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Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

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Leary was arrested and imprisoned for possession of a single marijuana joint.  Upon entering the California State Prison at Chino, he was administered an intelligence test to determine where he should be placed within the state's internal linkprison strata. The test happened to be based on psychological standards that Leary himself had largely authored during his groundbreaking work in the 1950s.  He knew how to make it work for him. He checked off all the answers that, in his own words, would make him seem "normal, nonimpulsive, docile, conforming." As a result he was transferred to California Men's Colony - West at San Luis Obispo - a minimum-security prison.

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Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

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internal link_Chaos and internal linkCyberculture_atomjacked inventory cache (1994)

Chaos & Cyberculture by Timothy Leary

"The 90s are here, and the doctor is in..."=:-) - internal linkWilliam Gibson

"Timothy Leary's humorous, humane, entertaining....romp through history from Aquaria to internal linkCyberia. I feel my neurons perking up and snapping to internal linkattention.........He makes the chaos of our everyday lives sexy." - internal linkSusan Sarandon

For several thousand years it has seemed obvious that the basic nature of the universe is extreme complexity, inexplicable disorder-that mysterious, tanked magnificence popularly known as Chaos.

The poetic Hindus believed the universe was a internal linkdreamyinternal linkdance of illusion (internal linkmaya).

Individualistic thinking is the original sin of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic bibles and sabotages attempts by the authorities to order Chaos.

The first rule of every law-and-order system is to trivialize-daemonize the dangerous concepts of Self, Individual Aims, and Personal Knowledge. Thinking for Your Selves is heretical, treasonous, blasphemous. Only devils and  satans do it. Creative thinking, committed out loud, becomes a capital crime. It was Three Strikes and Youre Out for several hundred thousand Protestant dissenter during the Inquisitions of the Roman papacy-not to forget the witch-burnings performed by the Protestants when they took charge of the Chaos-control department.

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Douglas Rushkoff and Timothy Leary Timothy Leary interviews William S. Burroughs

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"These internal linkpsychedelic substances cause hysterical psychoses in people who have not taken them..."

- Timothy Leary

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Timothy Leary and Caine Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary 1993

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In the internal linkinformation age, you don't teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today he'd have a talk show.
Timothy Leary (b. 1920), U.S. psychologist. Evening Standard (London, 8 Feb. 1989). 

Information in formation

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"internal linkS.M.IČ.L.E."
(space migration, intelligence increase, internal linklife extension)

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Illuminati central nervous system...

The most advanced internal linkshamanic techniques - such as internal linkTibetan Tantra or internal linkCrowley's system in the west - work by alternating faith and skepticism until you get beyond the ordinary limits of both.  With such systems, one learns how arbitrary are the reality maps that can be coded into laryngeal grunts by hominids or visualized by a mammalian internal linknervous system.  We can't even visualize the size of the local galaxy except in special high states.  Most people are trapped in one static reality map imprinted on their neurons when they were naive children, as Dr. Leary keeps reminding us.  Alas, most so-called "adepts" or "gurus" are similarly trapped in the first postrapture reality map imprinted after their initial Illumination, as Leary also realizes.  The point of systems like Tantra, Crowleyanity, and Leary's Neurologic is to detach from all maps - which gives you the freedom to use any map where it works and drop it where it doesn't work.  As Dogen Zenji said, "internal linkTime is three eyes and internal linkeight elbows."
internal linkRobert Anton Wilson - _The internal linkIlluminati Papers_atomjacked inventory cache
The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson LSD

"A lot of psychologists I have known over the years agreed with Leary - they acknowledged in private that internal linkLSD was an incredibly valuable tool. But these same psychologists backed off as the heat from the government increased, until they all became as silent as moonlight on a tombstone. And Tim was still out there with his angry Irish temper, denouncing the government and fighting on alone.

"I don't want to discount that there are people whose lives have been destroyed by drugs, but are they the result of Timothy's research or or the result of government policies? Leary's research was dosed down, and the media stopped quoting him a long time ago. Most people don't even understand what Leary's opinions were or what it was he was trying to communicate. By contrast, the government's policies have been carried out for 30 years, and now we have a major drug disaster in this country. Nobody, of course, thinks it's the government's fault - they think it's Leary's for trying to prevent it, for trying to have scientific controls over the thing. He deserves a better legacy than that."

- Robert Anton Wilson

dissolution of boundaries...

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You cannot stay "turned-on" all the time. You cannot stay any place all the time. That's a law of internal linkevolution. After the revelation it is necessary to drop-back-in, return to the fake-prop TV-studio and initiate small changes which reflect the glory and the meaning of the "turn-on". You change the way you move, the way you dress, and you change your corner of the TV-studio society! You begin to look like a happy saint! Your home slowly becomes a shrine. Slowly, gently, you start seed transformations around you. internal linkPsychedelicart. Psychedelic style. Psychedelic music. Psychedelic internal linkdance.Timothy Leary (1920-1996)

_Start Your Own Religion_ - "How to Tune In"

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson imagination manifests realities...

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One of the many lesser known facts about Timothy Leary is his invention of a whole-brain model for intelligence (internal link_INFO-Psychology_; Falcon Press)  which has since spawned two additional versions; one by myself (_ANGEL TECH_; Falcon.) and one by internal linkRobert Anton Wilson (internal link_PROMETHEUS RISING_atomjacked inventory cache; Falcon.).   Dr. Leary's "internal linkEight-Circuit Brain" theory suggests that "intelligence" is fundamentally plural by definition; an interaction of intelligences, or brains, begets more intelligence. Eight interactive functions of intelligence are defined by Leary and, in the creative internal linkprocess of  making them my own, redefined as: physical, emotional, conceptual, social, sensory, psychic, internal linkimaginative and spiritual intelligences (readers of ANGEL TECH may notice a change from "mythic" intelligence to the more psychological "imaginative" intelligence).

internal linkAntero Alli - _World internal linkEntertainment War_

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internal linkAleister Crowley said: "There are three ways to increase your intelligence:

1. Continually expand the scope, source, internal linkintensity of the internal linkinformation you receive.

2. Constantly revise your internal linkreality maps, and seek new metaphors about the future to understand what's happening now.

3. Develop external internal linknetworks for increasing intelligence.  In particular, spend all your internal linktime with people are smart or smarter than you.  We assume that you are the Intelligence Agent from you gene pool, so you will seek Intelligence Agents from other gene-pools who will stimulate you to get smarter.

-TL, _The Intelligence Agents_

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In the late 50's and 60's, a group of a hundred or so select psychologists and philosophers discovered the brain.  That is, they discovered how to navigate and explore the brain, just like Magellan and Columbus did for the outer geography of the planet earth.  People likeinternal linkAldous Huxleyinternal linkAlan Watts, and internal linkAlbert Hofmann used psyche-active vehicles to move around in the brain.  One of the major philosophic tasks of the late twentieth century is mapping the different islands or hemispheres or continents in the universe of the brain.

Aldous Huxley Alan Watts Albert Hofmann

I remember Huxley used the metaphor of the fire antipodes of the brain, of the mind -- like internal linkAustralia being discovered by Captain Cook.   This is the first task of the psychedelic philosopher.  So over the years I've produced dozens of sketch maps of the culvas circles, the circuits or the levels of internal linkconsciousness.  These were crude words to build up a vocabulary or a cartography of inner space.  I don't use the notion of internal linkeight circuits now as much as I did, but that's why i did it.

The twenty-first century person is a internal linkcybernetic person.  He or she accepts the Heisenberg principle that you create all internal linkrealities.  Therefore you're responsible for everything that you experience.  This identification of yourself as a internal linkquantum entity certainly dissolves most of the identification chords to your former culture, your former nation, your former religion, or any other external structure, even to your family, unless family members are redefined as cybernetic entities.  The internal linkcyber-punk, or the cybernetic person, is a free agent.  By the way, nobody uses that term anymore; it's like one of those words taht was wonderful for awhile, then it carried all the freight it could, and it was kind of co-opted by some high-falutin literay types and so forth.  But no one uses that word anymore, although we certainly hang it up on the trophy shelf as a wonderful bumper sticker.

The cybernetic person spends a very high percentage of his or her time and energy in what's now called cyber-space, communicating, mutually creating new realities with other people, on the other side of the screen.  The cyber-punk person is a free agent, and the new society is made up of free agents who link-up at a much different level of social connection than family, work, or religious commitment.  So the cyber-society is a society of highly skilled, highly courageous, cybernetic people who mutually create what we call "internal linkcyberias" or cyber-architectures, on the other side of the screen.

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During July and August 1973, Timothy Leary, the scientific clinical psychologist and arch-internal linkheretic fired from Harvard, received what he termed the "Starseed Transmissions"; the messages came in nineteen bursts and were seldom in recognizable English. Leary theorizes that "Higher Intelligence" is a two-step internal linkprocess: first internal linkDNA is seeded on a planet to take root and grow; second, when the life form(s) grow and show signs of maturity, transmissions (via interstellar ESP) are sent to the fledgling intelligence to facilitate its growth and eventual return to the stars. Leary feels that interstellar ESP has been going on all through the ages, and that each culture interprets the messages, from where and from whom they come, in relationship to their own cultural beliefs (e.g. angels, spirits, goddesses, internal linkUFOs, demons, fairies, weird people, the Virgin Mary, etc.).

DNA UFOs over China in 1974

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internal linkWhy Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Timothy Leary: Because that's the only kind of trip the Establishment would let it take.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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LSD Blotter Art - Timothy Leary Timothy Leary - The Psychedelic Experience 12inch on Broadside (1966)

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Leary: Every metaphor approximating the visionary experience is optical: illumination, revelation, insight, perspective, reflection. Right down the list. I'm too senile to remember all of them, but punch "illumination" up into your computer thesaurus, and you'll get [laughs, nods, fades]. internal linkLight has always been the statement of the ultimate brain experience: internal linkTibetans talk about the White Light of the Void. Dante's Heaven was total white . . . the internal linkEgyptian religions, internal linksun. These are primitive anticipations of what we now have available. The human brain is starved for electronic stimulation; the human brain is addicted to light.

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Butthole Surfers - The Weird Revolution on Hollywood (2001)
Timothy Leary - Ultimate Democracy
Celtic Cross - Hicksville
Timothy Leary - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out 12" (1967)
Timothy Leary - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out 12" red blue green kaleidoscope vinyl

The Locust live

The Locust - Flight Of The Wounded Locust 7"x4 interlocking coloured shaped vinyl

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Well, I think the medical profession, we all know that, is totally corrupt. Every doctor now is a corporation. And medical research in this country is government-sponsored and government-funded or funded by large drug companies. I think that government corporations should fucking keep their hands off the brain-change substances. The idea of a government-sponsored, authorized, doctor giving LSD to mess around with people's brains is the ultimate Orwellian nightmare. The operational access to and use of your own mind and brain is a highly individual choice. Just as the right-wing government and politician's religions want to control women's reproductive organs, they want to control brains. The key, here, is that . . . the adult American should be able to do with their mind or their body what she wants to.

So, I'm bored with discussions of the social, because it's highly individual--it's not just individuals, it's individuals in small groups. Because individuals, by themselves, taking psychedelics are internal linkalienated, lost, fucked up; you've got to do it in small groups. That's the basic internal linkshamanic [pause], which Socrates taught us, and which internal linkAldous Huxley taught us at Harvard. Small groups.

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