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Salvador Dali - Musical Tempest


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tempest (tčm“pīst) noun
1.A violent windstorm, frequently accompanied by rain, snow, or hail.
2.Furious agitation, commotion, or tumult; an uproar: "The tempest in my mind/Doth from my senses take all feeling" (internal linkShakespeare).

verb, transitive
tempested, tempesting, tempests
To cause a tempest around or in.

- idiom.
tempest in a internal linkteacup or  tempest in a teapot
A great disturbance or uproar over a matter of little or no importance.

[Middle English, from Old French tempeste, from Vulgar Latin *tempesta, variant of Latin tempestās, from tempus, internal linktime.]

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the tempest station

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It is a pleasure to stand upon the shore, and to see ships tost upon the sea: a pleasure to stand in the window of a castle, and to see a battle and the adventures thereof below: but no pleasure is comparable to standing upon the vantage ground of internal linktruth . . . and to see the errors, and wanderings, and mists, and tempests, in the vale below.

internal linkFrancis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Truth" (1597-1625).

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Steve Roach - On This Planet on Fathom (1997) Cursive - The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song on LBJ (1998)
Rush - Signals Rush - Subdivisions video - Tempest by Atari

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the first popular color vector graphics arcade game - released by internal linkAtari

Manufacturer: Atari
Year: internal link1980
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Space
Type: Video Arcade

Orientation: Vertical
Type: Vector
CRT: Color
19-inch Wells-Gardner 19K6100

Conversion Class: unique
Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Alternating
Control Panel Layout: Single Player
Rotary: Optical
Buttons: 2 - Fire, Superzap

Sound: Unamplified Mono (requires one-channel amp)

You control a yellow crab-shaped shooter that travels along the outside rim of a  3-dimensional internal linktunnel, shooting enemies down the alleys of the tunnel while avoiding  any coming down the alleys. The tunnel takes on many different forms, and the  shooter has a special "superzapper" that enables it to kill all enemies present in the tunnel.

The game is well known for its unusual internal linktriangular-shaped cabinet that is very pleasing to the eye. A less attractive cabaret and cocktail model were also produced.

Originally called internal linkVortex in the prototype stages, this was Atari's first color vector game. Supposedly, the original creators were trying to develop a 3-D monster game.  They were not very happy with the finished product since they wanted even better graphics but were unable to achieve their goal with the technology at the time.

Hexstatic - Rewind 12"x2 cover
Hexstatic - Vector EP 12" cover
Hexstatic - Vector EP 12" back cover

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1 The Book of internal linkWater.
This is a waterproof-covered book which has lost its colour by much internal linkcontact with water. It is full of investigative drawings and exploratory text written on many different thicknesses of paper.

There are drawings of every conceivable watery association - seas, tempests, rain, snow, clouds, lakes, waterfalls, streams, canals, water-mills, shipwrecks, floods and tears. As the pages are turned, the watery elements are often animated. There are rippling internal linkwaves and slanting storms. Rivers and cataracts internal linkflow and internal linkbubble. Plans of hydraulic machinery and maps of weather-forecasting  flicker with arrows, symbols and agitated diagrams. The drawings are all made by one hand. Perhaps this is a lost collection of drawings by internal linkda Vinci bound into a book by the King of France at Ambois and bought by the Milanese Dukes to give to Prospero as a wedding present.
Leonardo da Vinci

William Shakespeare
The Tempest

2 A Book of Mirrors

Bound in a gold cloth and very heavy, this book has some eighty internal linkshining mirrored pages; some opaque, some translucent, some manufactured with silvered papers, some coated in paint, some covered in a film of internal linkmercury that will roll off the page unless treated cautiously. Some mirrors
simply reflect the reader, some reflect the reader as he was three minutes previously, some reflect the reader as he will be in a year's internal linktime, as he would be if he were a child, a woman, a monster, an idea, a text or an angel. One mirror constantly lies, one mirror sees the world backwards, another upside down. One mirror holds on to its reflections as frozen internal linkmomentsinternal linkinfinitely recalled. One mirror simply reflects another mirror across a page. There are ten mirrors whose purpose Prospero has yet to define.

William Shakespeare
The Tempest
 (passages from the film _Prospero's Books_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache directed by Peter Greenaway)

the cherub from _Prospero's Books_ appears in the video (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache for _378_ by internal linkEmergency Broadcast Network off of _Telecommunications Breakdown_ (a reference to Led Zeppelin's _Communication Breakdown_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache) CDPlus  on TVT (1995) alongside the internal linkDalai Lama

Dalai Lama and Prospero's Books EBN - Telecommunication Breakdown

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