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The Orb
Releases & Discography

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(7 Lamat (Rabbit) / 16 K'ayab (Turtle) - 228/260 -

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_The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cache (1991)
The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

Disc one

Disc two

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internal link_U.F.Orb_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cache on Island (1992)

The Orb - U.F.Orb The Orb - Blue Room

Disc 1

woof. woof. woof.  hello, my name is rex. woof.
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Disc 2

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_Mike Oldfield vs. The Orb - Sentinel (Total Overhaul)_ on WEA (1992)

Oldfield vs. Orb - Sentinel (Total Overhaul) CDs on WEA (1992)

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_Live '93_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cache on Island (1993)

The Orb - Live '93 Orb - Live 93 - Hunab Ku insert

 (cover depicts power plant in Belin, called internal linkKraftwerk Lichterfelde, spoofs the cover of _Animals_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkPink Floyd )
Pink Floyd - Animals

(insert features internal linkHunab Ku symbol)

Disc A

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Jaia - Blue Energy
Disc B

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_Unidentified internal linkFrequencies Of Orb_ bootleg CD on Orb Factor

Unidentified Frequencies Of Orb bootleg CD

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internal link_Morphology_ bootleg CD on O.R.B. Music (1993)

The Orb - Morphology

Pomme Fritz - Orb's Little Album
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_Pomme Fritz - Orb's Little Album_ CDatomjacked inventory cache

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_Icons Of The Orb_ bootleg CDatomjacked inventory cache on O.R.B. Music (1994)

Icons Of The Orb

The Orb - Orbus Terrarum
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_Orbvs Terrarvm_ CDatomjacked inventory cacheon Island (1995)

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_Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty - The Orb Remix Project_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cacheon Deviant (1996)

The Orb - Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty


Wire with an E


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_Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty - The Orb Remix Project Part 2_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cacheon Deviant internal link#023 (internal link2001)

Orb - Aunti Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Part 2 on Deviant (2001) Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Preludes, Airs & Yodels (1997)


  • Pato Banton - _Beams Of internal linkLight (Depths Of An Ocean Lovemix)_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
  • West India Company - _O Je Suis Seul (Orient Express Mix)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • Fischermans Friend - _Money (Orb Club Mix)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • Delkom - _Superjack (Orbital Infusion 2000)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • internal linkSun Electric - _Red Summer (Orb Koskiewicz Remix)_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache
  • System 7 - _Sunburst (Orb Remix)_ (192k)atomjacked inventory cache

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    _Orblivion_ on Island (1997)

    The Orb - Orblivion
    Gravity Frog imagination manifests realities

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    release internal link_Cydonia_ CD on Universal Island (
    internal link2001)
    The Orb - Cydonia on Universal Island (2001)
  • _Ralf_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • _Freely Wheely_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • _Yungle_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache

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    release internal link_Bicycles & Tricycles_ CD on Sanctuary (2004)

    Orb - Bicycles & Tricycles on Sanctuary (2004)

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    Orb - Aubrey Remixes - The Ultraworld Excursions on Big Life (1991) Orbscure Tracks: The Rare Excursions
    Orb - Anthonlogy 2 on O.R.B. (1994)
    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Orb - Daleth Of Elphame ep on Badorb
    Return To The Source - Ambient Meditations 2

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    As internal linkBill Laswell becomes increasingly involved in the areas of internal linkambient music, it is interesting to note that "The End Of Words" from Seven Souls was included on Virgin Records' _A Brief History Of Ambient, Vol. I_, along with the work of internal linkEnointernal linkGong, William Orbit, and others. The Caroline Records compilation entitled _Excursions In internal linkAmbience -- The Second Orbit_ features a collaboration with The Orb, on a piece entitled "internal linkMantra," that was primarily recorded in Madras, India, and which is featured on Material's _Hallucination Engine_. An edit of this same piece, under the name of "Praying Mantra," is also featured on Volume's internal linkTrance Europe Express compilation of ambient/trance music, along with pieces by The Orb, internal linkAphex Twin, Orbital, and others. The complete, 17-minute Orb mix of "Praying Mantra," along with Laswell's dub remixes of the piece, was released on a commercial CD-single and 12" vinyl through Axiom/Island UK, appearing in import and promotion-only forms in the US.

    Material - Hallucination Engine Bill Laswell

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    witnessed The Orb twice:

    June 15, 1995  9:00pm at The American Legion Hall on Highland Blvd, Hollywood, CA
    on their Orbvs Terrarvm tour... i think past their prime...  the legion hall has seating, so it was kinda weird.  lots of brits on internal linkacid.  a nice show with canvas orb decor. not much to look at except a decent internal linklightshow, but a really good sound.  - @Om* 5/4/00

    Organic '96 with Chemical Brothers,internal linkUnderworld, Orb, Orbital, et al.
    this was the "killer electronica app" that launched the term into the mainstream.  big bear ski resort, absolutely riveting sound system (3d sound used by internal linkPink Floyd), but as far as trying to bring the rock concert element into electronic music?  failed miserably.  great internal linkecstasy (internal linklightning bolts)  but a bunch of kids staring at the stage did not make for a party atmosphere.  of course, those new to this kind of music at the time had a "weening" internal linkprocess where they had something to watch and direct their internal linkattention towards the stage, but i think they missed the point.  the lineup wasn't well thought out.  The Orb came on last and in the morning... they were the most well known name at the time but an internal linkambient house act taking center stage as the internal linksun came up?  hmm... i saw most people laying on the grass drifting off to sleep.  - @Om* 5/4/00

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    In June 1992, the new single internal link_Blue Room_ hit the British Top Ten. The longest single in chart history at just under 40 minutes, it earned the Orb a spot on Top of the Pops, where they ruminated over a internal linkchess game and waved at the camera while a three-minute edit of the single played in the background.

    Blue Room Released

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    release _FFWD_ CD by _FFWD_ on Inter-Modo/Discipline #001 (1994)
    collaboration between The Orb & Robert Fripp

    FFWD - FFWD (1994)

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    internal linkUsenet: alt.music.orb

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    external linkUltraworld- The Official Orb Page

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