Attendant
Jane Dulo  ....   Mrs. Santini
Tim Herbert  ....  Brady
John Dennis ....  Wagner
Jan Bradley  ....  Bandana Woman
Carlos Romero  ....  New Tenant
Pat Houtchens  ....  Fat Guard
Joyce Williams  ....  Furniture Girl
Erica Hagen  ....  Furniture Girl
Beverly Gill  ....  Furniture Girl
Suesie Eejima   ....   Furniture Girl
Cheri Howell  ....  Furniture Girl
Kathy Silva  ....  Furniture Girl
Jennifer King  ....  Furniture Girl
Marion Charles  ....  Furniture Girl

Produced by
Walter Seltzer
Russell Thacher

Original music by
Fred Myrow

Additional music by
Edvard Grieg
(from "Peer Gynt")
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
(from "6. symphony")
internal linkLudwig van Beethoven
(from "6th Symphony in F, Op.68 'Pastorale'")

Cinematography by
Richard H. Kline

Film Editing by
Samuel E. Beetley

Jack Baur

Art Direction
Edward C. Carfagno

Set Decoration
Robert R. Benton

Costume Design by
Pat Barto

Makeup Department
Bud Westmore  ....   makeup artist
Sherry Wilson  ....  hair stylist

Production Management
Lloyd Anderson  ....   unit production manager

Assistant Director
Gene Marum  ....second assistant director
Daniel McCauley  ....  assistant director

Sound Department
Harry W. Tetrick   ....  sound
Charles M. Wilborn ....   sound

Special Effects
Robert R. Hoag   ....   special photographic effects
Augie Lohman  ....  special visual effects
Matthew Yuricich  ....  special photographic effects

Other crew
Terry Ballard   ....   property master
Frank R. Bowerman  ....  technical advisor
Norman A. Burza  ....  costumer
Joe Canutt   ....  action sequence co-ordinator
Betsy Cox  ....  costumer
Gerald Fried  ....   symphony music conductor

Production Companies
MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) (aka MGM-UA) [us]

MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) (aka MGM-UA) [us]

Prologue photos

Special photographic sequences
Braverman Productions, Inc.

Runtime: USA:97 / Germany:97
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color (Metrocolor)
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: USA:PG / internal linkFinland:K-18 / Germany:16 / Sweden:15

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first mention of Soylent Green in internal linkUsenet:

From: Greg Skinner (gds@mit-eddie.UUCP)
Subject: Re: Fave internal linkSF movies
Newsgroups: net.sf-lovers
Date: 1984-01-14 06:36:08 PST

Some of my fave SF is kind of older, but here goes:

The whole Planet of the Apes series, especially {Beneath the, Escape from the} Planet of the Apes.  (Roddy McDowall played the major role as Cornelius in Planet and Escape, and as Caesar in Conquest and Battle.)

The internal linkOmega Man, starring Charlton Heston.

Soylent Green, starring the same.  I especially enjoyed the scenes where he investigated the Soylent plant.

internal link_Logan's Run_ (forgot who starred in it).

And, let's not forget, the entire internal link_Star Wars_ series, especially internal linkTESB.

...decvax!genrad!mit-eddie!gds (uucp)
Gds@XX (arpa)

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