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Tron - Light Cycles


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1982 - _Tron_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache

The use of computer-generated graphics in movies took a step forward with internal linkDisney's release of "Tron." One of the first movies to use such graphics, the plot of _Tron_ also  featured computers - it followed the adventures of a internal linkhacker split into molecules and transported inside a computer. Computer animation, done  by III, Abel, MAGI, and internal linkDigital Effects, accounted for about 30 minutes of the film.

Technicians illustrated movies with computer-generated graphics on computers such as the Cray XMP, also first produced in this year. The XMP almost doubled the operating speed of  competing machines with a parallel processing system that ran at 420 million floating-point operations per second, or megaflops. Arranging two Crays to work together on different parts of the same problem achieved the faster speed. Defense and scientific research institutes also heavily used Crays.

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internal linkspinning top internal linklevitron

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Mathlete - Lincolnwood Tech Flowtron - Tickle My Dolphin on Darla (1999)

Joker - Tron 12" (single sided/etched b side)

ShockOne - Universus

Tron - Light Cycles
chaos theory - strange attractors
bicycle light cycles

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Tron (1982)

All the computer-generated images were rendered in black and white on a VAX, and colored later.

Tron, 1982 was a first in several ways. It was designed in conjunction with the release of the Disney film. The  game became critical to the plot of the movie and influenced the look of the computer graphics. While Tron the  movie marked a beginning of computer animation in film, the game itself actually out-grossed the film.  This 1983 sequel Discs of Tron was originally planned to be a part of the first game. Due to time and  technological constraints, Discs of Tron was released a year later following the original's success. The idea of "sequels" was a concept developed from games like this, internal linkDefender and Pac Man.

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Wendy Carlos composed the electronic part of the score which was later internal linkfused with the sounds of an orchestra.  Carlos was previously known for designing early synths and composing the soundtrack to internal link_A Clockwork Orange_ (vhs/ntsci)atomjacked inventory cache(avi)atomjacked inventory cache(1971).

Wendy Carlos - Tron Soundtrack 12inch on Disney (1982)


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_Tron_ is a movie that was made about 10 years ahead of its internal linktime.   The key to understanding _Tron_ as a personification of computer commands, is to know that in the BASIC programming language of the time "TRON" meant "TRace ON".  That is the "TRON" command in BASIC "traced" the execution of a program, listing each instruction as executed on the screen, so the programmer could debug the program.  The movie _TRON_ is about program debugging on the level of personified internal linkimagination.

The key here is that actions are personified as images of persons, or animals, doing those actions.  In the movie _Tron_ the action of "tracing the execution of a program to find bugs" was personified as "TRON".

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Tron (1982)
Directed by  Steven Lisberger

Writing credits
Steven Lisberger (story) and  Bonnie MacBird
Genre: Action / Adventure / internal linkSci-Fi

Tagline: A world inside the computer where man has never been. Never before now.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jeff Bridges ....   Kevin Flynn/Clu
Bruce Boxleitner ....  Alan Bradley/Tron
David Warner ....  Ed Dillinger/Sark/Master Control Program (voice)
Cindy Morgan ....  Lora/Yori
Barnard Hughes .... Dr. Walter Gibbs/Dumont
Dan Shor ....   Ram
Peter Jurasik ....  Crom
Tony Stephano ....  Peter/Sark's Lieutenant
Craig Chudy ....  Warrior #1
Vince Deadrick (III) ....   Warrior #2
Sam Schatz ....   Expert Disc Warrior
Jackson Bostwick ....  Head Guard
David Cass Jr. ....   Factory Guard
Gerald Berns ....  Guard #1
Bob Neill ....  Guard #2

Runtime: USA:96
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: internal linkDolby
Certification: USA:PG / UK:PG / internal linkFinland:K-12 / Germany:12 / Sweden:11

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Wrecking Crew Orchestra - _Tron internal linkDance (Aug 2, 2012)_

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gabber/terrorcore DJ Tron

release _Chrome Padded Cell_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Junior High (1999)

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The Floppotron

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release internal link_604_ by Ladytron on Emperor Norton (internal link2001)

Ladytron - 604

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Quintron - The Amazing Spellcaster 12inch on Quintron - These Hands Of Mine on Skin Graft (1998)

garage internal linkpunk/no wave entity Quintron

witnessed Quintron open for Crash Worship at The Troubador in (1996) - internal linkCrash Worship ended their show with a marching procession leading outside and breathing fire on a traffic island. the cops were called but we fled the scene just before they arrived. Quintron utilizes his original instrument called The Drum Buddy. also playing this show was Quintron's wife Miss Pussycat who did a puppet show.

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