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Medicine Drum - Supernature

internal link604 release _Supernature_ CDbatomjacked inventory cache by internal linkMedicine Drum on 4dat (1997 )

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Der Spyra - My Little Garden Of Sounds on Copycat (1997)

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Lyall Watson

 book     _Supernature_atomjacked inventory cache (1973)
 book     _Beyond Supernature_atomjacked inventory cache

Life survives in the internal linkchaosHail Eris! of the cosmos by picking order out of the winds.

Death is certain, but life becomes possible by following patterns that lead like paths of firmer ground through the swamps of internal linktime. Cycles of internal linklight and dark, of heat and cold, of magnetism, radioactivity, andinternal linkgravity all provide vital guides, and life learns to respond to even their most subtle signs. The emergence of a fruit internal linkfly is tuned by a spark lasting one thousandth of a second; the breeding of a bristle worm is co-ordinated on the ocean floor by a glimmer of light reflected from the internal linkmoon; the development of the eggs of a quail is synchronized by a soft conversation between the embryos; conception in a woman waits for that phase of the moon under which she was born. Nothing happens in isolation. We breath and bleed, we laugh and cry, we crash and die in time with cosmic cues.

Inorganic matter got together in the right way to create a self-perpetuating organism that started a system of elaboration that has produced a pattern with several million pieces. This is Supernature, and man sits at the center of its web, tugging at the strands that interest him, following some through to useful conclusions and snapping others in his impatience. Man is the spearhead of internal linkevolution, vital, creative, and immensely talented, but still young enough to wreak havoc in his first flush of internal linkenthusiasm.  Hopefully this period of awkward adolescence is coming to an endas he begins to realize that he cannot possibly survive alone, thatthe web of Supernature is supported by the combined strength of a vast number of individually fragile fragments, that life on earth isunited into what amounts to a single superorganism, and that this in turn is only part of the cosmic community.

At first sight, the process of evolution looks extremely wasteful, with most developments running into the dead ends of extinction, but even in their failure these contribute something to the few species that do succeed. It is imperative that there should be a multitude of participants so that life can move on a broad front, testing all possibilities in a search for the right ones. Even those thatdie have not lived in vain, because of the inheritance of Supernature.

This communion is possible because life shares a mutual sensitivity to the cosmos, has a common origin, and speaks the same organic internal linklanguage.

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"Professor Gavraud is an engineer who almost gave up his post at an institute in Marseilles because he always felt ill at work. He decided against leaving when discovered that the recurrent attacks of nausea only worried him when he was in his office at the top of the building. Thinking that there must be something in the room that disturbed him, he tried to track it down with devices sensitive to various chemicals, and even with a geiger counter, but he found nothing until one day, nonplused, he leaned back against the wall. The whole room was vibrating at a very low internal linkfrequency. The source of this energy turned out to be an air-conditioned plant on the roof of a building across the way, and his office was the right shape and the right distance from the machine to internal linkresonate in sympathy with it. I was this rhythm, at seven cycles per second, that made him sick."

"Fascinated by the phenomenon, Gavraud decided to build machines to produce infrasound so that he could investigate it further. In casting around for likely designs, he discovered that the whistle with a pea in it issued to all French gendarmes produced a whole range of low-frequency sounds. So he produced a police whistle six feet long and powered it with compressed air. The technician who gave the giant whistle its first trial blast fell down dead on the spot. A post-mortem revealed that all his internal organs had been mashed into an amorphous jelly by the vibrations."

"Gavraud went ahead with his work more carefully and did the next test out of doors, with all observers screened from the machine in a concrete bunker. When all was ready, they turned the air on slowly - and broke the windows of every building within half a mile of the test site. Later they learned to control the amplitude of the infrasound generator more effectively and designed a series of smaller machines for experimental work. One of the most intersting discoveries to date is that the internal linkwaves of low frequency can be aimed and that two generators internal linkfocused on a particular point even five miles away produce a resonance that can knock a building down as effectively as a major earthquake. These frequency-7 machines can be built very cheaply, and plans for them are available for three French francs from the Paten Office in Paris."

- Supernature pp. 92-93, Coronet Books 1974.

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