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"The scattered islands and rocks of an archipelago can indicate the presence of a mountain rising from the ocean bed."

- Brian Inglis, author of _Coincidence_

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synchronicity (sīng“kre-nīs“ī-tź, sīn“-) noun
plural synchronicities
1. The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous; synchronism.
2. Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in the theory of Carl Jung as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality.

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Introduced by internal linkCarl Jung  and internal linkWolfgang Pauli, this term is used to refer to what could be described as meaningful coincidence; an obvious connection between two apparently (in terms of cause and effect) non-related events.

The concept of synchronicity - when seen in a wider and "esoteric-internal linkmagical" context  - raises strong questions concerning the existence of "coincidence" at all. Before the  concept was known by this name, people often referred to such synchronistic events as portents or omens. India and internal linkTibet know a similar concept, called auspicious coincidence (internal linkSanskrit., pratitya-samutpada) and/or interdependent co-origination (Tib., rten-'brel); strongly hinting at the basic definition of synchronicity as a coming together of several factors which, in concert, give rise to a certain situation.

Carl Jung Tibetan Dharma Wheel

"I feel that the root of the enigma is to be found in  the properties of whole numbers"

   -- Jung on Synchronicity, _Letters 1951-1961_

UFOs over China in 1974 Terence McKenna - the force will be with you, always. Terence McKenna - Archaic Revival

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"One way of thinking of this is to suppose that the waking world and the world of the internal linkdream have begun to merge so that in a certain sense the school of internal linkUFO criticism that has said flying saucers are hallucinations was correct in that the laws that operate in the dream, the laws that operate in internal linkhyperspace, can at times operate in three-dimensional space when the barrier between the two modes become weak.  Then one gets these curious experiences, sometimes called psychotic breaks, that always have a tremendous impact on the experient because there seems to be an exterior component that could not possibly be internal linksubjective.  At such times coincidences begin to build and build until one must finally admit that one does not know what is going on.  Nevertheless, it is preposterous to claim that this is a psychological model of it, but it is really an alternative physics beginning to impinge on local internal linkreality."

  - internal linkTerence McKennainternal link_Archaic Revival_atomjacked inventory cache

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The term "synchronicity" is otherwise viewed as the term "coincidence" by those who do not find themselves perceptually within its internal linkflow. With the basic internal linkfrequency of the environment of the universe increasing, the concept of synchronicity is very important, because the ongoing internal linkperception of it is a "marker" of the relationship between your internal linkconsciousness and the subjective reality you perceive. As most of you have no doubt noticed, the rate and perception of synchronicity is increasing, as is the perception that the linear internal linktime flow is speeding up. Perhaps the best overall composite commentary on synchronicity that we have so-far seen is as follows:

Synchronicity is the conscious perception in a physiological time track of the simultaneous manifestation of the multi-internal linkdimensional universe. It is the conscious recognition that all events, objects, relationships, points of view, perceptions and interactions are ONE thing viewed from different perspectives. As the basic internal linkresonant vibration of the system increases, synchronicity becomes more easily perceptible within experiential reality. Synchronicity is also a reflection of what you believe you reality to be. Synchronicity, relative to reality, IS what reality IS, and it is the WAY it is. Now, many people have discussed the subject of synchronicity, all the way from Carl Jung to Bashar. However, it is from Bashar, representing the Essassani, that we get further clarification: " Recognize that you are all functioning completely within synchronicity, but many of you choose to function within negative synchronicity, choosing a perception of a negative internal linkreality, rather than positive synchronicity and a positive perception of reality. Should you choose a negative reality, than those situtations will be negative reflections.

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Supposedly it is in the supernovae of dying stars that the more complex elements, necessary for life, are created. While it may seem the physical universe is running down it may be fueling something else. And what is that internal linkdark matter which takes up 90% of the mass of the universe? Interestingly that is the same proportion that we are told the unconscious has to the conscious mind. Is this parallel just a coincidence?

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"Just as invisible matter dominates the physical internal linkevolution of the universe, so does the invisible component of the psyche - the unconscious - dominate psychological evolution. Yet the conscious part of the psyche plays a critical role because the unconscious is often reacting to it. Although our interest in visible ego internal linkconsciousness has consumed us, depth psychology has clearly shown that the dark, invisible aspect of the psyche - the unconscious - displays a profound wisdom in directing our evolution."

  - Victor Mansfield, _Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-Making_

Clock DVA - Man Amplified

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Dr. Konstantin Raudives' book _The Inaudible Becomes Audible_, is a systematic documentation of experiments using tape recorders to record and decode voices from extra-dimensional internal linkrealms.  Numerous theories have been put forward to explain this phenomena, such as "synchronicity", a theory introduced by C.G. Jung.  It assumes non-causal but meaningful and related events taking place at one and the same time.  The spiritualist theory, being that the voices manifesting on tape emanate from transcendental space.  Should it become possible to substantiate this assumption scientifically, it would be the first empirical evidence arrived at by experiments of the existence and the activity of transcendental intelligences.  The animistic hypothesis presumes that internal linkpoltergeist phenomena, such as materializations and spirit messages are part of the psyche (anima) of the medium, these psychic emanations can take shape and impress themselves on our sense organs, our eyes, ears and sense of touch.  These phenomena are so numerous and well attested by reliable witnesses that they have to be accepted as empirically proved manifestations.  If the "animistic" interpretation were to be proved correct it would be evidence through experiment of a purely mental internal linkprocess, taking shape in physical (acoustic) form; in other words, of psychic forces influencing matter.  Further research into the possibilities of amplification of sound and new forms of sonotechnology will open up new internal linkboundaries never heard or envisaged.
- liner notes from track _Transitional Voices_ by internal linkClockDVA off of _Man Amplified_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Contempo (1992)

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DJ Spooky Pat Metheny - Imaginary Day (1997)

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internal linkThe Mystery Of Chanceinternal linkJung & Synchronicity by Peter A. Jordan

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internal linkUsenet: alt.psychology.synchronicity

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