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torus (tôr´es, tor´-) noun
plural tori (tôr´ì, tor´ì)
1. Architecture. A large convex molding, semicircular in cross section, located at the base of a classical column.
2. Anatomy. A bulging or rounded projection or swelling.
3. Botany. The receptacle of a flower.
4. Mathematics. A toroid generated by a circle; a surface having the shape of a doughnut. In this sense, also called tore.
[Latin, bulge, knot, torus.]

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Infinite Torus

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The torus, or donut shape, is the latest physicists' conception of the shape of the universe.

This same mathematical form occurs everywhere in the natural world, from internal linkelectromagnetic fields to galaxies, from atoms to apples.

In mathematics, a HYPERSPHERE is a sphere having more than three internal linkdimensions. Since the early twentieth century, physicists have used this idea of a higher-dimensional sphere to describe a universe in which time is the fourth dimension.

Today, cosmologists say that the universe of relativity and internal linkquantum physics can best be understood when seen as a torus, or donut shape. A universe containing black holes, white holes and "wormholes" conforms best to this model. And a torus has the same formula (2pi2r3) as the HYPERSPHERE.

As a model of the universe, the HYPERSPHERE shows how things emerge in time and are enfolded back into fabric of the universe.

The HYPERSPHERE also shows how all things in the universe are interconnected, even when they appear to be separate from one another. If you isolate point a from pointb in this diagram with cut c, the two points can still be connected--without crossing the cut--by going through the center:
point a, b, c
The internal linkvortex, which is a section of the torus, occurs throughout the natural world - from internal linktornados, whirlpools and electromagnetic fields to the formation of galaxies. And the torus shape is not limited to vortices. An apple, a tree, even a human being all share this same "toroidal" topology.
torus is everywhere

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