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Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Tsuyoshi Suzuki
This nOde last updated October 29th, 2001 and is permanently morphing...
(2 Muluc (Water) - 7 Zac (White) - 249/260 -

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internal link604 Catalyst



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personal space/time internal linkrelevancy: 1996 through 1999 -  his phase where he weened himself off of arpeggiated synth horns and got into DEADLY serious noise funk.  these days he seems to be leaning more towards displaying mixing skills for the club end of things. - @Om* 5/25/00

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internal link_Shamanic    internal linkTranceinternal linkDada Funk mix_ mixed by Tsuyoshi Suzuki on internal linkReturn To The Source (1996)
Shamanic Trance - 1 Dada Funk mixed by Tsuyoshi Suzuki

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Tsuyoshi Suzuki / Club Masters - Creative internal linkTrance
  • 1.Man Of The Last 3rd/Spirit
  • 2.Funkopath - _Skwirm_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
  • Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always
  • sample: "A internal linkpsychedelic person is not willing to be a good citizen, or a good anything that is defined by somebody else. I mean, the internal linkshaman is a true anarchist.. Wisdom... Consciouness expanding" Funkopath - Skwirm mp3 sample stream by internal linkTerence McKenna
  • 3.The Germinating Seeds of Doda/Sinister Blooming
  • 4.Z/Uncle Mavis
  • 5.Sebastian S/_100% internal linkGroove_
  • 6.Kopfuss Resonator/Whipbird 146 RPM
  • 7.Ascendants/The Aim of the Game
  • 8.Prana/_Boundless_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • 9.Talla 2XLC/The Eternal Mystery
  • 10.internal linkManmademan/_Athalon_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache

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    party - February 21st, 1998 - internal linkAumnia om.... - Tsuyoshi Suzuki - one of the best indoor parties and one of the first promoted as a "goa" party on the West Coast.  we caught sloshi at the height of his powers when he was into turbo charged noise funk with mostly DAT mixing (which focuses more on the tracks and energy and not how easily one can mix the track which distracts from my overall experience).  the crowd was very diverse, and as usual with L.A. no one knew what to make of it and treated it like another massive.  this in actuality was kind of fun because the energy was there.  i believe this was at the Alexandria Hotel. after party at Alex Cornfeld's.  all in all, a very memorable night.   - @Om* 12/21/00

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    _Ecliptic_ CDbatomjacked inventory cache Tsuyoshi DJ Mix For Issey Miyake Men By Naoki Takizawa
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    Taiyo - _Traninternal linkzen_ e.p . on Step 2 House/Happy Music (1994)
    Members: Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor  
    Tayio - Tranzen ep on Step 2 House/Happy Music (1994)

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    DJ Tsuyoshi / _Hypnotic Trance vol. 3_

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    Tsuyoshi Suzuki / Trancentral Four a Trip to Goa - Disk 2
    Full Moon
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