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The Infinity Projectthe infinity project
This nOde last updated May 7th, 2003 and is permanently morphing...
(11 K'an (Corn) / 12 Uo - 24/260 -
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internal link604 label and entity
Members: Raja Ram (internal linkShpongleinternal linkOmputerOm...), Graham Wood (internal linkDMT, Excess Head, Byte 1), Martin Freeland (internal linkAkasha, Man With No Name,)

started in 1989

morphed into Tipworld

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"With a nip nippy nip and a trip trippy trip so airy. For their heart's right there. Tip." - _Finnegans Wake_ by internal linkJames Joyce

Tip. Now, this word tip which keeps occurring throughout the text, no one is clear what it means, but internal linkJoe Campbell’s guess is, it’s a tree branch which is tapping against the window, and whoever is internal linkdreaming this hallucinatory gizmo of a dream, every once in a while a tap of the branch breaks through…
internal linkTerence McKennainternal link_Surfing On Finnegan's Wake_ MP3 (96k)atomjacked inventory cache(36:14)

James Joyc x3 Terence McKenna... the force will be with you, always...

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 _Orange_ compilation

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_3D_ compilation 12"x3atomjacked inventory cache (1997)
3D Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick Sandman (comic) - The Kindly Ones
Liner Notes:
As we catapault towards the millenium on a sonic search for the ultimate musical mindflip, T.I.P. (truffle hunters extraordinaire...) continue to discover further levels, exploring the sparkling  arena of third dimensional aural travelling.  "3D".  What is it?  The Third Dimension is non-flat, has space, height, backs & fronts, ups and downs, ins and outs, sculptured, moulded, raised, internal linklight and shaded graded with depth...deeper more powerful, round the corner soundage, the curve of the threshold; growling, grunting, grinding hyper stuff, the sounds of the universe  being torn apart, cosmic births, ripping, tearing, pumping with a million internal linksuns in internal linkharmony as the eternal parties gratify a thousand screaming senses.  Crystallisation of electro, global internal linktrance becomes clear!  This is the super secret stash of maha creamage. internal linkGravity sucks so this music may be dangerous for ultra straights, the feeble minded, the fainthearted or cunning linguists.  It may give you the munchies and will definitely grab you by the balls... of your feet, reverberating the full spectrum of your cranium.  Put it on keep it on: Let it rip with TIP.
Bomski Adam as always. internal linkOmAum Nama Shivaya.

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_The Mystery Of The internal linkYeti_ - TIP Records - TIPCD09
Mystery Of The Yeti

Part 1
    A. _The Call_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    B. _The Journey_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
Part 2
    C. _Tribal Gathering_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
Part 3
    D. _The Yeti Revelation_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
    E. _Sacred Communication_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
Part 4.
    F. _A Welcome To All Extra Terrestrials_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache

Members from Total Eclipse, The Infinity Project and Hallucinogen

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_TIP Singles_ compilation

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_Beyond Colour_ compilation 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache
TIP - Beyond Colour

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_TIP Singles 2_ compilation

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_TIP Singles 3_ compilation

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internal link_Infinite Excursions_ compilation (1996) Liner Notes:
Infinite Excursions...the relaxed side of electronic internal linktrance internal linkdance. Experiments in internal linkpsychedelic music to give us something between internal linkambient and full on. An ectoplasmic flash, taking us to higher realms and internal linkdimensions. This is the soundtrack of our lives.

Lyserge and merge.
Thrill and chill!
Trip to TIP.

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Infinite Excursions 2

_Infinite Excursions 2_ compilation (1997)

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Infinite Excursions 3 – TIPWorld (1999) – TIPWCD02

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_Phosphorescent_ compilation 12"x3atomjacked inventory cache

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_Blue_ compilation 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache
TIP - Blue
Liner Notes
The colour of internal linkShiva.  All protecting with his almighty trident.  "I am neither mind intelligence or ego neither ears nor internal linktongue nor the senses of smell and sight nor am I either earth fire or internal linkwater I am pure knowledge and bliss I am Siva I am Siva" (Siva Purana).

This internal linktime our friendly aural scientists have internal linkdigitally woven a tapestry of endlessly shifting geometric internal linkhallucinogenic patterns that throb and shimmer like jewels in the tiara of internal linktrance.  These mysterious young techno babas - the scientists of sound, who, in darkened, glowing studio laboratories have created sparkling experiences of continuously subtle changing, kaleidoscopic, feet propelling, astral triggering sounds.  They vibrate the skull, gently massaging and revitalising the experiences of aural delights.  It's a caterwaul of bio-diversified, internal linkfractualizing space travel, simply by pressing "play" on your machine.  So... let's dive deep into the blue, penetrating the inner sanctum of internal linkpsychedelicinternal linkdance music.
internal linkOmAum love and internal linksmiles,  the TIP crew

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_Divi-Nations_ compilation CD on TIPWorld (2000)

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_Feeling Weird_ CDbatomjacked inventory cacheby The Infinity Project
The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird

Liner Notes:


Time to join minds and recharge the spiritual internal linkbatteries. A internal linkserotonin drenched universe awaits.  End or funs popin. Your mind morphs into A cybercraft hurtling thru the cosmic mirror on a mental internal linkspongle, surfing the decoded intergalactic highway of the internal linkimagination on a one way ticket to infinity. Holographic, geometric shifting surfaces internal linkoscillating between internal linkdimensions. Hallucination, one world tribe throbbing affirming internal linkmagic is alive in internal linkhyperspace: the pleasure button is stuck on go...an endless internal linkloop of bliss. Weird highness, high weirdness. Dust stompers fluoronauts. internal linkGravitydispersers, internal linktrancers and internal linkdancers, a zillion bom shankars.

Take us to your dealer.

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internal link_Trance De Eivissa: The Hidden Outdoor Party Sound_ compilation 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache on TIPWorld (1999)
Trance De Eivissa: The Hidden Outdoor Party Sound

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_Xpla-nations_ compilation on TIPWorld (2000)
The Pod Squad - Invasion Of the Body Snatchers Xplanations - Tipworld

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TIPWorld - _12_ (internal link2001)

Created using sacred geometry and other ancient mathematical technologies.  Each track is about 6 minutes long, and is created entirely in a certain key (which is the name of the track).

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12" releases:

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Eat Static - Hybrid CDs

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atomjacked TIP record mat

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604 release _Movers &internal linkGroovers  internal linkAt The Temple Of Dawn_ compilation on TIPWorld (2000)
Movers and Groovers At The Temple of Dawn on TIPWorld (2000)

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604 release _Inca:Nations_ compilation 12"x2 on TIPWorld #022 (2002)

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_The Mystery Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls_ compilation (2001)
The Mystery Of The Thirteen Skulls Information in formation

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_The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls_ compilation on TIPWorld (2003)

The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls compilation on TIPWorld (2003)


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TIP tour.  May 24th, 1997 internal linkLos Angeles gig in Snow Valley Ski Resort in Big Bear (same site as Organic '96)


internal linkDoof
Andre ( TIP UK)
Bansi (Growling Mad Scientists)
internal linkCeiba/Kode IV
Adam internal linkOm (Ceiba)
Daniel (internal linkMoontribe)
Douglas (CCC)
Treavor Gregory (Moontribe)
Brian (Moontribe)

UFO (B.A.S.S. Kru)
Flux (B.A.S.S. Kru)
Jun (Umofa-Hifi)
Anon (internal linkHunab Ku/CCC)
R.A.W. (L.A.)
Ezera (Mondorama)
Mok (UK)

Jonah Sharpe (Reflective/Spacetime Continuum)
Neal (CCC)
John Carrol (Gateway)
Grain (Domestic)
Deep (Mark internal linkTrance and Leo)
Unity Gain

external linkTIP
external linkTIPWorld
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