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Giraffe tongue


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tongue (tng) noun
1.a. The fleshy, movable, muscular organ, attached in most vertebrates to the floor of the mouth, that is the principal organ of taste, an aid in chewing and swallowing, and, in human beings, an important organ of speech. b. An analogous organ or part in invertebrate animals, as in certain insects or mollusks.
2.The tongue of an animal, such as a cow, used as food.
3.A spoken internal linklanguage or dialect.
4.a. Speech; talk: If there is goodness in your heart, it will come to your tongue. b. The act or power of speaking: She had no tongue to answer. c.  tongues. Speech or vocal sounds produced in a state of religious internal linkecstasy. d. Style or quality of utterance: her sharp tongue.
5.The bark or baying of a hunting dog that sees game: The dog gave tongue when the fox came through the hedge.
6.Something resembling a tongue in shape or function, as:. a. The vibrating end of a reed in a wind instrument. b. A flame. c. The flap of material under the laces or buckles of a shoe. d. A spit of land; a promontory. e. A bell clapper. f. The harnessing pole attached to the front axle of a horse-drawn vehicle.
7.A protruding strip along the edge of a board that fits into a matching internal linkgroove on the edge of another board.

tongued, tonguing, tongues verb, transitive
1.Music. To separate or articulate (notes played on a brass or wind instrument) by shutting off the stream of air with the tongue.
2.To touch or lick with the tongue.
3.a. To provide (a board) with a tongue. b. To join by means of a tongue and groove.
4.Archaic. To scold.

verb, intransitive
1.Music. To articulate notes on a brass or wind instrument.
2.To project: a spit of land tonguing into the bay.

- idiom.
hold (one's) tongue
To be or keep internal linksilent.
lose (one's) tongue
To lose the capacity to speak, as from shock.
on the tip of (one's) tongue
On the verge of being recalled or expressed.

[Middle English, from Old English tunge.]


tonguing (tngng) noun
Interruption of the wind stream through an instrument by movement of the tongue in order to articulate notes.

gift of tongues

gift of tongues (gft v tngz) noun
An ecstatic utterance that is partly or wholly unintelligible to hearers, especially such an utterance considered as a charismatic gift in certain christian congregations. Also called internal linkglossolalia, speaking in tongues.

[From the Apostles' speaking in tongues in Acts 2:4.]

speak in tongues (verb)

speak: speak a language, speak in tongues
practice internal linksorcery: speak mystically, speak in tongues, recite a spell, recite an incantation, say the internal linkmagic word, make passes
practice occultism: speak in tongues

internal linkProhibition

Whether or not the world would be vastly benefited by a total banishment from it of all intoxicating drinks seems not now an open question. Three-fourths of mankind confess the affirmative with their tongues, and I believe all the rest acknowledge it in their hearts.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-65), U.S. president. Speech, 22 Feb. 1842, Washingtonian Temperance Society, Springfield, Ill. (published in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 1, ed. by Roy P. Basler, 1953).

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Albert Einstein's tongue...

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Nomeansno - Wrong 12"x2 (red/white splatter vinyl)

Nomeansno - Wrong 12"x2 (red/white splatter vinyl)
Sun Kings - Soul Sleeping Of Montreal - Early Four Track Recordings on Kindercore (2001)
Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's Egg on 4AD (1988) Air Liquide - The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration CDx2 on Sm:)e (1994)
Zen Guerrilla - Trance States In Tonuges on Sub Pop (1999) Red Monkey - Difficult Is Easy on Troubleman Unlimited (1999)
My Vitrol - Finelines (2001)

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk Remixes 12" (2009)

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Brandy - the record holder for the longest canine tongue

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The tongue

* is the large bundle of muscles on the floor of the mouth that manipulates food for chewing and swallowing.
* is one of the organs of taste. Much of the surface of the tongue is covered in taste buds.
* assists in forming the sounds of speech.
* also plays a major role in the tongue kiss and in oral sex.
* can be used as synonymous for internal linklanguage, e.g. mother tongue.

The tongue is made mainly of skeletal muscle and is attached to the hyoid bone, mandible and the styloid internal linkprocesses of the temporal bone.

The muscles that attach the tongue are the extrinsic muscles of the tongue. Inside the tongue, there are four pairs of intrinsic muscles that can alter the shape of the tongue for talking and swallowing.

The dorsum (top side) of the tongue can be divided into two parts, an oral part that lies mostly in the mouth, and a pharyngeal part (posterior third of the tongue) which faces backwards to the oropharynx. The two parts are separated by a V-shaped internal linkgroove, the sulcus terminalis (or terminal sulcus).

The dorsal side of the anterior two-thirds (oral part) of the tongue is covered in taste buds (or papillae), and the tongue appears velvety and pink. There are four types of taste buds: filiform, fungiform, vallate and foliate. At the back of the oral part of the tongue there are 3-14 vallate papillae arranged in a V-shape in front of the sulcus terminalis.

There are no lingual papillae on the underside of the tongue. It is covered with a smooth mucous membrane, with a fold (the lingual frenulum) in the centre.

The upper side of the posterior tongue (pharyngeal part) has no visible taste buds, but it is bumpy because of the lymphatic follicles lying underneath. These follicles are known as the lingual tonsil.

Things related to the tongue are often called lingual which comes from the Latin word, or glossal which comes from the Greek word for tongue.

Extrinsic muscles of the tongue
There are four pairs of extrinsic muscles that act to move the tongue, and these are attached to various bones of the head and neck.

* Genioglossus - this muscle comes from the genial tubercule of the mandible (lower jaw bone), and comprises most of the bulk of the tongue.
* Hyoglossus - attached to the hyoid bone, ...
* Styloglossus - comes from the styloid process of the temporal bone
* Palatoglossus -

Intrinsic muscles of the tongue
Four pairs of muscles run through the...

* Human anatomy
* Tongue-internal linktwister
* Tongue piercing
* Tongue splitting
* Vocal tract

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