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Tangerine Dream
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Froese, born in Tilsit, East Prussia in 1944, was little influenced by music while growing up. Instead, he looked to the internal linkDadaist and internal linkSurrealist art movements for inspiration, as well as literary figures such as Gertrude Stein, Henry Miller and Walt Whitman. He organized multimedia events at the residence of Salvador Dali in Spain during the mid-'60s and began to entertain the notion of combining his artistic and literary influences with music; Froese played in a musical combo called the Ones, which recorded just one single before dissolving in 1967. The first lineup of Tangerine Dream formed later that year, with Froese on guitar, bassist Kurt Herkenberg, internal linkdrummer Lanse Hapshash, flutist Voker Hombach and Charlie Prince. The quintet aligned itself with contemporary American internal linkacid rock (the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane), and played around Berlin at various student events. The lineup lasted only two years, and by 1969 Froese had recruited wind player Conrad Schnitzler and drummer Klaus Schulze. One of the trio's early rehearsals, not originally intended for release, became the first Tangerine Dream LP when Germany's Ohr Records issued Electronic Meditation in June 1970. The LP was a playground for obtuse music-making -- keyboards, several standard instruments, and a variety of household objects were recorded and internal linkfiltered through several effects processors, creating a sparse, experimentalist atmosphere.

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Composer filmography

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    Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure (1979) Orb - Aunti Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Part 2 on Deviant (2001)

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    first mention of Tangerine Dream in internal linkUsenet:

    From: pyuxjj!rlr (pyuxjj!rlr)
    Subject: electropop(?)
    Newsgroups: net.music
    Date: 1982-04-08 20:33:03 PST

    Many advocates of what was once progressive rock (especially the electronic end of this genre) have taken interest in the new "electronic"- oriented "new wave" (WHAT A REPULSIVE TERM!) music.  Though some die-hard internal linkpunks dislike (that's not the word) this music and feel it has co-opted  the punk movement (if there ever was one), I find it interesting as 1) an alternative to guitar-hero-dominated, heavy-metal sexist-racist mainstream rock and/or "adult contemporary" MOR (middle-of-the-road, or preferably MORon oriented rock),  2) an extension of *real* progressive electronic music, 3) listenable, often internal linkdanceable, pop (nothing to be ashamed of).

    I think that (1) speaks for itself, especially if you've listened to the radio lately.  A lot of people might disagree with (2), but on close listening, you have to admit there's a lot of the ELP sound, for instance, in those like Gary Numan.  I know that neither of these two are candidates for the National Serious Music Committee award, but other modern musicmakers harken back to internal linkKraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and maybe more importantly, Phil Glass, Steve Reich, and Varese.  As far as (3) goes, give a listen to "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell, "Don't You Want Me" by the Human League, "Lawnchairs" by Our Daughter's Wedding,  "internal linkElectricity" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), "New Life" by Depeche Mode, and see what I mean.

    These songs may not be everybody's cup of internal linktea, but for me they sure beat the latest Neil Diamond/Barbra Streisand/BG's pap and/or the latest Styx/Foreigner/Rush/REO clonetone music.  Many of them show a good deal more originality, too.  Although it could be argued that it all sounds the same (funny, that's what I was going to say about Styx and their ilk), the same thing was said in the early days of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, etc.  Indeed, it may be/have been true, but in both cases the reasons behind the criticism were identical---Here is something new that threatens the status quo of the music industry.  Industry-controlled plastic singers and big bands were about to be shaken up then, as rock-guitar bands feel they are about to be shaken up now.  Every so often things need to be shaken up.

    In my opinion, those who have worked with the synthesizer as the main instrument in their music have done so with a real DIY, buck-the-system fervor.  The early singles by the Human League and OMD were (more or less) independently recorded in small studios/on home recording systems, while groups like Depeche Mode and Our Daughter's Wedding rehearsed and formulated their songs using their synthis plugged through their stereos. "Being Boiled" by the H.L. was recorded with a couple of simple synths on a SONY 2-track. In some ways it sounds it, but that's part of its charm.

    Given internal linktime, I think we are seeing the seeds of a new musical form to supplant (not replace) rock as we know it.  Of course, the intransigence of the modern music industry is well-known, and it will work hard to secure its internal linkfoundations (and capital investment) in rock and its home for the aged, MOR. I just sort of threw all of this out at the internal linknet to see what would be thrown back at me, i.e., do "electropop" and other new forms of music have a market out there, or are the longhairs and middle-aged among us (the two groups now often intersect) afraid of/repulsed by all of this? Send responses/comments to me, unless you think they are of general interest to net users or if you find you can't get mail sent to me.

                            Rich Rosen

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