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Third Eye
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Some iguanas have a third eye that helps regulate how long they expose themselves to the internal linksun.


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third eye noun
A sensory structure capable of internal linklight reception, located on the dorsal side of the diencephalon in various reptiles. Also called pineal eye.

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"The third eye had to be re-opened if we were to get out of the internal linkmaze," Mini said, "but since we no longer remembered that we had that ajna faculty, the eye of discernment, we could not go about seeking techniques for re-opening it.  SOMETHING OUTSIDE HAD TO ENTER, something which we ourselves would be unable to build."

"So we didn't all fall into the maze," Fat said.

"No," Mini said.  "And those that stayed outside, in other star systems, reported back to Albemuth that we had done this thing to ourselves... thus VALIS was constructed to rescue us.  This is an irreal world.  You realize that, I'm sure, VALIS made you realize that.  We are in a living maze and not in a world at all."

Philip K. Dick The Overlook Hotel Hedge Maze in the film The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick VALIS by Philip K. Dick

There was silence as we considered this.

"And what happens when we get outside the maze?"  Kevin said.

"We're freed from space and internal linktime," Mini said.  "Space and time are the binding, controlling conditions of the maze - its power."

Fat and I glanced at each other.  It dovetailed with our own speculations - speculations engineered by VALIS.

"And then internal linkwe never die?" David asked.

"Correct," Mini said.

 - internal linkPhilip K. Dickinternal link_VALIS_atomjacked inventory cache

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Redd Kross
Redd Kross - Third Eye 12" ocean blue marble vinyl


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604 entity Third Eye
 Members: Ollie Olsen & Simon Polinski
 Former Member: Gus Till, currently of Bus
 tracks off of _Psychic Harmony 1993-1998_ CDx2atomjacked inventory cache on internal linkPsy Harmonics (1999)

Third Eye - internal link_Morphic Resonance_
written by Ollie Olsen
produced by Ollie Olsen & Simon Polinski
 also from _Ancient Future_ CD PSY-001

Third Eye - _Heaven Transmission_
written and produced by Ollie Olsen & Simon Polinski
 also from _Dance Of Creation_ CD PSY-010

Third Eye - _Sea Of Tranquility_ (reference to the internal linkmoon)
written by Ollie Olsen
produced by Ollie Olsen & Simon Polinski
 also from _Ancient Future_ CD PSY-001

Third Eye - _Towards The Still Point_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache
written and produced by Ollie Olsen & Simon Polinski
engineered by Simon Polinski
 also from internal link_Dance Of Creation_ CD PSY-010

UFOs over China in 1974

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In the internal linkUFO phenomenon, occult teaching about the "third eye" appears to be reflected in certain reports of encounters with "extraterrestrials."  Ancient internal linkEgyptian teachings about the third eye describe it as a characteristic of Maat, goddess of truth.  Later the third eye became an attribute of the warrior deity and Sun god internal linkHorus.  Hinduistic teachings describe the third eye as a "internal linkchakra," or point of energy, on the forehead.  In the modern new age movement, the third eye is known as the Ajra Center.  These teachings are reminiscent of descriptions of internal linkaliens in UFO encounters having a third eye or some similar feature in the middle of their foreheads.  In some cases, alleged UFO abductees subjected to hypnotic regression may "recall" having a third eye emplaced somehow in the middle of the forehead.

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Serotonin is a normal, necessary chemical transmitter of electrical impulses across the synapses (the gaps between nerve cell bodies). It is intriguing to find that certain internal linkhallucinogens have the same chemical skeletons as serotonin. Serotonin is one of the four main neurohumors or neurotransmitters in higher vertebrate nervous systems.  The serotonin is transported via the bloodstream to the nerve cells throughout the body, but most especially in the neurons of the brain. Here they accumulate in the their minutest molecular form. The molecule serotonin is utilized by the nerve cells for the complete execution of electrical impulses across the synaptic gap (which is the micro-gap between every connection of every nerve cell in the entire nervous system). The impulses comes along the nerve cell going through the electro-chemical processes with the ionic forms of calcium and potassium (the two vitals of the nervous system) until they reach the terminal end of the cell's internal linkdendrites. Upon reaching the end of the electrical impulse is translated into the neurochemical internal linkserotonin.  This is then "squeezed" out into intercellular space only to connect and meet the other side which is the beginning of the next nerve internal linksoma (lining of the nerve cell).  Few molecules can penetrate what is known in biology as the "blood brain barrier". Those that do go directly to the neuron. After that it becomes a matter of their ability to imitate one of the neurotransmitters. Our neurons have a safety device for this type of situation.

The neurotransmitters have a unique molecular shape and can only fit in a specific slot on the synaptic surface. Mind-altering drugs all operate on mimicking one of the neurotransmitters. internal linkLSD happens to be one of the more famous antagonists. It not only penetrates the blood brain barrier but slips slyly into the transmission site inside the nerve cells themselves. It can mimic serotonin to the point where the body thinks its serotonin and consequently shoots it across the synaptic gap. When LSD reaches the other side it is accepted but the LSD doesn't carry the message any further. The impulse of internal linkelectricity is redirected down less familiar pathways, pathways which have not been highly conditioned.   Specifically LSD affects the oldest parts of the brain first (e.g. upper end of the spinal cord, medulla oblongata, cerebrum, pineal gland and hypothalamus region) then the bloodstream takes it forward into the internal linkimmediate back brain (location of sight interpretation) up through the area of hearing, the cerebellum, other sense interpretive centers, and the motor areas.

LSD Electrical generators boundary dissolution...

Using radioactive molecules traced with LSD, science has been able to follow the course of LSD through the various channels and avenues of the body. It has been found  that after selecting certain areas of the various parts of the brain it then migrates to sections with fewer imprints, for instance the right of the hemisphere, the so-called creative center. By redirecting consciousness, as it were, into the unimprinted areas of the cortex, one hypothetically experiences the world anew, hence the variety of interpretations which arise upon questioning internal linkpsychedelic voyagers about their "trip". Because of LSD's antagonistic effect on serotonin and the pineal gland itself, it would seem quite likely there is a chemical relationship between mental illness and deficiencies of serotonin. But intravenous doses have been administered to humans with no psychedelic effects noted.  Melatonin itself has the same indole structure as LSD. Interesting indeed!

   - Russ McClay - _The Pineal Gland, LSD & internal linkSerotonin_

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