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Symbiosis Records evolutionary steps

"condensing fact from the vapour nuance"

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symbiosis (smb-oss, -b-) noun
plural symbioses (-sz)
1. Biology. A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.
2. A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence.
[Greek sumbiosis, companionship, from sumbioun, to live together, from sumbios, living together : sun-, syn- + bios, life.]
- symbiotic (-tk) or symbiotical (--kel) adjective
- symbiotically adverb

symbiosis, habitual cohabitation of organisms of different species. The term usually applies to a dependent relationship that is beneficial to both members (also called mutualism). Symbiosis includes parasitism, a relationship in which the PARASITE depends on and may injure its host; COMMENSALISM, an independent and mutually beneficial relationship; and helotism, a master-slave relationship found among social animals. Symbiosis may occur between two kinds of plants (e.g., LICHEN-forming alga and fungus), two kinds of animals (e.g., herbivores and cellulose-digesting gut microorganisms), or a plant and an animal (e.g., FIG and fig wasp).

the Network

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"Connectedness and symbiosis.  Like plants, we need to maximize the qualities of connectedness and symbiosis.  Plant-based approaches to modeling the world include awareness of the internal linkfractal and branching nature of community action.  A treelike internal linknetwork of symbiotic relationships can now replace the model of internal linkevolution that we inherited from the nineteenth century.  The earlier model, that of the tooth-and-claw struggle for existence, with the survivor taking the hindmost, is a model based on naive observation of animal behavior.  Yet is was cheerfully extended into the realm of plants to explain the evolutionary interactions thought to cause speciation in the botanical world.  Later, more sophisticated observers (C.H. Waddington and Erich Jantsch) found not the War in Nature that Darwinists reported but rather a situation in which it was not competitive ability but ability to maximize cooperation with other species that most directly contributed to an organism's being able to function and endure as a member of a biome.  Plants interact with each other through the tangled mat of roots that connects them all to the source of their nutrition and to each other. 

Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna

"The matted floor of a tropical rain forest is an environment of great chemical diversity;  the topology approaches that of brain tissue in its complexity.  Within the network of interconnected roots, complex chemical signals are constantly being transmitted and received.  Coadaptive evolution and symbiotic relationships regulate this entire system with a internal linkubiquitousness that argues for the evolutionary primacy of these cooperative strategies.  For example, mycorrhizal fungi live in symbiosis on the outside of plant roots and gently balance and buffer the mineral-laden internal linkwater that is moving through them to the roots of their host."
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The first users of tools were not men (a fact appreciated only recently) but pre-human anthropoids.  The old idea that man invented tools is misleading, more accurately tools invented man - so began the symbiosis.  The physicist J.D. Berna's book published in 1929 called _The World, The Flesh and The Devil_ decided that the numerous limitations of the human body could be overcome only by the use of mechanical attachments or substitutes until eventually all that might be left of man's original organis body would be the brain.  The word "cyborg" (internal linkcybernetic organism) devised by Dr. Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline, define a cyborg as "An exogenously extended organisational complex, functioning as a homeostatic system".  Along with other computer experts Dr. Clynes believes that intelligence need not be confined to the internal linkDNA structure.  He also believes that life is more a matter of relationships and organization than of material.  Clynes points out an understanding of the nature of our thoughts in terms of their mathematical, internal linkelectronic and time-space identities which will permit us to communicate better than we do at the present time, we may find new shapes and discover means of utilizing them to communicate in entirely new ways.  Ways that cannot presently be internal linkimaginedinternal linkArthur C. Clarke sees the outcome of the future of the man machine as eventually a machine based internal linkevolution.  Whatever the key may be to longevity, man continues to amplify himself ever onwards in his desire to expand the nature of the self towards new points, new levels, that currently cannot be accurately predicted.  The man amplifier is presently increasing its volume.

DNA Arthur C. Clarke in 1990 ClockDVA - Man Amplified

       - liner notes for track _Man Amplifiers_ by internal linkClock DVA  off of _Man-Amplified_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Contempo (1992)

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entity Symbiosis on Domestic
Members: Deryl & Stan Dorsett

Symbiosis - Clandestine Electronic Subculture
Symbiosis - Meta Symbiosis - Numinous
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    Everything that gives human beings the potential to innovate renders them the master of their own future. Creation is what saves time. Saved internal linktime, put in parallel with natural internal linkflows, densifies duration. Salvation lies in the present, dilated from within. The future of the world, a minuscule spot in a cold and distant universe, no longer depends solely on cosmological spaces. The future of the world is inside the time of human beings. The time of the cybiont and perhaps also a time of even deeper and denser superorganism will come after it.

    internal linkJol de Rosnay - "The Symbiotic Man" Summary of the conference "Time and Globalization"

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    film internal link_Matrix: Reloaded_ (avi)atomjacked inventory cache

    Councillor Hamann: Almost no one comes down here, unless, of course, there's a problem. That's how it is with people - nobody cares how it works as long as it works. I like it down here. I like to be reminded this city survives because of these machines. These machines are keeping us alive, while other machines are coming to kill us. Interesting, isn't it? Power to give life, and the power to end it.
    Neo: We have the same power.
    Councillor Hamann: I suppose we do, but down here sometimes I think about all those people still plugged into the Matrix and when I look at these machines, I.. I can't help thinking that in a way, we are plugged into them.
    Neo: But we control these machines, they don't control us.
    Councillor Hamann: Of course not, how could they? The idea's pure nonsense, but... it does make one wonder just... what is control?
    Neo: If we wanted, we could shut these machines down.
    Councillor Hamann: Of course... that's it. You hit it! That's control, isn't it? If we wanted, we could smash them to bits. Although if we did, we'd have to consider what would happen to our internal linklights, our heat, our air.
    Neo: So we need machines and they need us. Is that your point, Councillor?
    Councillor Hamann: No, no point. Old men like me don't bother with making points. There's no point.
    Neo: Is that why there are no young men on the Council?
    Councillor Hamann: Good point.
    Neo: Why don't you tell me what's on your mind, Councillor?
    Councillor Hamann: There is so much in this world that I do not understand. See that machine? It has something to do with recycling our internal linkwater supply. I have absolutely no idea how it works. But I do understand the reason for it to work. I have absolutely no idea how you are able to do some of the things you do, but I believe there's a reason for that as well. I only hope we understand that reason before it's too late.

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