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Dali's illusion

"Time is carving you...,let yourself be shaped according to your true nature."
- Master Po from _Kung Fu_ Episode #23 "The Tong"


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time (tėm) noun
1.Abbr. t., T.. a. A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. b. An interval separating two points on this continuum; a duration: a long time since the last war; passed the time reading. c. A number, as of years, days, or minutes, representing such an interval: ran the course in a time just under four minutes. d. A similar number representing a specific point on this continuum, reckoned in hours and minutes: checked her watch and recorded the time, 6:17 A.M. e. A system by which such intervals are measured or such numbers are reckoned: solar time.
2.a. Often times . An interval, especially a span of years, marked by similar events, conditions, or phenomena; an era: hard times; a time of troubles. b.  times. The present with respect to prevailing conditions and trends: You must change with the times.
3.A suitable or opportune moment or season: a time for taking stock of one's life.
4.a. Periods or a period designated for a given activity: harvest time; time for bed. b. Periods or a period necessary or available for a given activity: I have no time for golf. c. A period at one's disposal: Do you have time for a chat?
5.An appointed or fated internal linkmoment, especially of death or giving birth: He died before his time. Her time is near.
6.a. One of several instances: knocked three times; addressed Congress for the last time before retirement. b.  times. Used to indicate the number of instances by which something is multiplied or divided: This tree is three times taller than that one. My library is many times smaller than hers.
7.a. One's lifetime. b. One's period of greatest activity or engagement. c. A person's experience during a specific period or on a certain occasion: had a good time at the party.
8.a. A period of military service. b. A period of apprenticeship. c. Informal. A internal linkprison sentence.
9.a. The customary period of work: hired for full time. b. The period spent working. c. The hourly pay rate: earned double time on Sundays.
10.The period during which a radio or television program or commercial is broadcast: "There's television time to buy" (Brad Goldstein).
11.The rate of speed of a measured activity: marching in double time.
12.Music. a. The characteristic beat of musical rhythm: three-quarter time. b. The rate of speed at which a piece of music is played; the tempo.
13.Chiefly British. The hour at which a pub closes.
14.Sports. A time-out.

1.Of, relating to, or measuring time.
2.Constructed so as to operate at a particular moment: a time release.
3.Payable on a future date or dates.
4.Of or relating to installment buying: time payments.

verb, transitive
timed, timing, times
1.To set the time for (an event or occasion).
2.To adjust to keep accurate time.
3.To adjust so that a internal linkforce is applied or an action occurs at the desired time: timed his swing so as to hit the ball squarely.
4.To record the speed or duration of: time a runner.
5.To set or maintain the tempo, speed, or duration of: time a manufacturing internal linkprocess.

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"This is it, you've only got one shot, and it's already started"

 - Roger Waters on "Time", CBS News London (For DSOTM 20th Anniversary)

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Time Transfixed - Rene Magritte

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Time, period during which an action or event occurs; also, a internal linkdimension representing a succession of such actions or events. Time, like length and mass, is one of the fundamental quantities of the physical world.

Solar, Standard, and Sidereal Time
One day is the interval between successive passages of theinternal linksun across the same point in the sky. The day is by custom divided into 24 hours. The length of the day according to solar time is not the same throughout the year, however, because the apparent motion of the sun varies throughout the year. Mean solar time was therefore invented, based on the motion of a hypothetical sun traveling at an even rate throughout the year.

Standard time, which is based on solar time, was introduced to avoid miscommunications that occurred when each community used its own local solar time. For standard time, the earth is divided into 24 time zones. Each zone spans 15° of longitude. Within each time zone, all clocks are set to the same time. Time zones are described by their distance east or west of the zero meridian that passes through Greenwich, England.

Because mean solar time is based on the motion of a hypothetical sun, a base position was established from which the mean time can be calculated. This base position is the vernal equinox, an imaginary point in the sky located by reference to star positions. Solar time based on the position of the stars is called sidereal time.

Ephemeris Time
Neither mean solar time nor mean sidereal time is precisely accurate, because the motion of the earth on its axis is not regular. This problem was solved with the introduction of ephemeris time, which is used chiefly by astronomers when the greatest degree of accuracy is required. Ephemeris time is based on the annual revolution of the earth around the sun.
Albert Einstein collage

The Scientific Standard of Time
The scientific standard of time, the second, is measured by the atomic clock, which is tuned to the internal linkresonantinternal linkfrequency of the transition energy between two energy states of the cesium-133 atom. Yet time is not a physical constant. As internal linkAlbert Einstein demonstrated in his theory of relativity, time can be dilated (expanded) by motion or internal linkgravity.


A truer image of the world, I think, is obtained by picturing things as entering into the stream of time from an eternal world outside, than from a view which regards time as the devouring tyrant of all that is.
internal linkBertrand Russell (1872-1970), British philosopher, mathematician. A Free Man's Worship and Other Essays, ch. 2 (1976).


For tribal man space was the uncontrollable mystery. For technological man it is time that occupies the same role.
internal linkMarshall McLuhan (1911-80), Canadian communications theorist. The Mechanical Bride, "internal linkMagic that Changes Mood" (1951).
Marshall McLuhan


The best way to fill time is to waste it.
Marguerite Duras (1914-96), French author, filmmaker. Practicalities, "Wasting Time" (1987; tr. 1990).

Jorge Luis Borges


The geometry of landscape and situation seems to create its own systems of time, the sense of a dynamic element which is cinematising the events of the canvas, translating a posture or ceremony into dynamic terms. The greatest movie of the 20th century is the Mona Lisa, just as the greatest novel is Gray's Anatomy.
J. G. Ballard (b. 1930), British author. "The Thousand Wounds and Flowers," review of J. T. Frazer, The Voices of Time, in New Worlds, no. 191 (London, June 1969; repr. in Re/Search, no. 8/9, San Francisco, 1984).


Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.
internal linkJorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), Argentinian author. Labyrinths, "A New Refutation of Time" (1964).


Eternity is in love with the productions of time.
internal linkWilliam Blake (1757-1827), English poet, painter, engraver. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Plate 7, "Proverbs of Hell" (1790-93; repr. in Complete Writings, ed. by Geoffrey Keynes, 1957).

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"time is the moving image of eternity..." - Plato

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All of biology is, in a sense, a conquest of dimensionality. That means that animals are a strategy for conquering space/time. Complex animals do it better than simpler animals, we do it better than any complex animal, and we twentieth century people do it better than any people in any  previous century because we combine data in so many ways that they couldn't -- electronically, on film, on tape, and so forth. So, the progress  of organic life is deeper and deeper into internal linkdimensional conquest. From that point of view , the internal linkshaman begins to look like the advance guard of a  new kind of human being, a human being that is as advanced over where we are as we are advanced over people a million years ago.

internal linkTerence McKenna 

Terence McKenna - the fource will be with you...always.

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On one end of the chronological spectrum, time is not money; it is the measure of your life, as in "the time of your life." The measurement of nature -- the thirteen internal linklunar cycles, the internal linksolar eclipses, the seasonal shifts -- is as close as it gets to "galactic" time, the time which knows no beginning or end but a metamorphosis of duration. At the other extreme, there's the 60 second/60 minute/12 month manmade organization of available time into measurable bits and pieces, usually connected with the punch-clock of employment; time as commercial regulation.

internal linkAntero Alli - _Occulture: The Secret Marriage of Art and internal linkMagick_ 

Luna Sol

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TIME is a medium, like internal linkwater, through which creative energy (or some might call it the internal linkTaoTaointernal linkflows. This medium is not the same all over. It is subject to non-random fluctuations in its [otherwise random, probabilistic] flow. Implying, for example, that a coin tossed on day x might have a 50% chance of turning up heads, but tossed on day y the same coin might have only a 49% chance of turning up heads...for reasons not entirely evident to nor elucidated by the theory of probability.

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - time and space disappeared...

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"We believe that time is passing only because our ordinary consciousness, absorbed in the transiency of material forms, is capable of "illuminating" only one particular moving cross section of space-time at each instant. In other words, form and substance, including the brain and body through which we perceive, are continually changing, and we experience time as passing because each instant of consciousness is different. This is because we are always thinking new thoughts, experiencing and noticing new things, metabolizing new substances; and it is this constant sequential difference of one instant from the last or the next that gives the experience of time passing -- the mind-body relationship drives time into its appearing and disappearing movement. But through meditation techniques, in which internal linkperceptions and thoughts are trained to subside, or through internal linkMantra, by which each instant is made, through repetition, to appear the same as every other instant, the sense of the irrevocable movement of time can be arrested, and a "timeless" status of consciousness experienced.

This is, of course, only a very external view of the mechanics of meditation, such as is proposed by the physicist R. B. Rucker in his book _Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension_, but it does lead us to several exciting implications concerning the experience of time. Clearly, variations in temporal perception are a factor separating one individual consciousness from another within a species and, to an even greater degree, separating the conscious awareness of different species. It may be said, indeed, that each distinct variation in the pattern of temporal recognition constitutes an entirely different universe of perception. For example, birds have a capacity for temporal recognition eight to ten times more rapid than we do. For them, pictures flashing at twenty-four frames per second, which appear to us as a continuous, moving picture, remain still photos until the velocity of 240 frames per second is reached. Likewise, sounds which are to us a continuous whistle are to birds separate and distinct peeps. In other words, birds are able to record ten times as many granulated perceptions as we can in any given temporal interval, which accounts for the acute rapidity of their reflex responses. It is even possible to say this perceptual rapidity was not developed in birds to enhance flight ability, but rather that birds fly only because it is a movement which suitably embodies and expresses the perceptual rapidity.

The sense of time, then, is related to the rate of change in phenomenal experience."

- Robert Lawler - _Ancient Temple Architecture_ pp. 74, 75

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 "Have you guessed the riddle yet?" the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
  "No, I give up," Alice replied. "What's the answer?"
  "I haven't the slightest idea," said the Hatter.
  "Nor I," said the March Hare.
  Alice sighed wearily. "I think you might do something better with the time," she said, "then wasting it in asking riddles that have no answers."
  "If you knew Time as well as I do," said the Hatter, "you wouldn't talk about wasting 'it'. It's 'him'."
  "I don't know what you mean," said Alice.
  "Of course you don't!" the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously. "I daresay you never even spoke to Time!"

internal linkLewis Carrollinternal link_Through The Looking Glass_

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It all had to do with time.  "Time can be overcome," Micrea Eliade wrote.  That's what it's all about.  The great internal linkmystery of Eleusis, of the Orphics, of the early christians, of Sarapis, of the Greco-Roman mystery religions, of internal linkHermes Trismegistos, of the Renaissance Hermeticinternal linkalchemists, of the Rose Cross Brotherhood, of Apollonius of Tyana, of Simon Magus, of Asklepios, of Paracelsus, of internal linkBruno, consists of the abolition of time.  The techniques are there.  Dante discusses them in the _Comedy_.  It has to do with the loss of amnesia;  when forgetfulness is lost, true internal linkmemoryspreads out backward and forward, into the past and into the future, and also, oddly, into alternate universes;  it is orthogonal as well as linear.

 - internal linkPhlip K. Dickinternal link_VALIS_atomjacked inventory cache

Alchemy Giordano Bruno Philip K. Dick VALIS by Philip K. Dick

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Everything is linked to time, even the full meaning of words. Any vision of nature and society that wants to be comprehensive cannot ignore the vast problem of time; it determines even our manner of thinking.


The contrast between physical time, a frame of reference that is outside events and phenomena, and psychological time, which is rich with the internal linkintensity of living experience, reveals itself in everyday internal linklanguage as well as in the languages of organization and data processing. We speak of time gained or lost, of shared time and real time, of free time and the lack of time. To go beyond such conflicts, we must free ourselves from what I call our chronocentrism. The term may seem a bit strange; I use it here in relation to two better-known terms, geocentrism and anthropocentrism. Thanks to the theories of Copernicus and Galileo we have succeeded in getting rid of our geocentrism, the stifling idea that the earth is the center of our world. It was just as difficult to escape anthropocentrism, which put us at the center of all living things. Thanks to the theory of internal linkevolution, man is again one species among thousands.

Yet the most difficult threshold remains to be crossed. We are internal linkprisoners of time and words. Our logic, our reasoning, our models, our representationsof the world are hopelessly colored by chronocentrism (as they formerly were by geocentrism and anthropocentrism). From chronocentrism come the conflicts that paralyze our thinking. Can we free ourselves from them?

internal linkJoel De Rosnay - _The Macroscope_

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The time of internal linkEinstein. The theory of relativity introduced a new upheaval, the transformation of space into time, or the "spatialization" of time (time and space being equivalents). Henceforth we can speak only of a "space-time continuum." For relativists time does not "pass" and matter is unfolded in both its "temporal thickness" and its "spatial span"--which means that time, like space, is an actual span. We can no longer refer to a "universal time" and an "absolute space." The properties of space-time depend on the speed at which a moving object travels, and at speeds approaching the speed of internal linklight, space-time "contracts" around the moving object. But the time of relativity, like that of classical physics, remains reversible.

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Ingress portal

time internal linkdimension
Miera iela 50A, Vidzemes priekšpils?ta, R?ga, LV-1013, Latvia
Latitude: 56.965853
Longitude: 24.133858
Elevation: 11.54 meters

time dimension Latvia Ingress portal time dimension Latvia Ingress portal

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Time according to Bergson and internal linkTeilhard. Bergson and Teilhard place the direction ofinternal linkevolution over that of entropy . According to Bergson, "all our analyses teach us that life is an effort to climb the slope that matter descends." Teilhard measures the duration of evolution by the series of transformations that lead matter, life, and society toward states of higher complexity. "We are already prepared to observe that life, taken in its entirety, manifests itself as a current opposed to entropy. ...Life, contrary to the leveling play of entropy, is the methodical construction of an organization that ceaselessly grows bigger in the most improbable way." For Teilhard space-time takes the shape of a cone: the point of the cone is the outcome of cosmogenesis; god isinternal linkOmega, the end.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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filminternal link_A Clockwork Orange_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache(1971)
Alex DeLarge: "You know what you can do with that watch, you can shove it up your ass!"

A Clockwork Orange - Alex DeLarge

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"Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid."

- Frank Zappa

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"In a world where time cannot be measured, there are no clocks, no calendars, no definite appointments.  Events are triggered by other events, not by time.  ...In a world where time is a quality, events are record the color of the sky, the tone of the boatman's call on the Aare, the feeling of happiness or fear when a person comes into a room.  The birth of a baby, the patent of an invention, the meeting of two people are not fixed points in time, held down by hours and minutes.  Instead, events glide through the space of the internal linkimagination, materialized by a look, a desire. Likewise, the time between two events is long or short, depending on the background of contrasting events, the intensity of illumination, the degree of internal linklight and shadow, the view of the participants."

imagination manifests realities...

internal link_Einstein's Dreams_ by Alan Lightman

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Like us, music expresses itself through time, but that linear motion also conceals a more complex temporal field, a nest of beat cycles and refrains and eternal returns. When we are enraptured or deeply moved by music, or internal linktranced out on the club floor, we shift away from clock-time. Music reveals time itself as a mystery, a mystery that is perhaps the most basic condition of consciousness. Perhaps this is why music remains the most 'spiritual' of arts, even as it keeps hot young bodies pumping across the globe. Music models the invisible world.

- Erik Davis - _The Future Mix_

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Sacred Sites Ju Ju Space Jazz - Intersound on EFA (2000)
Sandman - Witchcraft Amaruvision - Light Energy Performance Re:evolution 2 - Time
UV Bee Electric Light Orchestra - Time godheadSilo - Skyward In Triumph

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon godheadSilo - Dan on the left running out of time

FFWD - FFWD (1994) Drexciya - Neptune's Lair on Tresor (1999)\
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Behind The Music on Hidden Agenda (2001) Blonde Redhead - In An Expression Of The Inexpressible on Touch and Go (1999)
Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up 12inch (1972) TRS-80 - Mr. Kickass on Invisible (2002)
Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret on Up  (1999) Lungfish - Sound In Time on Dischord (1996)
Inbreds - Kombinator (1995) Amps For Christ - Thorny Path on Vermiform (1997)
4 Hero - Chasing Patterns (2001)
Government Issue - Crash 12" (1988)

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker 12"x2
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